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[English] Translation of a Famous Romance Novel from the Philippines with Seung Gi on the Cover!

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It turns out that Yoshimoto Banana-san in Japan isn’t the only Airen who wrote a novel modeled after Seung Gi.  An Airen in my facebook group translated an excerpt of author Martha Cecilia’s novel She Wears My Ring  from Tagalog.  I thought I would blog it for more Airens to enjoy her hard work.   The cover of the romance novel had a picture of Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo on the cover.  According to filipino Airens, Martha Cecilia writes for Precious Hearts Romances, which is also the same company that publishes author Ms. Xandria’s works (who is also an Airen).  According to Airens from the Philippines, Martha Cecilia’s pocketbooks are a bestseller and it’s habit for publishers to put pictures of celebrity couples that resemble the characters in the story.  Seems like Seung Gi is going global novel wise as well!

This novel was released on November 26, 2013.

Here is a link for more information about her: Martha Cecilia

filipinoCredit: Precious Hearts Romances

Here’s an excerpt translated by a fellow Airen:

Sweetheart 19: She Wears My Ring By: Martha Cecilia

“Aishite imasu, Nyssa-san.” She gave her hand and let him touch it. “The presence of your hand and holding it like this balanced me. Everything seems straight and perfect.”

Nyssa wore a ring given by Erik de la Torre for twelve years. It was given to her when she was sixteen – when her love was covered with insecurity and fears. He struck the man that gave her heirloom jewelry. Erik had OCD. He was obsessed with her. Nyssa was very afraid so she shamed him at the very night of the prom in an accidental way. Erik left San Ignacio sooner than she thought feeling hurt. Twelve years later, she still kept the ring. She wore the ring to discourage her unwanted suitors. Until she met Kichiro inTokyo. He was a Daniel Henny look-a-like.She wanted to remove the ring for that. But the subconscious thought of Erik stopped her. She was stuck between yesterday and today. Who will be her future?

Tagalog to English translation by Roselle Geronimo, Special Guest Contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever

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