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[English] *UPDATED SOFTSUBBED VIDEO* 2013 Lee Seung Gi Japan Full Concert Video with Complete Translations


[vimeo  81080456]

Link to video: https://vimeo.com/81080456

Credit: lee seung

Here’s the link to the softsubs: http://www.mediafire.com/download/iutoaub44oksw71/%5B131007%5D+Japan+Live+2013+Shall+We+Fall+in+Love.srt

English translation of opening:

First small white caption:(in Japanese)


Tokyo International Forum Hall A

Main white caption:(in Japanese) Lee Seung Gi Special   ~Shall We Fall In Love?~

Screen narrated by Seung Gi: (in Korean)

It’s been 9 years since my debut. Thanks to everyone’s grateful support, I’ve been busy every day. For everyone living in Japan, how do you spend your day? It’s been almost a year since my first performance in Japan.  Once a year, that important day is arriving. In order to meet you, I have prepared a great deal and imagined the happy cheers of your greetings. When I imagine your smiling faces, I also smile. Thinking that I’ll be meeting you makes me feel a bit nervous. Once a year, a time spent with you and me, a precious and valuable time. An unforgettable day, tonight. Us..us…

Caption on the screen: (Japanese) Lee Seung Gi Japan Live 2013

Shall We Fall In Love?

Seung Gi: (in Japanese)Good evening everyone. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in Tokyo. I’m Lee Seung Gi. I’ve been wanting to meet you very much. Everyone has been feeling the same way, right? Thank you for coming to my live concert today. Lee Seung Gi Japan Live Shall We Fall in Love? has finally arrived today. Along with everyone’s precious moments, this live a year ago, and our romance, let’s enjoy them until the end tonight.

Screen show narrated by Seung Gi: (in Korean) I have faith. Just like I wrote before, if I alone take only this path… someday, in an unexpected way, it will be intertwined with yours…the topic of this letter is like a song written for you…

First white caption: (in Japanese) “Shall We Fall In Love?”

2nd white caption: (in Japanese) “Shall We Fall in Love?” Written by Yoshimoto Banana

Screen show narrated by Seung Gi: (in Korean) The topic of this letter is like a song written for you. I’m writing this keeping in mind your image which appears before me every spare moment. All I’ve done is focus on the tasks which have appeared in front of me to accomplish. Little bit, really bit by bit, my fame grew. However, whenever that comes into my consciousness, my world suddenly changes. This is the thought which occurred to me.  I’ve focused too much. The first time I sang, I suddenly came to a realization. When that happened, the songs I sang with sincerity moved me before I knew it. But somewhere along the line, while doing this, the songs’ essence moved into me and I became the song. In a way, acting and singing flow together. You possess a different person’s heart. Even so, there still a small part of me in it. My part is to do as I wish and sing my heart out. To put it simply, I really like singing. No matter how tired I may be, when I sing, it is the source of my energy. However, I realized the reason why singing liked me. That’s because I truly love singing. The soul of singing has approached me like a small bird.  It sits on my shoulders and sings together with me. Truly.

Seung Gi: (in Japanese) Shall we begin? Let’s begin.

Seung Gi: (in Japanese) Thank you. Everyone, what did you think about the acoustic stage just now? Thank you. It’s beautiful right? There’s a person who came especially for today’s acoustic performance, which is the person next to me, violinist NAOTO-san. Applause please.

Seung Gi: (in Japanese) Thank you

Screen narrated by Seung Gi: (in Korean)  I’m of the style that protects a few precious people so I can’t easily become close with many people. However, because I have precious people that I love, I am able to care about other people.  In that person called me, somewhere along the line, it has entered my sincere heart and it has also breathed true life into my acting. However, I was able to forget what was going on within myself when being rough with other men. Now, I can be sure that those times saved me. (He looks in the bathroom mirror and asks: “Did you eat?” “Would you like to eat (lunch/dinner) with me? Life is not simple, it’s not a dream.  Because there are so many things that must be resolved in reality, everything can’t be free of nuisances.  You have only one body and one mind. Also, there are only 24 hours in a day. I can’t be resting.  But, I haven’t thrown it away. There are really good ways of using it.  The landscape I saw at the top of the mountain… …The mountain that I talked about from before is not a famous one. The important place that I desperately tried to conjure up in my mind was the mountain.  This scenery in itself is life.  I’m still young, but I’m positive about it.

Screen narrated by Seung Gi: (in Korean) It’s certain that having trust between people is  difficult.  Also, strangely enough, when people truly trust each other, its strength doubles and is displayed likewise. The road to trust is starting to shine beautifully and brightly. Our foundation is strong. Step by step, with certainty, we are walking on that road together.  The road continues. I can say with certainty that the road will become even more beautiful. Songs, do your everything. Instill life into everyone’s hearts and lives.  In all these lives, again and again, let my songs live on. There’s so many songs that I’ve sung. Ahh..that’s right.  High school…this is really high school.  I have dramas and cooking- you’re always waiting for me? I don’t know what will happen. Also, in the end, there’s always the same thing that I can say to you: “Shall We Date?” I don’t like you or love you.  Shall we begin? Shall we meet one more time? Won’t you direct your flower-like smile towards me again?

