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English detailed recap of Lee Seung Gi and Lee Seo Jin on SBS One Night Entertainment

The MC started out by asking the audience, “Who could be the two stars that share common traits? In variety shows, they are funny, good looking, and are Umchinah…they are none other than Lee Seo Jin and Lee Seung Gi. As you watch the screen, you will know that it was so funny that every three seconds there was an outburst (of laughter).”

Lee Seo Jin is introduced as the chic neighborhood older brother with a hidden prince like image while Lee Seung Gi is introduced as the Umchinah heodang oppa next door. The MC introduces their “offbeat charm” underneath their perfect image.. now….as they cut to the interview. The MC opened up the interview saying that she heard that Lee Seo Jin was nervous. He replied that he is nervous because he hasn’t been in front of so many cameras in a while. Lee Seung Gi said that his interview tone was “on” at the moment because it was lower than his usual tone, citing it as evidence that he was nervous. He continued by saying that he would loosen up as the interview progressed.

Lee Seung Gi admitted that since his debut, the CF concept for We Make Price was the most comical and funny one he has ever shot. In addition, he revealed that he never knew that Lee Seo Jin had a comical side to him. Seo Jin said he also has never filmed a CF like this one. He said that he is still so embarrassed that he can’t bring himself to look at the monitors because looking at himself makes him afraid. He said that he is currently a character that does whatever he is told and jokingly asks what (role) could there be that wouldn’t suit him? The MC remarked that both men have much in common. She called Lee Seung Gi “the Crown Prince of Variety” and Lee Seo Jin “the Crown Prince of Drama”.

They talked about Lee Seo Jin’s variety show, Grandpas Over Flowers, and how Seung Gi is going to be taking over in the sequel. Seung Gi mentioned how burdensome it is to follow his footsteps after making a sensation on the show. When asked how he felt about being a porter, Lee Seo Jin said that personally it doesn’t exactly feel that pleasant, but he accepts it positively and isn’t going to get angry about it.

The MC mentioned that although they are 16 years apart in age, they both have a dimple, smile, and look like blood brothers.The MC asked Lee Seo Jin how the two became good friends. Lee Seo Jin said that Seung Gi showed up at his house on Christmas Eve a few years ago and that he was completely surprised and yelled at him,”What are you doing here on Christmas Eve?!!!!” Seung Gi replied,”The fact that hyung wasn’t doing anything at 9pm~10pm on Christmas Eve was depressing.” When asked if Lee Seo Jin ever gave him any gifts, Lee Seung Gi said,”After looking through his clothes closet, I took some things, he gave me many pairs of shoes…” When Lee Seo Jin was asked if he ever had to give something to Seung Gi that he didn’t want to give away, Lee Seo Jin said,”I would never give away things like that.” Seung Gi joked about how Seo Jin said he has a separate room for inexpensive things that Seung Gi can have and that honestly, he is the type who could give his car away. Lee Seo Jin joked back “I plan to sell my car”.

The MC showed them pictures of Seung Gi and Seo Jin at Hong Kong’s Disneyland. Lee Seung Gi remarked jokingly that is when Lee Seo Jin started out as a guide. He said how much fun he had while Lee Seo Jin was tired out. He said that he was cranky because it was raining that day. The next picture of them in Hawaii shows them wearing outfits that Lee Seo Jin picked out. Lee Seung Gi said because it was the first time going to Hawaii, he didn’t know what kind of clothes to bring because they were going to the beach. When asked if he bought them, Lee Seo Jin jokingly said that Seung Gi paid because he had more money.

When Seung Gi was asked if he knew what Lee Seo Jin’s ideal type was, he said that he didn’t have a definite idea because it changed often. Lee Seo Jin said that he always likes someone with a bright personality. Lee Seung Gi remarked that the MC had a very bright personality. Lee Seo Jin jokingly asked her,”You don’t drink (alcohol) and cry (afterwards), do you?” When the MC asked “What else?” he replied,”Someone who isn’t too tall.” The MC joked that these qualities were what she had and mentioned that the focus was pointing in her direction. When the MC asked him “what about a freelancer?”, Lee Seo Jin preferred someone with a fixed job.

The MC cracked up and Lee Seung Gi said he was most likely to greet everyone through his variety show while Lee Seo Jin said he didn’t have any plans when Seung Gi hinted at something next year. Seung Gi continued by saying,”Next year, he will stay as ordinary Lee Seo Jin.” Lee Seo Jin said,”I have nothing to say, it’s not like I have a project.” The MC said,”How about goodbye?” She told him “Then would you like to leave without saying goodbye to the viewers?” Lee Seo Jin jokingly asked, “Can I do that?” The MC asked Seung Gi if he could persuade Lee Seo Jin to say something. Lee Seung Gi jokingly told him to tell the viewers that he loved them to which Lee Seo Jin replied,” I don’t want to.” The MC ended the interview by saying,”This has been (an interview with) charming men, Lee Seo Jin and Lee Seung Gi.”

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Destination for Na PD’s Backpacking Project 2 has been decided – it’s Spain!

marry me backpacking

Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi is heading to “The Country of Passion” with four ‘noonim’ (formal version of the Korean word noona, which is what a male calls an older sister or female) Yoon Yeo Jung, Kim Ja Ok, Kim Hee Ae and Lee Mi Yeon.

Cable channel tvN’s Backpacking Project ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ 2nd chapter called ‘Female Actresses’ Special <Working title> recently decided on Spain as the destination and is in the peak of departure preparations.

The members are expected to depart on November 1st and broadcasting will occur in mid November. Presently, Yoon Yeo Jung, Kim Ja Ok, Kim Hee Ae, Lee Mi Yeon and Lee Seung Gi confirmed their appearance for this special. The fact that these group of four actresses are rarely seen on variety programs meanwhile are gathering interest regarding how much laughter and moving moments they will be able to create. Spain, the country to where they will be flying, is one of the places out of the entire world where tourists want to visit at least once. It is famous for the Madrid Royal Palace, Museo Nacional del Prado, places for sightseeing and abundant amounts of food.

Because it is a travel with female actresses, the production crew took into account the climate, the surrounding environment, and their physical stamina. Spain was chosen because there has recently been a sudden surge in the number of female tourists who travel alone; it has been in the limelight for female backpacking trips so that’s why it was selected.

One person contracted with ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ said, “Lee Seung Gi is in the middle of extensively reading books and publications related to Spain in order to assure the safety and happiness of the female actresses during the trip; he is immersed in preparations for the trip to fulfill his role as a tour guide among many others.”

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Direct Korean to English translation by Elise, Administrator of Lee Seung Gi Forever