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[English] translation of Seung Gi’s Happy New Year Greeting to Airens

A few hours ago, Lee Seung Gi’s official fanclub page released an official Happy New Year message from Seung Gi. Here’s the video and a translation:

Credit: AirenVideo

English translation:

Seung Gi: Hello Airen fans! I’m happy to see you. I’m Lee Seung Gi. In 2013, with all your strength, I really spent a happy year. In 2014, with your energy, I will do my best to give my all to acting, singing, and variety shows throughout the year. It would be great if everyone could trust me till the end and give me your energy.  In 2014, always be happy and healthy.  My Airens, Happy New Year. See you in 2014!

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Caricature of Seung Gi as Choi Kang Chi from Official Airen Fanclub

The Official Airen Fanclub released a caricature of Choi Kangchi and a caption in Hangul congratulating Lee Seung Gi on his triple victory at the MBC Daesang Awards on 12/30.

2013 MBC 연기대상 ‘최우수연기상’ <구가의 서> 최강치! 우리 이배우 이승기라서 좋은가 그대~^^수상을 축하합니다~!! 정말 고맙습니다!

2013 MBC Acting Daesang ‘High Excellence Acting Award’ Choi Kangchi! Is it because you like our actor Lee Seung Gi, geudae * ~^^♡ Congratulations on your award~!!
Thank you very much!

*geudae is a term of endearment used to refer to the person one loves. In The Gu Family Book, Kangchi and YeoWool called each other geudae as they were flirting. Here, it is a play on words with MBC and Lee Seung Gi with the fanclub asking the station if they were so taken by him. LOL. 🙂

kangchi caricature official fan clubCredit: AIREN_fanclub

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Seung Gi’s Floral Jacket Worn at the MBC Daesang Awards

Many Airens on Twitter were commenting on the Dolce & Gabbana Floral Jacket that Seung Gi wore for Part 1 of the MBC Daesang Awards ceremony.  It turns out that it costs $8,345! OMG! The reason is mainly due to the fact that it is hand embroidered. I wasn’t particularly fond of the pattern or design, but because Seung Gi was wearing it, he was able to pull it off.  Still, I am glad that he changed into a classic black velvet tux with a polka dot bowtie for Part 2 of the Awards Ceremony.  MBC Dolce & Gabanna koni_sptlsgCredit: koni_sptlsg

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*UPDATING* Press Video Clips for Seung Gi’s wins & Suzy’s

I am still updating with translations, but I have finished Suzy’s speech and her interaction with Seung Gi since they haven’t been translated by anyone yet. Updated on 1/2/14 10:30pmKST

Red Carpet

Credit: upnews TV

Credit: SSTV

Credit: mydaily

Credit: AirenNews01

Credit: AirenNews01

Credit: MBCentertainment

Seung Gi asks Suzy what her most memorable scene was in the GFB

Credit: MyKpopGirls

English translation:

Seung Gi: The person who had the role of Dam Yeo Wool, Suzy Bae, is present.

Suzy: Hello. (laughs)

Seung Gi: Bae Suzy, seeing you without your hanbok and in a dress makes you look lovely.

Suzy: Thank you. You look very dashing.

Seung Gi: I do, don’t I? (laughs) Do you have a favorable feeling (about winning an award)?

Suzy: A favorable feeling? Uhhh…I always have a favorable feeling (laughs)…it would be nice to win an award.

Seung Gi: So, you are expecting something then? In The Gu Family Book,what was your personally memorable scene?

Suzy: A memorable scene? It would have to be Kangchi and Yeo Wool’s heartrending kiss scene.

Seung Gi: Kiss scene? Wow. A kiss scene of that caliber is worth receiving recognition. We will be anticipating the results.

Best Couple Award

Male Popularity Award

Male High Excellence Award for Mini-series

Credit: MBCentertainment

Female High Excellence Award for Mini-series

Credit: MBCentertainment

English translation of Suzy’s Thank You speech:

Ji Chang Wook: The 2013 Acting Daesang for Female High Excellence in a Mini-series goes to The Gu Family Book’s Bae Suzy. Congratulations!

Seung Gi: Bae Suzy had the role of Dam Yeo Wool who loves Kangchi in The Gu Family Book. She earned a great deal of popularity through her acting in awesome action scenes which were a given, the charm of her purity while exhibiting gracefulness.

