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English translation of statement released by Hook regarding the Hope Concert on 10/18/13

Hook Entertainment released a picture of Seung Gi around 7:40pm KST today with a tweet in Korean that said:

This is the 5th year! In order to bring you an even more upgraded 2013 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert, this is Lee Seung Gi in the middle of worrying about it.^^ Finally, ticketing will open next week on Tuesday! We invite Airens from the whole world to the concert~~^^

Here is the picture of Seung Gi that was included with Hook’s tweet:

hook hope 2013 worryig

Credit: Hook Entertainment

Direct Korean to English translation by Elise, Administrator of Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Seung Gi’s products in EMART

Today, while I was shopping with my parents who came to visit me from the USA, I ran across so many of the products that Seung Gi endorses. My parents disapprove of my fangirling because they think it’s only for teenagers and they will never understand what it means to be an Airen. However, after they saw me snapping pictures (with the permission of the salespeople) with my cellphone, both of them had genuinely concerned looks on their faces. LOL! Only another Airen would understand what fangirling is about and I found three products at my local EMART, which is like Walmart in the USA.

1. Seung Gi’s Perioe 46 cm toothpaste. A package of 3 tubes costs 4,000 Won which is about $3.75. No, it wasn’t on sale. The cost of living in Korea is very affordable. Some products are very cheap while paper products like Kleenex and toilet tissue cost $10 for a pack of 3 boxes and $25 for a package of 20 rolls respectively.

SG toothpaste

The ad states that 93% (of who? consumers? dentists?)  have acknowledged its whitening effects on teeth. On the bottom it says “refreshing mint (flavor)”

2) Seung Gi’s famous Cuckoo Rice Cooker(s).  Not only did I see the original model that he’s famous for, the Eco Full Stainless 2.0, but I also saw a row of 5 other models that the saleslady said was promoted by Seung Gi.

cuckoo echo 2.0

Seung Gi’s Eco 2.0 Stainless Steel model retails for 618,00 Korean Won which is approximately $583 US Dollars according to today’s currency exchange rate at xe.com

cuckoo EMART 5

On the top row from #1 on the left to #5 on the right are other Cuckoo rice cooker models that Lee Seung Gi is also endorsing.  The lady at EMART was very helpful with providing me with information.  Prices are as marked. As you probably noticed, the Eco 2.0 Stainless Steel model is the most expensive out of all the models that he is endorsing.

3) Seung Gi’s Cuckoo Water Filters that distribute hot and cold water.  The saleslady at EMART told me that they haven’t received updated ads with Seung Gi endorsing this product, so that is why you still see Won Bin, the previous endorser for Cuckoo, endorsing them.  Behind his picture, you can see the top of Seung Gi’s head advertising the Cuckoo Rice cooker.  They put his picture there for the time being and had pamphlets for the Cuckoo water filters inside the clear plastic box for customers to take.

cuckoo EMART 2 water filters

These are way less expensive than the rice cookers!

I managed to grab copies of Cuckoo pamphlets and catalogs for the Rice cooker and water filters for me and some overseas Airens…

Cuckoo EMART pamphlets_rotated

From left to right are catalogs describing the Cuckoo Eco 2.0 Stainless Steel Rice Cooker, Water filter, and a pamphlet for the previously mentioned rice cooker.

Photo credit: Elise1902

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever