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[English] Lee Seung Gi’s Interview with Channel 3 in Thailand during his “Brilliant Show”

Credit: Sizzy Gal

I’m still  in the process of moving my posts from my facebook group to my blog and didn’t want this one to get lost in its archives. Although I’m not too pleased with the poor audio in this video, at least we can get a one on one interview with SeungGi and see him practicing Thai the day before his fan meeting.  Disclaimer: I am translating directly from the Hangul that I am hearing in this video.  If it is different in Thai, please leave a comment below or email me at the “about me” page with the cherry blossoms at the upper right hand corner of my blog.

Hello Channel 3 viewers, it’s nice to meet you. It’s the first time meeting you like this, I’m Lee Seung Gi. Seung Gi struggles with memorizing the Thai version of this greeting. He tries speaking Thai and says, “Ah! I just memorized this and I forgot it!” He says in Korean “There was nice to meet you… I will memorize it later.”

MC: What is your first visit to Thailand like?

Seung Gi: I’m very happy. Honestly, last year during my Asia fan meeting tour, this was a country that I wanted to visit, but because of scheduling difficulties, I wasn’t able to come. Because I’m able to come to a country that I wanted to visit for the first time, I’m very happy. First of all, the food is delicious. In addition, although I haven’t been there yet, I’ve always wanted to visit Chiang Mai or Phuket which are very well known in Korea. I really like Thailand.

MC: Compared to the Thailand that you imagined, how do you like Thailand now that you’re here?

Seung Gi: I think it’s much better. For example, when I was in my hotel room a while ago, I felt comfortable and I felt as if I came to rest and relax. I really liked it.

MC: How did you feel upon seeing your fans?

Seung Gi: I was really thankful. Also, there were many fans greeting me at the airport, so I thought to myself, “I haven’t faded away yet.” (laughs)

MC: What do you have in store for us tomorrow?

Seung Gi: Tomorrow? To begin with, I have prepared one to two more Thai phrases to use on my fans, afterwards, I have prepared a mixture of dramas that I have been in up until now, talks, and performances into what I hope will be a satisfying show since this will be my first official fan meeting.

MC: I heard that you will be speaking some Thai…Can I ask you what you have in store?

Seung Gi: Hint, well, it’s nothing grand. I’m very shy so I can’t say those kind of words easily…but words that a man would say to a woman…beautiful and sweet words. (laughs)

MC: Recently, Thai fans have directly picked you as the most romantic male celebrity.

Seung Gi: Wow really, Thai fans chose me? Wow, I’m really thankful. Tomorrow, I’ll make an effort to become romantic.

MC: In reality, would you consider yourself romantic?

Seung Gi: I’m not quite sure that I’m romantic, but in terms of love, I consider myself to be passionate.

MC: Do you have any final words to your fans?

Seung Gi: Channel 3 viewers in Thailand, I’m really, really happy that I had this chance to meet you. I’m very happy that I received this invitation to give a concert here due to your love and I thank you very much. I’ll continue to do my best and ask you to continue to keep rooting for me. Thank you.

MC: Can we ask you just once to give us a preview of what you’ll say tomorrow?

Seung Gi: Khun khun…kap kun krob….he sighs..(he seems a bit frustrated and irritated here being put on the spot)

At the end of the show, they are rehearsing what he is planning to say in his fan meeting tomorrow.

Seung Gi: “Phom rak khun. Kab Kun Krab…No matter how much I memorize them, I think I’m going to go crazy…”.
Seung Gi: “Phom rak kun, Khob khun krab (I love you. Thank you.)

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever