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[English] Recap of Hope Concert Day 2


Sunday’s Hope Concert on December 1st had a more festive and relaxed atmosphere…I also got there with a few hours to spare unlike Saturday’s performance where I barely made it to the concert due to traffic.  One thing that I wish Hook would provide for International Airens are translators. 

Seung Gi spoke mostly in Korean expect for his sexy Seunglish at the beginning of the concert when the curtain rose and he said,” Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Lee Seung Gi’s Hope Concert 2013.  Are you ready? Let’s STAAARRTT!” OMG! I was melting already. Kyaaahhhh!!!  ♥    ♥    ♥

I expected it to be the same as Saturday’s, but it was slightly different with different guest performers.  I didn’t have such a good seat as Saturday’s so couldn’t see Seung Gi up close to take good photos.  I will share some of them with you later with an updated post but I will definitely share the picture of Seung Gi’s van I captured on my cell phone before the batteries died.  The rest of him coming out of the stadium and waving are captured in a fancam on my camera.  I lost the CD software that lets me download it to my computer so I’m currently looking to download it off the internet.  Grrrr…><

Here is the order of songs Seung Gi performed that night: slightly different

1. Because You’re My Woman – techno version with Seunglish!

Credit: Shao-Ying


Credit: LSG


2. Nobody

Credit: jaew38

3. Cry Out

watermarked HC 2013 day 2 cry out ending (2)Ending of Cry Out

Credit: oddo


Credit: Shao-Ying

SG: Thank you to the fans who came in the cold weather…maybe because it is the 2nd day, but the atmosphere seems great.  He then introduced the 2 mini stages on each side of the main stage and stated that he’d like to think of this concert stage as his own home.  He then joked and said how the stage that looked like a library was expensive so he had to make the most use out of it.He then welcomed everyone to the 2013 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert.

4. Delete ~ Seung Gi stated that he received many requests for this prior to singing it. It was the traditional version.

Watermarked HC 2013 day 2 Delete (2)Delete

Credit: oddo

Credit: Shao-Ying

5. White Lie

watermarked white lie1

White Lie

watermarked white lie2

White Lie

Credit: Shao-Ying

A Seung Gi narrated video where he says: “I’ve wanted to watch a movie in a long time…the moment movies and music meet…they turn into magic… will my songs be remembered? What if my music were turned into an OST?

6. Shadow of Separation in trot version.

The second stage with the library opens and Seung Gi sings. Meanwhile, in the background, scenes of Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo Dicaprio and Claire Danes is playing.

7. Please ~ in the background scenes from the movie Leon are playing as he sings the classic version.

Seung Gi has another conversation with the audience and asks the audience: Do you like romantic comedies? The audience says enthusiastically “YES!” He asks which ones and says that his personal favorite is Notting Hill.  He says “If I could make a movie, it would be one like it”

8. Will You Marry Me in trot style~ rearranged version with piano, violin, accordian, bass.  He tells the audience that the bassist was the same person who performed in Return and the audience ooohs and ahhhs..  I’m assuming he’s the one who went to the MAMA awards.

After finishing his song, he asked the audience,”How did you like Notting Hill? Is everyone here married?” The audience laughed and Seung Gi said, “I’m just kidding.”

9. Return~ rearranged version played in the mini library stage with the Gosang Zip band. It has accordian, bass, and violin.  He acknowledges the members of the band and moved towards the main stage. 

Then he asked the audience what we watched 2 nights ago.  Everyone shouts “Nunas over Flowers!” He smiles and jokingly asks if we also watched “Insects”.  He was really humble like he was on Saturday when he talked about Na PD giving him pressure about ratings being at least 10% and sincerely thanked the audience for watching his clumsiness.  He then surprises the audience by saying that 2 of the Nunas from the show were present and asked if it was ok to flash a spotlight on them.  I freaked out when I saw that Lee Mi Yeon and Kim Hee Ae were sitting 3 rows behind me! Daebak! I wasn’t so unhappy about my seat not being on the floor anymore after that. 🙂

10. Because We’re Friends ~ classic version

watermarked because we're friendsBecause We’re Friends

Credit: oddo

11. Love Taught Me to Drink~ classic version

watermarked love taught me to drinkLove Taught Me to Drink

Credit: oddo

Intermission: Kim Ye Rin  and Swissro? were the guest stars tonight. Last night was Cross Gene and Noel.  Kim Ye Rin stated that she is a big fan of Seung Gi sunbaenim after singing her opening number which she says is from her newly released album.  She then sings ‘Pokerface’.

Watermarked HC day 2 2013 Kim Ye Rin (2)Kim Ye Rin singing Pokerface

Afterwards, Swissro? came on stage and sang while Seung Gi went backstage to prepare for the second half of the concert.  It was rather annoying because they didn’t seem to know when to stop talking.  They spent so much time promoting their concert at Jamsil’s COEX in December which is also in Songpa-gu like the Olympic Stadium.  Then one of the members stated that there were so many  different types of lightsticks..I couldn’t help rolling my eyes at this one…doesn’t he know Seung Gi has a fanclub and we’re called Airens?  There is only 1 official lightstick and the others are just ordinary ones?  I couldn’t help but tweet “Not an Airen”. LOL

watermarked swissroSwissro

Then there was a video of Seung Gi staring at himself at the bathroom sink mirror.  An Airen sitting up front managed to record some of it before security made her put her camera away.  I have to admit security was tight on both days, but since I sat further in the back, I had more opportunities to take photos even though I was also told to put my camera away. Here’s the video:

