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English translation – Lee Seung Gi appointed as Hanwoo Keeper

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Around 12pm KST today, Lee Seung Gi was appointed as the “Hanwoo Keeper” by Korea’s Hanwoo Board.  Here’s a translation of the most recent article from nate.com

Lee Seung Gi is becoming the Hanwoo Keeper…a challenge for a new food show?

hanwoo keeper

Lee Seung Gi, who demonstrated the powerful fragrance of masculine beauty in MBC’s Monday/Tuesday drama ‘The Gu Family Book’, took the lead in promoting Hanwoo (Korean beef).  He will be appointed as Hanwoo Keeper on October 30th, 11am KST at the Seoul Seo Gong-dong Plaza Hotel by the Hanwoo Board. Starting with Chairman Kang Sung Gi, an appointment plaque  and a hanwoo gift set is planned to be presented to him.

The Hanwoo Board (Chairman Kang Sung Gi) stated,”Lee Seung Gi was appointed as Hanwoo Keeper because his image as ‘The Nation’s Hoonnam’, (Hoonnam is used to describe a good looking man who is also sincere, considerate, and kind) that is loved by people of all ages, is compatible with hanwoo’s image of trustworthiness.”

Added to his role as Hanwoo Keeper, Lee Seung Gi will be appearing in TV and radio ads in addition to actively participating in various events promoting the consumption of hanwoo.  Plans are in the works for him to actively promote the taste and quality that only hanwoo posesses.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi is working with Na Yeong Seok P.D. from ‘1Night2Days’ again after a long time. He was chosen to be a porter on ‘Actresses Special Backpacking Trip’ which will be broadcasted in mid November on tVN. In this program, Yoon Yeo Jung (age 66), Kim Ja Ok (age 62), Kim Hee Ae (age 46), and Lee Mi Yeon (age 42) were casted to appear on the show and will be leaving for Croatia soon for their backpacking trip.  

Credit: article from nate.com

Korean to English translation by Elise, Administrator for Lee Seung Gi Forever

One thought on “English translation – Lee Seung Gi appointed as Hanwoo Keeper

  1. So nice to know of this… and oh that’s true that he is indeed loved by people of all ages and by different nationalities.

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