Seung Gi: (in Japanese) Thank you

Scene with Seung Gi narrating: (in Korean) 

Seung Gi: (in Japanese)  Everyone, thank you. How was it? Did you like it? The photostory book “Shall We Fall in Love” was written by Yoshimoto Banana-san who used my songs and dramas to portray me. Everyone, did you enjoy it? Thank you. Today, I have invited the person who has given me this opportunity. Here she is, Yoshimoto Banana-san. Please applaud for her.

Seung Gi: Shall we begin the next song?

Seung Gi: (in Korean) Today, you have worn a beautiful hanbok (Korean traditional costume) I would like to ask you how you prepared for the concert.

Yoshimoto Banana: (in Japanese) Norigae” which is the Korean traditional women’s ornament with tassels worn on her left side underneath her yellow top. Click here for more photos of this ornament as well: Norigae

Seung Gi: (in Korean) “On behalf of my fans and myself, may I ask you a question?”

Yoshimoto Banana: (in Japanese) Yes.

Seung Gi: (in Korean) “While writing a Japanese novel, what was the most important factor that you considered?”

Yoshimoto Banana: (in Japanese) “More than anything, I didn’t want to change Seung Gi-san’s image as I wrote the story, I was really careful about it. Since I’m not really good at speaking, I’ll take a peek at the memo I brought. This time, rather than as a fan, but as an author who represents the country, I’ve accepted this project request earnestly. To be able to involved in today’s stage which can only be seen in Japan, I’m very happy. SeungGi-san, being here with us in this era, thank you very much.

Seung Gi: (in Japanese) This is Yoshimoto Banana. Thank you everyone. The live will still continue.

Seung Gi (in Japanese) In the middle of Time for Love: Everyone, this year is beautiful, isn’t it?

Seung Gi (in Japanese) After Noona Style: Everybody scream!

Seung Gi (in Japanese) After Slave: Everybody, are you excited? Are you ready? Let’s jump!

Seung Gi (in Japanese) After Like a Flower: Then, the last song, Are you ready? Everyone, applause. This is the last, are you ready? Scream!

Seung Gi (in Japanese) while singing Let’s go on Vacation: Once more! Last! 1st floor! Good. 2nd floor, are you ready? It’s the last! Thank you!

Seung Gi:  (in Japanese) before Because You’re My Woman encore: Everyone who’s here today, Airens, whom I could meet like this only once or twice a year, I’m thankful to all of you from the bottom of my heart. Did we properly date today? Did we? Everyone, thank you always. I really, really, love you. 

Seung Gi: (in Japanese) Thank you. Thank you. (past tense) Thank you. (present tense)


Japanese and Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Subbing and Encoding by sgsairl, Special guest contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever

7 thoughts on “[English] *UPDATED SOFTSUBBED VIDEO* 2013 Lee Seung Gi Japan Full Concert Video with Complete Translations

  1. Hi Elise, thank you for translating this..
    do you know song there was played on Seung Gi phone when “shall we date” video played?when he cooking a cake, it’s looks like the voice on the song is his voice,if yes what the title of this song?

  2. thank you so much for your hard work elise i really appreciate it.. really wanted to understand what he’s trying to say while watching it.. thanks to you.. please stay well.. fighting! 🙂

  3. Hi Elise! Been following you on twitter and just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you’re putting in translating Seung-gi related things to us non-koreans. I’m also super impressed that you know fluent Japanese! That’s really cool!! I hope to be multi-lingual one of these days lol.

    I was wondering if you’re going to be doing an translating for NoF? I know so many of us who’s been looking for subs but haven’t been able to find it. If you get a chance, I hope you’d give that some thought. I think so many non Seung-gi fans are also interested in watching it but aren’t going through because they dont understand a thing.

    But I understand that’s too much comittment, so I totally understand if you’d give it a pass. None the less, I’m still so thankful for all the hard work. I wish you’d always remain a Seung-gi fan and help out the world Airens! Fighting! =)

    • Hi Lauren,

      Thank you for your kind words. I’ve already been doing translations for NoF teasers and previews which have been subbed by a hard working Airen named sgsairl. Since I work full time and don’t come home until late at night, NoF will be a huge project, so I will have to play it by ear. I’m glad to hear that my translations were of help. Thanks for your support.

  4. just few month after this u have request stage there~ its not even one year :3

    • Japan loves Lee Seung Gi and likewise. It’s only an hour away from Korea and the Hallyu wave is big over there. I’m happy for him yet wish I could go to all of his concerts..

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