Suzy: To begin with, I’d like to thank you for giving me such a precious award to someone so lacking such as myself. There are many people who went through a difficult time while shooting the drama. To start off, I’d like to thank screen writer Kang Eun Kyung for writing such a good script, and director Shin Woo Chul, and the staff who worked so hard, and the members of the action team who were injured often, and…yes..I’d like to thank everyone…In the future, I will try even harder …uhm..I’ll show you that I’m trying my best. And to the JYP family who has always been a strong pillar beside me …uhm..thank you for always cheering me on. (laughs and bends over to the side).. President Park Jin Young, President Jung OK, Vice President Cho Hae Sung, Vice President Byun Sang Gong, Vice President Pyo Joon Ok, and our manager oppas who have always worked hard~ you’ve gone through a lot while shooting the drama. Hyo Joon Oppa, and Ha Eun Eonni, and Hee Sung Eonni, and I am always thankful to my fans who have always cheered me on. In the future…uhm…I will become a harder working…person. Thank you to all the viewers who loved The Gu Family Book..Ah! Mom and Dad, my younger siblings, Eonni, and also Damon..I really miss you. I wish everyone a Happy New Year, thank you..Ah! Jung Saeng Mul? (couldn’t hear this clearly)

Seung Gi: Suzy, please tell us the people you remember slowly.

Han Ji Hye: Your makeup artist? Makeup artist?

Suzy: Yes, her name is Sharp…she makes me look pretty..Ummm…Seo Hye Eonnie, and Ga Jung Eonnie, Hae Won Eonnie, umm…(3:28 look at the audience’s reactions) Joong Gil Oppa, and Tae Young Oppa, and Jong Go Oppa, Min Sun Oppa, Jung Hwan Oppa,

Seung Gi: (I think he says something to the effect of) You can mention everyone.

Suzy: Thank you. If I have left anyone out, I’m very sorry. I’m thankful to everyone. Ah! all my fans…I just messed up…my members..ah yes..I’ll stop here. Thank you.

Seung Gi: Suzy, congratulations.

Han Ji Hye: She must not have expected to receive this award.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Lee Seung Gi scores a triple win at MBC Daesang Awards~ Official MBC HQ Photos

Lee Seung Gi had a triple victory tonight at MBC’s Daesang Awards Ceremony. He was the MC with Han Ji Hye throughout the evening. In addition, he won in 3 categories: Popularity Award, Best Couple with Suzy Bae, and Male High Excellence Award in a mini-series.  His costar from The Gu Family Book, Suzy Bae, also won the Female High Excellence Award in a mini-series. She introduced The Gu Family Book to the audience.  Kangdam couple fans, tonight was an unforgettable one for you. At one point in the ceremony, Han Ji Hye asked Seung Gi how he felt about the kiss scene with Suzy.  He became obviously uncomfortable and was unable to answer the question so his cohost asked him about playing the role of beastly Kangchi.  In the same light, Seung Gi asked Suzy what her most memorable moment was during filming and she answered “the kiss scene”. I am so proud of Seung Gi and all the hard work he put into The Gu Family Book.  It certainly paid off. Newcomer Suzy Bae was overwhelmed at her win and mentioned Seung Gi in her thank you speech for helping her to receive this award.  The Daesang Award went to Ha Ji Won for Empress Ki, which is currently airing in Korea. She had been Seung Gi’s costar in The King 2 Hearts. 

MBC group photoAll the winners from tonight 

MBC Ha Ji Won DaesangDaesang winner Ha Ji Won

MBC Seunggi red carpet 3MBC Seunggi red carpet MBC Seunggi red carpet 2MBC Seunggi 9 MBC Seunggi 10 MBC Seunggi 13 MBC Seunggi 14 MBC Seunggi 5 MBC Seunggi 6 MBC Seunggi 7 MBC Seunggi 8Credit: imbc

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Official Congratulatory Message from Hook~Congrats Seung Gi on Your Triple Win!

Just a few minutes after the MBC Daesang Awards Ceremony ended, Hook Entertainment tweeted a message and a photo regarding Seung Gi’s triple win tonight. 

2013년 한해동안 드라마 ‘구가의서’에서부터 희망 콘서트, 오늘 연기대상까지 함께 응원해주신 모든분들께 진심으로 감사드립니다~ 2014년 새해 복 많이 받으세요~^^

Throughout 2013, starting from ‘The Gu Family Book’, Hope Concert, and including today’s Acting Daesang Awards, we sincerely thank everyone who has cheered us on~ Happy New Year in 2014~ ^^

daesang hook messageCredit: Hook Entertainment

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Nunas over Flowers Facebook Album of Split

Nunas over Flowers’ Official Facebook Page released another album today with a caption:
황제의 휴양지, 스플리트(8 photos)
끝없이 펼쳐진 아드리아해…
이제는 삶의 터전이 된 황제의 궁전…

낡음마저도 멋스러운 스플리트로 여러분을 초대합니다.

