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English translation of souvenirs sold at Japan concert 10/7/13

The official LSG Japan site had a page with souvenirs, descriptions, and prices for each.  Because it’s an official site, I cannot post it here, but here’s the link: leeseunggi.jp

japan little man

The page starts out with a mini Seung Gi greeting Airens with the following message:
Are you all ready for the concert?
This time, I have selected concert goods that would be best for this season.
I’m going to introduce them, so please check them out♡

★Stick Light ¥1,500

resized japan lightstick

 An must have item for this live concert.

Glows red and green.

light stick from Japan concert lsg baidu

Here’s the actual light stick.

Credit: zfdjjy from Lee Seung Gi baidu

★Tshirts(S/M/L) ¥3,000

t shirt japan

A T shirt of chic design for the live (concert)! What is your size?

★Face towel  ¥1,500


A convenient sized towel for everyday use!
Naturally,it’s also a must for live (concert) attendees!

★Totebag ¥1,000

Simple cotton tote bag
For shopping or one day trips,
Take it with you anywhere~

★Letterset <set of 5 envelopes and 20 sheets of letter paper> ¥1,000

letter set

Very light colored letterset with a tint of love

Write to your loved one expressing all your heart!

letter set real

Here’s the actual letterset

Credit: dclsg

★Block Memo  ¥800


Why not give a present to your boy/girl friend or family with a little message?♥

★Bookcover/Dustjacket  ¥2,000


Autumn is a good season for reading! Dust wrappers are essential to protect your favorite books from damage , you know!

Its surface is like smooth wood, so it’s easy to find in your bag!

★Mini Seung Gi-kun Facemasks <10 sheets> ¥1,000


Ta-dah! This is a face mask sheet which is in a face shaped pouch.

Your face will become smooth and firm the next day if you soak this sheet which is composed of natural cotton, with a lot of skin lotion…

Perhaps this pouch will be useful for a trip to Korea!?

Ok.. I am waiting for you at the concert hall~!!

*Note kun stands for the Korean, goon (군), which is added after a male name to refer to an unmarried male

Sale of souvenirs will start at 3pm.

There will be a break time between 5:30-6pm in preparation for the concert

Souvenirs will also be available after the show near the lobby or the entrance.

Ticketholders can buy books and goods between 3-5:30pm.

Credit card payments will be possible that day. Visa, Mastercard, JCB are accepted (only in a lump sum payment)

Japanese to English translations by Elise, Administrator of Lee Seung Gi Forever