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English translation – ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ Lee Seung Gi’s One Minute Appearance Was More Powerful Compared to 1 Hour of Publicity

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‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ Lee Seung Gi’s One Minute Appearance Was More Powerful Compared to 1 Hour of Publicity

[Oh My News reporter, Eum Dae Seung] feels that of course he’s a star~ variety shows, dramas, and a variety of other programs. Reviews, opinions, and arguments in addition to interviews regarding each of his programs have been collected by reporters who have even published widespread news. ‘Knock’ anytime. <Oh My Star> is always wide open to reporters. According to the editor, tvN’s broadcast on the 27th, featured a shoot with an undisclosed person and an interview with Lee Seo Jin. Just like after a drama’s conclusion, when the NG’s that are shown are even funnier, <Grandpa’s Over Flowers>’s behind the scenes stories brought upon a large amount of fun. In particular, Lee Seo Jin’s close interview where he expressed his mind was beyond funny to the point of making the word “laugh” seem trivial.


Na Young Seok PD, who is in charge of directing <Grandpas Over Flowers>, was especially chatty and spiteful in front of Lee Seo Jin. This was to show how special their relationship was. The broadcast of their relationship was a reminder of<Gag Concert> (a famous live comic show in Korea) because it was portrayed through a joke. The highlight of yesterday’s <Grandpas Over Flowers> was when Na Young Seok PD questioned the neatly dressed Lee Seo Jin in a spiteful manner.

Na Young Seok PD’s question directed at Lee Seojin, “When the grandpas sleep around 10pm, Lee Seo Jin-shi should also be sleeping then; why did you come outside from that moment and act like a king towards the staff?” With an embarrassed look, he confessed, “Even if it was at that time, they were there so I was able to endure it.” Obviously this was a question close to showing contempt, but Lee Seo Jin expressed his true feelings at that time without showing whether he was or wasn’t aware of what was going on.
Then, the incident with the CD naturally came up. Since Baek Il Seob and Lee Soon Jae have different preferences in the music they want to listen to, there was a quarrel where they were putting in and pulling out CD’s (from the player). Lee Seo Jin said, “At that moment, I was extremely perplexed” as he let out a deep sigh from the bottom of his chest. Because the grandpas are all teachers, he wasn’t able to interfere or verbally assist them. It seemed as if the frustration of that incident returned to him.

Lee Seo Jin found the grandpas to be that difficult. Inside, he felt how much he had respected them as great “sunbaes”(older veterans in the same field) and how he had treated them politely. ShinGu said, ”If Lee Seo Jin was not here, it wouldn’t have been possible to travel so comfortably.” He continued to praise him nonstop by saying, “He is a man of good character and a friend I am thankful for”. The grandpas acknowledged him for his devotion and for being the best guide.
However, there was another star sitting where Lee Seo Jin had his interview. It was Lee Seung Gi. He was busy taking bites out of a rice cake with no interest in the conversation between Na Young Seok PD and Lee Seo Jin. It was after Na Young Seok PD called his name that he turned to face the camera. His unique trademark of a heodang expression slowly crept into his face.

“Wasn’t it a different concept from <Grandpas Over Flowers> ?” asked Lee Seung Gi to whom Na Young Seok PD answered with a single horrifying question. “Is that what your boss told you?” That it’s a different concept from <Grandpas Over Flowers> ?” It was a peculiarly uneasy question opposite from the original one that was asked. Lee Seung Gi said again, “Isn’t it a backpacking trip with female actresses?” This is where Lee Seo Jin cut in. “Yah! I came because I heard it was a backpacking trip with Midae hyung!”
Thinking that he’d been fooled somehow, Lee Seung Gi erased the apprehensive smile off his face as he said, “The contract hasn’t been signed yet.” However, he also knew. No matter what this travel was like, he had to go, also, there were many far from easy things to carry. ‘Before enlisting in the army, I have to have to taste some bitterness’ were the captions behind his back which contained the fate he had to welcome.
Lee Seung Gi got caught on camera for a moment just for being present during Lee Seo Jin’s interview. It wasn’t a formal introduction, and there wasn’t a single cut for the sake of arousing interest in Lee Seung Gi. Nevertheless, the scenes with Lee Seung Gi caught everyone’s attention. Although he passed by the screen in the blink of an eye, his appearance on the sequel to <Grandpas Over Flowers> is gathering an immense amount of anticipation.

Even though it was for just one minute, Lee Seung Gi’s heodang tendency undoubtedly gave off light.. Watching him made me think, ‘How many off the wall episodes will be made, how many times will he have to undergo trial and error?’ The moment I saw his image, I imagined all the trials and tribulations ahead of him. The story of what happens after he becomes a porter makes it all the more worth having no choice but to wait for.

This wasn’t the time intended or arranged to promote Lee Seung Gi’s backpacking trip with female actresses. Lee Seung Gi just happened to get caught on film while eating rice cake. However, I wonder if there was any other promotion more powerful than this one. It’s because ‘Porter’ Lee Seung Gi’s upcoming troubles in his project were advertised naturally yet powerfully. Now, all we have to do is wait until next week.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Administrator for Lee Seung Gi Forever

Original source: nate

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