A King’s resort, Split
by Nunas over Flowers
The endless Adriatic Sea…
Even though it’s old and worn, we invite you to majestic Split

split1서로 사진 찍어주느라 신난 누나들과, 헬리캠에 인사하는 여정느님과 승기^^

Excited over taking pictures for each other with the nunas, Yeo Jung neunim and Seung Gi greet the Helicam.

split2 split3 split4 split5 split6 split7 split8Credit: Nunas over Flowers official Facebook page

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] translation of Japan’s release of the Gu Family Book DVD

Although this clip was released over a week ago, since today is MBC’s Daesang Awards and a big day for Seung Gi, I thought it appropriate to blog it.  Best of luck to you tonight, Seung Gi! This clip is about Japan’s release of The Gu Family Book DVD next year starting on March 4, 2014.

Credit: NBCUniversal Entertainment

English translation:

Caption 1A -on the left「僕の彼女は九尾狐〈クミホ〉」
My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox

In huge boldface katakana:

イ・スンギ = Lee Seung Gi

Caption 1B – on the right「華麗なる遺産」
Brilliant Legacy

イ・スンギ 主演最新作
Latest drama starring Lee Seung Gi

主演= star, play the leading role
最新= latest, newest
作 (< 作品) = work


Caption 2 at 5 seconds: 「シークレット・ガーデン」Secret Garden

underneath it:

Directed by Shin Woo Chul


「製パン王 キム・タック」
King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu

Written by Kang Eun Kyung


Caption 3 at 7 secA young man who descended from a divine beast
and a swordswoman dressed as a man


Caption 4 in gold at 10 sec Is this meeting, destiny or chance–?

この出会いは [kono deai wa]
偶然か、運命か– [guuzen ka unmei ka]

出会い=encounter, meeting
偶然=accidental, chance, coincidence
運命=fate, fateful, destiny


Caption 5 at 11 seconds

Lee Seung Gi



[My Girlfriend is a Gumiho]

[僕の彼女は九尾狐] boku no kanojo wa kumiho

[Brilliant Legacy]

[華麗なる遺産] karei naru isan


Caption 6 at 13 secSuzy Miss A



(愛は奇跡 means “Love is miracle”)

[Dream High]



Caption 7 at 14 secChoi Jin Hyuk

[Ms Panda and Mr Hedgehog]


Caption 8 at 15 secLee Yeon Hee (cameo appearance)

特別出演 [tokubetsu shutsuen]

cameo/guest appearance

[Paradise Ranch]

「パラダイス牧場」paradise bokujou


Caption 9  at 16 sec Sung Joon

ソンジュン Sung Joon

「私に嘘をついてみて」watashi ni uso o tsuite mite

[Lie to Me]


Dialogue at 17 seconds:

Seung Gi: I became a beast, I’m no longer a human!

Yeo Wool: In any case, you’re still alive!


Caption 10 at 22 sec –  Top rated in Korea

韓国視聴率No.1 [kankoku shichouritsu number one]
ミラクル・ラブファンタジー!! [miracle love fantasy]
Miracle, love and fantasy ー!!

視聴率=audience ratings


Caption 11 at 30 secThe Book of Nine Houses

九家の書 (The Book of Nine Houses)


Love once in 1,000 years


Caption 12 at 33 secTo love you, I will be human.

君を愛するため、kimi o aisuru tame, 僕は人になる。boku wa hito ni naru.

Japanese to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Lee Seung Gi ‘s agency, ‘You’re Surrounded’

Lee Seung Gi’s Agency, “‘You’re Surrounded’ He Has Only Received the Script”

[MyDaily = Reporter Huh Suhl Hee] Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi’s return  to drama is drawing attention.

Lee Seung Gi ‘s entertainment company, Hook Entertainment, told MyDaily on the 30th through a phone conversation,”Lee Seung Gi received an offer to appear on SBS’s ‘You’re Surrounded’ (working title). However, he has only recently received the script. Nothing has been confirmed”

The script that Lee Seung Gi received from SBS’s drama ‘You’re Surrounded’ is scheduled to be broadcast during the first half of next year.  The project is based around a police station and the screen writer is Lee Jung Sun, and Yoo In Sik PD.

However, in the case that Lee Seung Gi confirms his appearance on ‘You’re Surrounded’, it will be 4 years since his return to SBS drama when he starred in the 2010 drama, ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’.  Lee Seung Gi’s return to drama is starting to draw interest.