Credit: Reiko

8. Gone Not Around Any Longer – SISTAR’s Bora

Then came the infamous dance with SISTAR’s Bora. Oh my heart! I was about to die. The audience was screaming and I have never seen this side to Seung Gi before…he stated in Saturday’s concert that he couldn’t stay as a young boy forever so wasn’t this natural? Noooooo~~!!!! Saturday’s performance was naughtier than tonight’s for some reason, he actually touched Bora’s chest on Saturday and I nearly flipped out.  I was sitting up front and saw it clearly with my own two eyes and my heart just broke into a thousand pieces.  He asked the audience on Saturday afterwards how they liked the performance and if he should’ve done it with an Airen instead.  When the audience screamed “YES!!” He joked around and said “Then you need to become a celebrity first”. OUCH.. Somehow, I didn’t find that joke to be so funny. Maybe it was due to me being jealous of Bora. LOL. This version contains the preview video plus the full performance of Arirang and Like a Flower.

Credit: oddo

Another video with Seung Gi narrating plays and he is sitting down on a couch reviewing all the flops he’s had in the past Hope Concerts with his weird, flashy costumes reminiscent of the 1980’s.  Meanwhile, he’s wearing a Heritory ink bottle sweater that we saw during Nunas over Flowers.Here’s the video:


Credit: Reiko

This leads into the next song which is a Korean traditional karaoke song:

9. Girl of Soyang River (소양강 처녀)

watermarked girl of soyang riverGirl of Soyang River

Credit: Reiko

this one’s cut off:

Credit: oddo

Afterwards, a video with Seung Gi narrating in Croatia plays. He talks about Noonas over Flowers and how it’s been 9 years since his debut.  He says “I’m thankful to those who remember the name Lee Seung Gi.” Meanwhile, a pigeon flies next to him and pecks at his food.  Seung Gi says “Hey, that’s mine! Okay, we can share.” LOL. He continues by saying that the 1N2D hyungs were similar to him but traveling with women was different because they pay attention to details. He states “I always thought that I’m slowly starting to get to know them but I don’t know women at all.”

After the video ends, Seung Gi introduces the next song by saying “This year’s theme is to enjoy rock crazily with joy and happiness. It’s rock time!” Seung Gi appears on a wire above the stage. The next song is Korea’s most famous traditional song: Arirang.

10. Arirang Gangwondo province version ~ rearranged rock style

Watermarked HC day 2 2013 Arirang (2)Arirang

Here’s an introduction to a taste of Korea to better acquaint you with the history behind this song.  The most famous version is the Jeongson Arirang from Gangwondo province. It’s been rearranged by so many artists, now by Lee Seung Gi. The second clip is about the Wondergirls and several Korean pop artists remaking this traditional folk song.

Credit: GatewaytoKorea


Credit: oddo

11. Like a Flower~ see #8 for video that has this after Seung Gi and Bora’s performance.

watermarked like a flowerLike A Flower

12. Crazy For You

Credit: Laeticia521

13. Slave

watermarked HC 2013  day 2 Slave more (2)Slave

watermarked slaveSlave

Credit: oddo

Note: This video contains Crazy for You, Slave, and Losing My Mind

14. Losing My Mind~ please refer to video #13

watermarked losing my mindLosing My Mind

Seung Gi has another conversation with the audience. He says “Thank you. I really thank you for filling this stadium with passion. Thank you. I thought that last year went by in a blink of an eye. This year has passed by even quicker…I did The Gu Family Book, the Asia fan meeting, Nunas over Flowers, and also my concert.  Now, compared to the past, I’m more in search for perfection so I’m very tired. In the past, if my tone was off key, I let it slide. Now, if my song’s tone falls flat even just a bit, it bothers me a great deal. I think I’m focusing more on it than in the past. Everyone has been a great source of support this year. Including for the drama. Every time we hold rehearsals for concerts, sometimes I wonder if it’s okay to give us these lunch sets which are usually reserved for boyfriends and family.  Where do you make all these?

15. Smile Boy

watermarked smile boySmile Boy

Credit: oddo

16. Let’s Go on Vacation~ please see video #15 which contains this song right after Smile Boy.

watermarked lets go on vacationLet’s Go on Vacation

17. Let’s Break Up

Credit: jaew38

18. Last Word

watermarked last word suzyLast Word with Gu Family Book MV scenes playing

watermarked last word finaleWhite paper confetti starts falling as the concert comes to an end

Credit: laeticia521

At the end of this performance, Seung Gi says “Thanks to my fans for letting me stand here. I am so thankful to be standing on this stage.  Thanks to so many people working behind the scenes. I want to thank Hook Entertainment who has been like family to me, my family, and Airens.

Then I went to the back of the stadium to take a photo of Seung Gi leaving the venue.  By this time, both of my batteries were dying, and we were waiting for what seemed like ages before he came out.  I took a photo with my cell before the battery died and tweeted it.  However, I switched to my camera to take a fancam and captured him on video coming out in his MAMA airport fashion, down to the same scarf but tied differently.  He stood on the steps and waved to us before getting in his van which drove off into the night.  Now if I can only find the CD software that came with my camera so I can download it onto my computer.. >< For now, I will share with you my photo along with similar video footage that other Airens captured:

watermarked HC 2013 SG van (2)

Credit: dimple

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  1. Thank you, would you please let me know when it will be released!

  2. Hi Crystal,

    I am also originally from the USA as well. The Hope Concert DVD set is usually only sold in Korean music stores and will not be released until later this year. If anything, the only other place that would carry this would be yesaasia.com. They have free shipping, however the DVD has not been released yet.

  3. Do you where can get dvd of the concert, I am a fan of Lee Seung Gi and I live in the United States.

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