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Info about ticketing for the Hope Concert is released!

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Great news Airens! Ticketing information for the annual Seoul Hope Concert has been released today.  Tickets can be purchased through http://ticket.interpark.com/Global

Airen 5 members have priority and will be able to purchase tickets a day before everyone else on October 22, 2013.  Each person is limited to 4 tickets per person per concert day for a maximum of 8 tickets if you’re attending both Saturday and Sunday concerts.  Tickets for the Saturday concert can be purchased starting from October 22nd, 8pm KST while the Sunday concert tickets can be purchased starting from 8:30pm KST on the same day.  Everyone else can start purchasing tickets on October 23, 2013 at 4pm KST.

This is the 5th anniversary of Seung Gi’s concert and he promised that it would be new and exciting compared to last year’s in his video message at the official fanclub site www.leeseunggi.com.  Please visit this site to see the official message.

You can click here to see ticketing information.  Just click on the picture to see it in larger size.

Credit: www.leeseunggi.com

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Pre and Post Concert Pics of Souvenirs and Seung Gi on 10/7/13

tokyo forum venue momo_bear1026

Credit: momo_bear 1026

japan concert souvenir entrance lsg japan

The sign indicating where to buy souvenirs

Credit: LSG Japan

anan @1piece_lsg

The novel and DVD set that all Airens want selling for 2,600 Yen, approx $26 US Dollars

Credit: LSG Japan

photobook Japan Christina WSGL


In Korean, it says,”Next to me there is always a warm breeze blowing.!”

Credit: ChristinaWSGL via weibo.com and LSG Euro Airen

DVD japan seunggiaillin

The DVD that comes with Yoshimoto Banana’s Novel containing an interview and scenic photography with Seung Gi

Credit: seunggiallin

japan concert souvenir leeymggi

Randomly distributed badges and postcards to Airens at the Japan concert

Credit: leemyggi

japan concert souvenirs

Credit: LSG Japan

japan concert souvenir distribution 230 LSG Japan

Assorted post cards and badges distributed randomly for Airens

Credit: LSG Japan

japan concert souvenir signed shirt nayo7474

A T-shirt signed by Seung Gi!

Credit: nayo7474

japan concert souvenir shirt and tote bag 214serg

Another autographed T-shirt by Seung Gi and a totebag

Credit: 214serg

japan concert souvenir postcard 2 momo_bear26

Autographed postcard that came with the novel and DVD set

Credit: momo_ bear26

japan concert souvenirs 2 lsg306

Assorted Japan concert souvenirs

Credit: lsg306

japan concert souvenir banner ChristinaWSGL

Concert poster and banner that says “My music always stays besides you…Lee Seung Gi”

Credit: ChristinaWSGL

japan concert souvenirs nayo7474

Another closeup of the “glitter tape” used to describe this in a Japanese tweet that says : “My music always stays beside you”

Credit: nayo7474

japan concert souvenir ticket laeticia521

Concert ticket

Credit: ChristinaWSGL

japan concert prep LSG Korea

The tweet with this picture said in Korean”[동경 국제포럼 이벤트] 승기씨와 스탭님선물 ~무사히 전달완료^^
공연시작까지 2시간~~~^^”

Which in English, means: [Tokyo International Forum Event] gifts for Seung Gi-shi and staff~safely delivered and completed^^

2 hours before the start of the performance~~~^^

LSGKWA worked hard to get these gifts prepared and delivered to Seung Gi and Hook Entertainment staff

Credit: LSG Korea

Japan concert fans support event ChristinaWSGL

Japan Concert Fan Support Event

Credit: Christina WSLG

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More pre and post pics of Japan concert 10/7/13

japan concert prep lsg euro airen japan concert prep lsg euro airen 2 japan concert final dash for merchandise 640pm lsgairenint

If you want to get an idea of the line for souvenirs before the concert, the first two pictures will tell you very clearly.

Credit: LSG EuroAiren

The third picture is of concert attendees who are getting souvenirs at the last minute before the concert started at 7pm, KST.  This picture was time stamped at 6:40pm JST/KST.

Credit: lsgairenint

japan concert screen lsg korea

Here’s the picture of the concert screen before the show

Credit: LSGKWA

japan post concert pics 1 japan post concert pics 2 japan post concert pics 3 japan post concert pics 4 japan post concert pics 5 lsgairenint japan concert pics 15

After the concert, Airens were waiting outside for Seung Gi to leave the concert hall.  He opened the van door to wave to his fans for about 200 meters as he disappeared into the night

Credit for the first 5 photos: lsgairenint

Credit for the last photo: as marked