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English translation of official photo from Nunas over Flowers

Here’s an adorable picture the of the “nunas” and Seung Gi at Incheon International Airport on October 31st before their departure to Istanbul Turkey.


Credit: official website of Nunas Over Flowers

The caption that came with this photo in Korean said,”The natural smiles  of the Nunas about to embark on a trip. SeungGi~ yah…why is it that you’re unable to smile brightly when you’re leaving too?”

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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English translation of Hook’s tweet on Oct. 31 departure to Croatia

A few hours before departure on October 31st, Hook tweeted this picture of Seung Gi with the following message in Korean:

fighting hook croatia

네 분의 아름다운 꽃누나를  모시고 드디어 이승기씨가 출발했습니다~ 이승기씨가 무사히(?) 돌아올 수 있도록 많이 응원해주세요~~ 이승기 화이팅!!^^

English translation: Lee Seung Gi has just departed accompanying the 4 beautiful Flower Nunas~ Please cheer him on for a safe? return. Lee Seung Gi Fighting!!^^

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Administrator for Lee Seung Gi Forever

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