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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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[English] Nunas over Flowers photo of Seung Gi sitting alone w/Caption

Nunas over Flowers official Facebook page keeps us busy with photos after photos. Here’s one that was released of just Seung Gi with the following caption:

실수하고 서투르지만, 웃고 긍정하는 승기. 그래서 더 기대되는 승기.

물론 또 실수하고 또 서투르겠지만, 세상에 완벽한 사람 있나요. 고생했어~ 승기야^^

Even though he makes mistakes and is clumsy, Seung Gi smiles and acknowledges them. That’s why we have more expectations from Seung Gi.

Of course, he will make mistakes again and have awkward moments, but is there a perfect person in this world. You’ve worked hard~ Seung Gi yah^^

coffee table sg nofCredit: Nunas over Flowers official Facebook Page

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Nunas over Flowers Sneak Peek #8

Facebook’s official Nunas over Flowers’ page has released another sneak peak of Kim Ja Ok with a major play on words that can only be understood by a native Korean speaker.  I will try to explain it to you as best as I can.  First of all, you all know that Kim Ja Ok loves to eat roasted corn and was referred to as looking like a homeless person on Episode 2 of Nunas over Flowers.  This will serve as the background for my explanation later on.

<꽃페북의 은밀한 시선 #8>

노숙자옥, 자옥수수에 이은… 보자(기)옥>_<

<Nunas over Flowers Sneek Peek #8>

Homeless Ja Ok, Ja Ok who is a “Corn person”…Let’s keep an eye on you Ja Ok >_<

Ok, many of you will be like, “WHAT?!!!” Korean play on words here on Kim Ja Ok’s name.  If I were to romanize the 2nd line, it would say:

Noh Sook Ja Ok, Ja Ok Soo Soo Eh Eee Eun… Bo Ja (Gi) Ok >_<

So what does this mean? Noh sook ja means homeless person, Ok soo soo means corn, and Bo ja (just these 2 words mean, “let’s see”, but add “Gi” and Gi means a type of large cloth used to wrap something.  In the photo, Kim Ja Ok has cloth wrapped around her head.  Hope this clears things up.

nof ahjumma photoCredit: Nunas over Flowers Facebook Page

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Script for Nunas over Flowers Episode 3 Preview

<꽃보다 누나 3회 예고: 승기의 진화>

아기새가 날아오르듯, 짐승기가 날아오르는 그 아름다운 장관을…. 짐승기 라이즈. 12월 13일 대개봉!

p.s. 런닝올드보이승기는 잡힐까요 안 잡힐까요?

<Nunas over Flowers Episode 3 Preview: Seung Gi’s Evolution>

Just as a baby bird flies away, the beauty and spectacular sight of luggage Seung Gi flying away….Luggage Seung Gi Rise. 12/13 Grand Release!

p.s. Will running Old Boy Lee Seung Gi get caught or not?

English script:

First caption: Leave your regrets behind, we’re going to Croatia!

Second caption: Ready to enjoy the remaining 7 days of the trip

Third caption in blue with Yoon Yeo Jung: …is a bit early!

Fourth caption in white and orange: Mi Yeon ah… catch Seung Gi

Fifth caption as Mi Yeon runs up the stairs: Seung Gi (in green) who’s always disappearing

Sixth caption as Seung Gi runs: The youngest, Mi Yeon, who is busy chasing after him

Seventh caption that Seung Gi holds up: We are currently pressed for time

Mi Yeon: Seung Gi yah!

Caption at the baggage carousel: Finally the porter…carries…the luggage!!

Caption in white and pink: The first time they’ve been in this country, Croatia

Caption in white, green (Seung Gi’s name), and pink: The first time seeing Seung Gi’s leadership

Caption in white and green: He can no longer afford to be baggage!

Caption in white, pink, and pink/black (this is for porter): Will Seung Gi be able to transform into a porter?

Nunas: Seung Gi yah, come over here!

Final caption: Nunas over Flowers (in pink) underneath it says “Episode 3 Seung Gi’s Evolution” (in neon glowing pink)  underneath in yellow (12/13 Friday night 10pm)

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever