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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

Scans from 2012 Japan’s anan magazine with English translation

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Here are some scans from Japan’s anan magazine in 2012. I have provided translations for the major headlines.  Seung Gi’s lines always manage to make me melt whenever I read this magazine.

jejuslov scan12 2012 ananEnglish translation:

Literally means “I/You always want to show the cool part of me/you to a woman/women”… it can also mean “I/You always want to/try to look cool in front of girls/a girl/my girl”

jejuslov scan13 2012 ananjejuslov scan14 anan 2012jejuslov scan16 anan2012jejuslov scan17 anan2012English translation of black text: 

Tantoosha M yori Sastuei komono toshite tsukatta yoosho wo satsueichuu ni mo jissai ni kogoe de yonde ita sungi san. Miken ni shiwa ga yottari, modottari wo kurikaeshite korokoro  kawaru hyoojoo ni kugizuke!
In hiragana and katakana:
たんとうしゃMより さつえいこものとしてつかったようしょをさつえいちゅうにもじっさいにこごえでよんでいたスンギさん。みけんにしわがよったり、もどったりをくりかえしてコロコロかわるひょうじょうにくぎづけ。
3まよわずかいてくれた”I love you”
In hiragana, katakana, and kanji:
担当者Mより 撮影小物として使った洋書を撮影中にも実際に小声で読んでいたスンギさん。眉間に皺が寄ったり、戻ったりを繰り返してコロコロ変わる表情に釘付け!
3迷わず書いてくれた‘I love you
From Staff member [tantoosha literally means ‘person in charge,’ but there’s no English equivalent for this phrase, so I went with Staff Member] M:  In the middle of shooting, Seung Gi was reading a Western book we were using on the set, and was actually speaking the words to himself as he read. The wrinkles between his eyebrows were appearing and disappearing as he concentrated, and none of us could take our eyes off him!
English translation of red text:
3. Without hesitating, he wrote “I love you’.

jejuslov scan18 anan 2012 finalEnglish translation:

Kanojo ni ha, maiasa ohayoo no kisu wo shitai.
I want to kiss my girlfriend good morning every day.
彼女には her / girlfriend
毎朝 every morning
おはようのキスをする kiss ~ good morning
をしたい want to~


Photo credit: @jejuslov

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