Original source: Naver

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] translation Japanese Hannamu Love Collection Magazine

This issue of Hannamu Love Collection Magazine was released on December 20th.  Although it’s late, I am glad that it’s finally being blogged today. Seung Gi looks so handsome as always.Hannamu 3 momobearhannamu 3 translationHannamu 4 momobearHannamu 5 momobearHannamu 6 momobearHannamu 7 momobearHannamu 8 momobearhannamu 2 translation 1221Credit: momobear_1026

English translation of boldface quote:

[saikou ni zeitaku na heibon deeto ga dekiru hito to meguri ai tai]
I want to meet someone who I can have the most luxurious “just an ordinary date” with.

最高に= most, best
贅沢な= luxurious (here it’s like “rich and superior in quality, in a mental sense rather than in a material sense”)
平凡 = common(place), ordinary, undistinguished, mediocre
めぐりあう= meet (fortuitously)

Mini paragraph underneath:

[bassari kitta tanpatsu hea ni, yakuzukiri no tame ni kitaeta to iu atsuku natta munaita]
(He’s got) Short cropped hair and a thick chest built up for a role he is performing.

短髪= short hair
ヘア= hair, hair style
役作り = preparing for a role
鍛えた= trained
厚く < 厚い = thick, deep, (muscular)
胸板= chest

[omotta yorimo surari to yakai se]
(His height is) Taller than I/we thought.

思ったよりも= than thought
スラリと = slender, slim
高い= high, tall
背= height

[shuzai beya ni arawareta i seungi san kara wa,
seikan na otona no otoko no nioi ga]
When he came into the interview room, we got the impression that he was a manly mature man.
[(Literally) From Seung Gi, who appeared in the interview room, we could smell the scent of a manly adult male.] 

精悍な = manly, virile
大人の = adult, mature
匂い = smell, odor, scent >> atmosphere, impression

[tegami o kii waado ni sutaato shita, honne ga tsumatta ren’an tooku]
(Here’s) A love talk filled with his “true tone” that has started with the keyword “Letter”.

手紙 = letter
キーワード = keyword
本音 = true tone
詰まった = filled with
恋愛トーク = love talk

hannamu translation 1221Credit: hanrize

B. Lee Seung Gi (イ・スンギ)

Underneath his name:

A polaroid picture with his autograph for one person.

We got his interview during his stay in Japan.

It was the first time meeting him in person, and unknowingly I was saying “he’s cool” seeing his good figure and his aura.

The interview and the shooting went on smoothly, and I realized that “好青年 = a fine young man” could be also read as “イ・スンギ”.

There should be so many girls who want to be his date and go see a movie with him. (laughter)

Japanese to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Busan Hope Concert ~ Seung Gi’s Final Concert of the Year!

This is Seung Gi’s last concert of the year.  Best wishes Seung Gi ya!

Busan Bexco dclsgCredit: 쿄쿄내꾸얌 via dclsg

Busan HC BEXCO buildingCredit: dmsrl88

Busan HC BEXCO banner dmsrl88Credit: 2341va

Busan HC lsg korea 2Credit: LSGKWA

According to LSGKWA, since the weather is so cold and there was a sudden drop in temperature here in Korea, beverages were delivered to Seung Gi and staff in thermos flasks with warm lunches in tupperware containers.  A cake and a flower basket with different printed messages on the roses were also delivered to Seung Gi’s dressing room.

These are the various printed messages on the roses:

