Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

Pre and Post Concert Pics of Souvenirs and Seung Gi on 10/7/13

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tokyo forum venue momo_bear1026

Credit: momo_bear 1026

japan concert souvenir entrance lsg japan

The sign indicating where to buy souvenirs

Credit: LSG Japan

anan @1piece_lsg

The novel and DVD set that all Airens want selling for 2,600 Yen, approx $26 US Dollars

Credit: LSG Japan

photobook Japan Christina WSGL


In Korean, it says,”Next to me there is always a warm breeze blowing.!”

Credit: ChristinaWSGL via weibo.com and LSG Euro Airen

DVD japan seunggiaillin

The DVD that comes with Yoshimoto Banana’s Novel containing an interview and scenic photography with Seung Gi

Credit: seunggiallin

japan concert souvenir leeymggi

Randomly distributed badges and postcards to Airens at the Japan concert

Credit: leemyggi

japan concert souvenirs

Credit: LSG Japan

japan concert souvenir distribution 230 LSG Japan

Assorted post cards and badges distributed randomly for Airens

Credit: LSG Japan

japan concert souvenir signed shirt nayo7474

A T-shirt signed by Seung Gi!

Credit: nayo7474

japan concert souvenir shirt and tote bag 214serg

Another autographed T-shirt by Seung Gi and a totebag

Credit: 214serg

japan concert souvenir postcard 2 momo_bear26

Autographed postcard that came with the novel and DVD set

Credit: momo_ bear26

japan concert souvenirs 2 lsg306

Assorted Japan concert souvenirs

Credit: lsg306

japan concert souvenir banner ChristinaWSGL

Concert poster and banner that says “My music always stays besides you…Lee Seung Gi”

Credit: ChristinaWSGL

japan concert souvenirs nayo7474

Another closeup of the “glitter tape” used to describe this in a Japanese tweet that says : “My music always stays beside you”

Credit: nayo7474

japan concert souvenir ticket laeticia521

Concert ticket

Credit: ChristinaWSGL

japan concert prep LSG Korea

The tweet with this picture said in Korean”[동경 국제포럼 이벤트] 승기씨와 스탭님선물 ~무사히 전달완료^^
공연시작까지 2시간~~~^^”

Which in English, means: [Tokyo International Forum Event] gifts for Seung Gi-shi and staff~safely delivered and completed^^

2 hours before the start of the performance~~~^^

LSGKWA worked hard to get these gifts prepared and delivered to Seung Gi and Hook Entertainment staff

Credit: LSG Korea

Japan concert fans support event ChristinaWSGL

Japan Concert Fan Support Event

Credit: Christina WSLG

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