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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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Lee Seung Gi and Child Actor Choi Ro Woon in Pizza Hut CF

Here is a clip of Lee Seung Gi in a new CF for Pizza Hut with child actor Choi Ro Woon. After screencaps of this CF appeared, the name, “Nation’s Older Brother” for Seung Gi was born. In this CF, he has such a natural relationship with the child actor, Choi Ro Woon. Seung Gi has now grown up from “The Nation’s Younger Brother” to his new title. Here is a transcript of what they say:

Seung Gi: Ah, I’m feeling hungry.
Ro Woon: Ah, I’m feeling hungry.
Seung Gi: Should we order pizza?
Ro Woon: Should we order pizza?
Seung Gi: A–joo (Korean way of expressing “look at this one”)
Ro Woon: A-joo right back at Seung Gi
Seung Gi: Uh.. (sternly) as he gently pushes back the boy’s head with his index finger
Ro Woon: Uh.. (sternly) as he pushes Seung Gi’s head back with his index finger
Seung Gi: Garlic-beef please
Ro Woon: (interrupting) Grabs Seung Gi by the arm and says, “I want shrimp.”
Captions in white say: When you want different things, double box!
Male voice: When you want different things, double box! There’s one box, two different kinds of pizza. Double box, 25,000 Won!
Ro Woon: It’s delicious!
Male voiceover: It’s delicious, delicious!
Chorus: Pizza and more, Pizza Hut.

Korean to English translations by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Seung Gi in Korea’s GS Shop October Limited Edition Perioe Toothpaste Promotion

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GS Shop has met with Korea’s Top Star Lee Seung Gi. Lee Seung Gi has directly chosen a gift only for GS Shop Customers.

Seung Gi: Don’t lose your chance at receiving 20 tubes of Limited Edition Perioe 46 cm toothpaste. #1 (home shopping channel) is treating you, fighting! The ad following his talk says” If you purchase 3 items broadcast on TV during October” then they show that you’ll get Lee Seung Gi’s Limited Edition:

1. Perioe 46cm toothpaste – 20 (95 gram tubes)
2. 10 free “Easy Clinic” toothbrushes. Underneath in white lettering it says “Internet and mobile orders are also eligible” The next screen shows a 15% off coupon with the words “Another benefit. All customers who purchase this product will receive a 15% off coupon. This event lasts from October 1, 6am to October 8th, 2 am.

Note: 46cm came about to imply how close you can get close to someone without having to worry about someone being offended with odor from your bad breath.

The coupon will be available for use on October 18th (Friday)
This coupon is good for use on products purchased from October 18-31st that cost at least 50,000 Korean Won ($47 US Dollars)
The largest amount of discount will be 50,000 Won. Some products are excluded

Back to the two ladies onscreen:
Lady in green: Yes, #1 is treating you, I’m Kim Sang Hee
Lady in white: Yes, hello, I’m Jung Eun Jin

The lady in green starts to introduce the next product they will advertise on the home shopping channel which is Jun Ji Hyeon’s serum, saying it’s regrettably the last broadcast of the month

The lady in white says “Yes, in addition to that, GS Shop is offering for October with the purchase of 3 items that cost at least 50,000 Won, LG’ Healthy life’s Perioe’s toothpaste. We will be giving out for free Lee Seung Gi’s Limited Edition of 20 tubes of toothpaste along with 10 toothbrushes.

The lady in green says “This is exciting. Ok, #1 is treating you! In October, please be a special member with us. A special time to spend together with GS Shop starts now.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Administrator of Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Screencaps of Seung Gi and his Limited Edition Perioe Toothpaste for GSShop Korea

These are screencaps of Seung Gi advertising his Limited Edition Perioe Toothpaste for GS Shop, which is one of Korea’s most popular home shopping channels. They have started a campaign over a year ago to get consumers to buy more products by having a bonus gift if they buy 3 televised items during that month that costs at least 50,000 Korean Won which is approximately $47 dollars.

perioe limited edition2 LSG Thailand

perioe limited edition LSG Thailand

perioe limited edition3 LSG ThailandGS Shop is one of Korea’s most popular discount home shopping channels. Since last year, they have been getting consumers to buy at least 3 items costing 50,000 Korean Won each (approx $47 US Dollars) that are broadcasted on the show that month in order to qualify for that month’s thank you prize. This month is Seung Gi’s 47 cm toothpaste.

Credit: GS Shop