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English translation of video clip showing Lee Seung Gi at the KB LPGA STAR Championship

Credit: seunggiairen

Lee Seung Gi is a busy man! This afternoon, he was at Young Jung-do, Incheon for the 2013 KLPGA Tour STAR Championship. It took place on the 72nd golf range. Most of the press photos were taken around 5pm KST.

Here’s a brief translation of the most important parts:

The male commentator states that singer/entertainer Lee Seung Gi is at the sports arena. There were many KB events that day. There was also a “Hope Scholarship Event” for boys and girls. The lady is announcing the presentation of the scholarship. The male commentator says that golfer Ahn Song Hee, the representative of all the golfers at that event, will be coming up to the front to present the scholarship to student Sohn Hyun Soo. The money for the scholarship was collected during the event and the male commentator states that the total should be approximately 9,400 Man Won. 1 Man won is equal to approx. $9.40 US dollars so the scholarship is approximately $88,400 US dollars.

The female announcer states that KB financial group CEO Lee Myung Rook and Lee Seung Gi will be presenting the award to the grand prize winner. The winner is pro golfer Lee Seung Hyeon. The male commentator mentions how it’s a fateful moment because the similarities in the names of the winner and Lee Seung Gi make it sound like the two are brother and sister. The chairman is assisting the winner in wearing a jacket in yellow, which is symbolic of the KB group. The male commentator states “Wow! Isn’t this a big trophy!” The female announcer mentions that it is made out of pure silver. At 2:16, the other male commentator points out Seung Gi’s heodang moment and says “he has missed the timing for presenting her with the flower wreath and is now presenting it to her” LOL! 🙂 He finally hangs it around her neck and the female announcer says that they will be taking commemorative photos. The winner also gets a cash prize of 140,000,000 Won which is approximately $131,800 US dollars. The male commentators say how it’s a relief that the prize is finally being presented. The 2nd male commentator states how the winner Lee Seung Hyeon was very bashful and happy at the same time a while ago when she made the championship hit and has an introverted personality. They conclude by remarking that on the very left next to Lee Seung Gi is pro golfer Yang Yoo Won who is part of the KB group.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever