Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

[English] translation of Heritory and Nunas over Flowers clip

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헤리토리 뮤즈 이승기의 진실된 매력을 확인 할 수 있는 ‘꽃보다누나’의 여행스케치를 헤리토리에서 확인하세요^^

짐…..에서 누님들의 진정한 짐/꾼 으로 발전하는 이승기의 성장스토리~ 앞으로의 방송이 더욱 기대되는 이유겠죠?^^


Please confirm the sincere charm and appeal of Heritory’s muse, Lee Seung Gi, through ‘Nunas over Flowers’ Travel Sketch with Heritory ^^

From baggage…to Lee Seung Gi’s growth story as the nunas’ true baggage/carrier~ this is probably the reason why we anticipate future broadcasts?^^

English translation of video clip:

Several hundreds of years in this city, decades later with sunbaes…Lee Seung Gi.  A new story begins. Heritage & Story. Heritory is joining forces with ‘Nunas over Flowers’.

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