2013 Hope Concert in Busan
2014 Happy New Year
The Triple Crown begins a new year
Lots of New Year luck to be received~
2014 이승기 will climb even higher
Our love is on the cake~
Oppa ya, our love is like a downpour~~♥
Busan tambourine lsgkoreaCredit: LSGKWA
Busan HC seatsCredit: 달 via dclsgBusan techno I like sg heartCredit: 승기좋아♥ via dclsg
Busan techno 1 ppelili Busan techno 2 ppelili Busan techno 3 ppelili Busan techno 4 ppelili Busan techno 5 ppeliliCredit: ppelili
Busan truth dclsgCredit: 진실 via dclsg
Busan mug coffee via dclsgCredit: Mug Coffee via dclsgBusan return ppeliliCredit: ppelili
Busan return FiestaCredit: FIESTA via dclsg
Busan talk dd via dclsgCredit: dd via dclsg
Busan yeonhee2Credit: Yeonhee
Busan _jinyoung920928Credit: _jinyoung920928
Busan rotated 1 Busan rotated 2Credit: 더키니 via dclsg
Busan eas 1 Busan eas 2 Busan eas 3 Busan eas 4Credit: eas
Busan Yeonhee 3Credit: Yeonhee
Busan noy gone aroundCredit: pamuchim
Busan HQ1Credit: Nothing Expect To
Busan pamuchim bling
Busan pamuchim tambourineCredit: Pamuchim
Busan ㅋㅋ dclsg1Busan ㅋㅋ dclsg2Busan ㅋㅋ dclsg3Credit: ㅋㅋ via dclsg
Busan rock miki6 busan rock miki 2 Busan rock miki 3Busan rock mikiBusan rock miki5Credit: miki
Busan rock lsg cute2 newBusan rock lsg cute newCredit: lsg_cute
Busan rock clothes 2341va Busan rock clothes2 2341vaCredit: 2341va
Busan rock liuyueCredit: Liuyue
Busan rock satomiCredit: satomi
Busan Rock fiesta butt Busan Rock FIESTA mikeCredit: FIESTA
Busan dclsgCredit: dclsg
Busan rock2 yeonheeCredit: Yeonhee
Busan rockCredit: ㅇㅇ via dclsg
Busan pamuchimgolbaengi dclsgCredit: 파무침골뱅이 via dclsg
Busan eas 5Credit: eas
Busan end sshea 0615Credit: sshea_0615
Busan end ㅇㅇ via dclsgCredit: ㅇㅇ via dclsg
Busan ending pamuchimCredit: Pamuchim via dclsg
busan sg behindCredit: zhaotubai
Busan end dd dclsgCredit: dd via dclsg
Busan eas 6Credit: eas
Busan credits gungdi89Credit: gungdi89

Busan eas 7 sg leaving venueSeung Gi leaving the venue

Credit: eas

End of concert! I will be updating this post with the song list, but judging from his Hope Concert in Daegu, I am guessing that his song list was similar if not the same as Daegu’s.  All the comments on dclsg are raving about how awesome Seung Gi’s concert was and how he should come to Busan every year.  Despite a tweet 3 hours before his performance stating that Seung Gi had gone to the hospital for an upset stomach, he was the professional and didn’t show a trace of discomfort during the show.


Here are some clips:
Credit: LSG TH


Credit: AirenVideo


English translation for 14 sec Busan fancam:
SG: (In Busan dialect) The weather is cold, have you all come dressed warmly? 
Audience: Delightfully surprised and cheering
SG: Once again, I’m very happy to meet the people of Busan city.
Credit: Nao Ma


English translation of final video~ Seung Gi says farewell and Happy New Year.

SG:   ...until that day when I sing (my last?)…I ask everyone to always fill this place.  You can do that, right?

Audience: Yes!!
SG:  Finally, I want to thank everyone for your love.  Although you may only see me on this stage, there are many people who have worked hard to make this happen. Even though I’d like to thank each and every person, to begin with…(gets cut off) It seems like yesterday that I wore my school uniform and carried a backpack in 2004 and sang ‘Because You’re My Woman’. Already, we’re headed towards 10 years.  I’d like to thank everyone at Hook Entertainment and Executive Producer Gwon Jin Young who have seen me ever since my high school days with a shaved head.  I am really grateful to the heavens for all the people around me who have given me strength and have been more proactive than me so that I may be able to show everyone a good performance. Also, I’d like to thank Big Mouth for their performance, the sound team, the lighting team, the awesome musicians who have performed for us, and all the dancers. I ask for a big applause.
In addition, I’d like to express my thanks to ? (due to people talking in the background, I couldn’t hear the name clearly) who made it possible for me to have performances in Daegu and Busan.  I’d like to thank him/her for letting me meet such awesome people in Busan. Please end 2013 well. In 2014, I also will tie my shoelaces tightly and take off running. Please help me and cheer me on. Thank you. Also, have a Happy New Year in 2014. I love you. Thank you.


Will You Marry Me?~ Seung Gi says that it’s something he thinks about all the time at the end of the video.
Gone Around Not Any Longer
Love Taught Me to Drink


Credit: lsgairenint


English translation of Ment:
SG:  This will be the final portion of the first segment.  I just heard an extremely loud sound of disappointment.  It was about 4 to 5 octaves high.  What was that? (laughs) You have more charm when I can’t see you.  Really, it’s because I couldn’t see you.  Because I can’t see you, I told you that you were charming.  Now, Busan, I’m excited…I’m elated….


Busan Concert Collection
Credit: hamham412


HQ Photos and GIFs from FIESTA’s Blog via dclsg



Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever