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Brief Japanese to English translation of Seung Gi in Josei Jishin magazine

Seung Gi was featured in Japan’s Josei Jishin (女性自身) magazine recently and he looks very handsome with his new hairstyle. Here are some brief translations of the major headlines in the article.

There isn’t really a word “女性自身” or in Hiragana “じょせいじしん” for Josei Jishin which means woman herself/ women themselves (Japanese doesn’t have plural forms, so it can be both.) Just like anan magazine, which was named after a panda at the Moscow zoo, according to my Japanese penpal, it was most likely created for the magazine.

However, there are Japanese words “彼女自身 = herself” and “彼自身 = himself”.

Josei Jishin 1 nayo7474

Photo credit: nayo7474

At the top left of the page in the round circle are the words:

イ・スンギ 僕は君を幸せにできる  – in hiragana and kanji
ぼくは きみを しあわせに できる -in hiragana

boku wa kimi o shiawase ni dekiru
I can make you happy.
I have confidence to make you happy.

イ・スンギ is Japanese for Lee Seung Gi in katakana, which I think all Airens know ^^

Running down the middle of the page underneath the round circle is Japanese written in traditional form, which, like Korean, is read up and down, from right to left. The sentence here is unfortunately incomplete and leaves us hanging, just wanting more…! ^^

It says:

もしも愛する人に手紙をつづるなら… – hiragana and kanji
もしも あいする ひとに てがみを つづる なら… – hiragana
moshimo aisuru hito ni tegami o tuzuru nara…

This Japanese sentence is not completed, so we can’t be sure about who is the subject. It could be “you” and “I”. If he’s talking about himself in his interview, it should be “I”.
When/If I write a letter to someone I’m in love with… (not completed)

Kyaaahhhh!!! I want to know more about what he’s saying…if only a higher resolution copy were available somewhere on the internet…

Finally, on the very left next to the margin of the page is a picture of author Yoshimoto Banana.  The sentence underneath reads:

よしもとばなな が 魅力を 解説! – hiragana and kanji
よしもとばなな が みりょく を かいせつ!- hiragana

yoshimoto banana ga miryoku o kaisetu!
Yoshimoto Banana is explaining what his attraction is.
Yoshimoto Banana is making comments about his attraction.

Just reading these tantalizing headlines make me want to get a hold of this magazine! Can anyone really explain why Seung Gi is so attractive? He has a mysterious and magnetic charm that slowly draws you in and turns you into an Airen. At least, that’s what happened to me.  ^^

I’d love to hear other Airen’s stories about how they came to love Lee Seung Gi. You can comment here or put in a request on my facebook groups page under Lee Seung Gi Forever.  Meanwhile, here is another close up of Seung Gi and another picture of him standing.

josei jishin 2 nayo7474josei jishin 3 nayo7474

Photo credit: nayo7474

 Japanese to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever