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English translation of official photo from Nunas over Flowers

Here’s an adorable picture the of the “nunas” and Seung Gi at Incheon International Airport on October 31st before their departure to Istanbul Turkey.


Credit: official website of Nunas Over Flowers

The caption that came with this photo in Korean said,”The natural smiles  of the Nunas about to embark on a trip. SeungGi~ yah…why is it that you’re unable to smile brightly when you’re leaving too?”

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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English translation of Hook’s tweet on Oct. 31 departure to Croatia

A few hours before departure on October 31st, Hook tweeted this picture of Seung Gi with the following message in Korean:

fighting hook croatia

네 분의 아름다운 꽃누나를  모시고 드디어 이승기씨가 출발했습니다~ 이승기씨가 무사히(?) 돌아올 수 있도록 많이 응원해주세요~~ 이승기 화이팅!!^^

English translation: Lee Seung Gi has just departed accompanying the 4 beautiful Flower Nunas~ Please cheer him on for a safe? return. Lee Seung Gi Fighting!!^^

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Administrator for Lee Seung Gi Forever

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English translation of article Nunas Over Flowers

Lee Seung Gi had a preliminary meeting at his place and appears nervous already before departing for his trip to Croatia.  He said in another article that he would reveal the reason for this meeting at another time.

Na Young Seok, PD, ‘Nunas Over Flowers’ Hidden Subtitle ‘Seung Gi yah run away’

Seung Gi~yah run away


Part #2 to tvN’s ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ hidden subtitle has been revealed as ‘Seung Gi yah, run away’

On the 30th, at an interview with a certain network, Na Young Seok PD confirmed,“The new backpacking trip’s title will be ‘Nunas Over Flowers.’ The result of the preliminary meeting with the cast and crew ended with the conclusion that rather than the word “mother” or “grandma”, the word “nuna”(older sister/female)  appeared to fit best.

Thereafter, there was word about talk and laughter amongst the production crew who said that the subtitle should be ‘Seung Gi ya, run away’. This is because there would be a great deal of fun watching Lee Seung Gi’s flustered expression since he doesn’t understand the nunas’ wide range of emotions.

In addition, Na Young Seok PD said the following about the 4 actresses going on this trip: Yoon Yeo Jung, Kim Ja Ok, Kim Hee Ae, Lee Mi Yun. “The actresses’ real personalities may give off a haughty and arrogant image but they all share one quality in common: they have a young girls’ heart. They will be displaying a great deal of curiosity and cuteness.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Nunas Over Flowers’ team will be departing for Eastern Europe, Croatia, on the 31st. Na Young Seok PD and script writer Lee Woo Jung from the previous ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ will work together once again. This time, the actresses on the trip will be Yoon Yeo Jung, Kim Ja Ok, Kim Jee Ae, Lee Mi Yeon, and porter Lee Seung Gi who will appear in the first broadcast mid November.

Credit and link: Nate.com

Korean to English translation by Elise, Administrator for Lee Seung Gi Forever

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English translation of Pizza Hut Seung Gi’s Pants giveaway auction on Facebook

Here’s a Pizzahut event where you can bid for the pants that Seung Gi wore during his CF! Here’s how to participate:

pants from pizza hut

Under the comments site at this link, bid in 1,000 won increments, with the minimum bid starting at 1,000 won (approximately $0.94 US dollars). That’s it!

EX) 1,000원 입찰합니다 → 저는 2,000원 입찰 합니다

EX) I place a bid for 1,000 won ->I place a bid for 2,000 won

Just copy and paste the last part (저는 2,000원 입찰 합니다) and replace it with a different amount for won, which is spelled 원  in Korean.

▶ Prize: The pants that Lee Seung Gi actually wore + a gift certificate for a double box pizza
▶ Announcement of winners : October 30th, 11AM KST

-The winner will be the one with the highest bid.  In case that person forfeits, the next highest bidder will be the winner.

-through this auction, the collected funds will be donated to the UN WFP (World Food Program)  to help those suffering from famine all over the world.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Administrator for Lee Seung Gi Forever

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English translation of news clip showing Lee Seung Gi ranking #1 in ticket sales for his Hope Concert 2013

Credit: seunggiairen

Lee Seung Gi, End of the Year Advance Ticket Sales in First Place

This is basically a visual format of the Hope Concert article translation that I published earlier this morning.  They show you a chart with his concert being #1 on the weekly ticket sales chart. Here’s an English translation:

Singer and Actor Lee Seung Gi has risen as the king of year end concerts.  Among advance ticket sales, he has beaten distinguished sunbae singers such as Cho Young Pil and Kim Yeon Woo, ranking first place. Let’s meet him.  Cut to scenes of his concert. “He’s undoubtedly Lee Seung Gi. He earned the first place position among year end concerts fair and square. From the very first day of advance ticket sales, he displayed his explosive ticket power. In particular, he surprised everyone in the industry by surpassing distinguished singers such as Lee Seung Chul, Kim Yeon Woo, and Lee Soo Hwan. Please take a look at the weekly rankings chart. Lee Seung Gi’s Hope Concert is in first place followed by Brown Eyed Soul, K.Will, I.U., and Lee Seung Chul. He is surpassing even the strongest concert contenders.  Lee Seung Gi has been holding annual, exclusive concerts since 2009 at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium. As one who has been acknowleged for his music, acting, and variety shows among a variety of other spheres, it is expected that the star, Lee Seung Gi, will deliver a performance that will doubly move hearts and entertain.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Administrator for Lee Seung Gi Forever

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English translation – Lee Seung Gi’s Hope concert tops weekly ticket sales

Here’s a translation from the most recent article on nate published online at 12:07am today KST.

Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert ‘Happiness,Anger,Sorrow, Joy’ Weekly Advance Ticket Sales #1 “The Crown Prince returns”

13 hope article

Lee Seung Gi 2013 Hope Concert’s -Happiness, Anger, Sorrow, Joy opening in addition to weekly advance ticket sales have risen to #1 and are gathering a great deal of attention.

Lee Seung Gi, after the 2013 drama ‘The Gu Family Book’, is in the middle of preparing for the sequel to ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’, ‘Backpacking Project Part 2’. From the first day that advanced ticket sales opened, he created a sensation and displayed his unchanging excellence in ticket power.

Facing the end of the year concert season are Cho Young Pil, Shin Seung Hoon, Lee Seung Chul, Yoon Do Hyun, and Park Jung Hyun who are distinguished sunbae (older veterans in the same field) musicians.  Despite the fact that they have just started ticket sales, he took the first place position fair and square. Rumor has it that it surprised a people in the industry to the point where they couldn’t hide their reactions.

All the more, PR related to the concert said that this was a highly unprecedented record for something (official ticket sales) that hasn’t even started.

Even though it’s still the beginning of advance ticketing, I anticipate that even in the future, expectations for Lee Seung Gi’s Concert will continue.

Since 2009, this is the 5th year that this exclusive annual concert has opened at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium. Lee Seung Gi is nearly unparalleled in his position as a male vocal soloist. Every year, in as much as he carries out his concerts with a special theme, the expectations and satisfaction of his audience are just as high.

Having been acknowledged for his diverse repertoire which is typical of Lee Seung Gi, his concerts are well received. They are certainly multifaceted and sophisticated with presentations which deeply move and entertain.

Musician Lee Seung Gi’s concerts are among the high quality performances because they leave a good impression on the audience due to a mega stage reminiscent of a festival and his powerful music, which is a given.  They  are also well organized with sophisticated and varied, special stage events. His excellent winter concert is also an opportunity to confirm singer Lee Seung Gi’s merits.

You will be able to confirm the music, acting, variety, and a diverse genre that surpasses all with an energetic  and new performance  at the 2013 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert- Happiness, Anger, Sorrow, Joy. It will take place on November 30th to December 1st for two days at the Olympic Gymanstics Stadium.

Credit and link to article: nate

Korean to English translation by Elise, Administrator for Lee Seung Gi Forever

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English translation – Lee Seung Gi appointed as Hanwoo Keeper

Around 12pm KST today, Lee Seung Gi was appointed as the “Hanwoo Keeper” by Korea’s Hanwoo Board.  Here’s a translation of the most recent article from nate.com

Lee Seung Gi is becoming the Hanwoo Keeper…a challenge for a new food show?

hanwoo keeper

Lee Seung Gi, who demonstrated the powerful fragrance of masculine beauty in MBC’s Monday/Tuesday drama ‘The Gu Family Book’, took the lead in promoting Hanwoo (Korean beef).  He will be appointed as Hanwoo Keeper on October 30th, 11am KST at the Seoul Seo Gong-dong Plaza Hotel by the Hanwoo Board. Starting with Chairman Kang Sung Gi, an appointment plaque  and a hanwoo gift set is planned to be presented to him.

The Hanwoo Board (Chairman Kang Sung Gi) stated,”Lee Seung Gi was appointed as Hanwoo Keeper because his image as ‘The Nation’s Hoonnam’, (Hoonnam is used to describe a good looking man who is also sincere, considerate, and kind) that is loved by people of all ages, is compatible with hanwoo’s image of trustworthiness.”

Added to his role as Hanwoo Keeper, Lee Seung Gi will be appearing in TV and radio ads in addition to actively participating in various events promoting the consumption of hanwoo.  Plans are in the works for him to actively promote the taste and quality that only hanwoo posesses.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi is working with Na Yeong Seok P.D. from ‘1Night2Days’ again after a long time. He was chosen to be a porter on ‘Actresses Special Backpacking Trip’ which will be broadcasted in mid November on tVN. In this program, Yoon Yeo Jung (age 66), Kim Ja Ok (age 62), Kim Hee Ae (age 46), and Lee Mi Yeon (age 42) were casted to appear on the show and will be leaving for Croatia soon for their backpacking trip.  

Credit: article from nate.com

Korean to English translation by Elise, Administrator for Lee Seung Gi Forever