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*UPDATED* Highlights from”The Brilliant Show in Shanghai”

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Lee Seung Gi Korea World Airen has a live update with several pictures for Seung Gi’s “The Brilliant Show in Shanghai”.  Please click on this link to read about the full concert: LSGWKA. I will just do a quick recap and add some pictures.  Here are pics of flowers sent by the official Airen fanclub and Seung Gi in rehearsal.

shanghai flowers from airen fanclubCredit: AIREN_fanclub

shanghai rehearsal2 shanghai rehearsal3 shanghai rehearsal 4 shanghai fm startingshanghai fm venueshanghai fm start

The show was supposed to start at 7:30PM CST which is 8:30PM KST.  The show finally started a little after 8pm CST. The first song was ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Here’s a youtube clip:

Credit: AirenVideoshanghai mc discussion2

shanghai will you marry me
Seung Gi then greeted the audience in Mandarin. “Hello, I miss you.”
First game begins…the lucky draw box to pick members from the audience…
The cell phone call. just as he did in Guangzhou. The fan answered. She told Seung Gi “I love you”. He replied in Mandarin,”I love you too and Merry Christmas!”
shanghai fm phone call
Then Seung Gi did “Gwiyomi” Here’s a youtube clip:
Credit: AirenVideo
shanghai gwiyomi4shanghai gwiyomi2 shanghai gwiyomi3shanghai gwiyomi
Gu Family Book talk. Seung Gi said the scene that left the deepest impression on him was turning into a beast and the kiss. When he mentioned the kiss scene, the fans’ response was big, and they actually liked it, so he said he would do another kiss scene. Fans in the audience seat shouted loudly, NO! LOL 🙂
When he was being asked about the kiss scene, the MC asked him, “did your heart flutter?” Fans shouted CANNOT! He replied under this kind of atmosphere, I cannot say that my heart fluttered. *
When he was asked,”Have you ever done anything romantic?” Fans shouted NO! before Seung Gi could even reply. His facial expression looked like “I can’t say I have.” Fans said have, he replied, “I cannot have.” He then added, Chinese fans are too passionate, if he said yes he had, something might happen, so he replied with “I cannot have…” (*Thanks to LSGWKA for these recaps..I have reworded it and corrected the grammar to make it flow smoother for readers)
shanghai gfb1 shanghai gu family bookWhat was the most unforgettable scene in the Gu Family Book?, he replied all. When Seung Gi asked the fans, they also replied ALL.
He said during the filming, he wasn’t injured often.He mentioned that his knee caps were painful. He felt he was getting old already. Fans replied NO~~~!!
Some games…Looking for Shanghai Dam Yeo Wool..I think she got carried across the stage and received a rose from Seung Gi? For an adult fan, I believe this is a first!
Seung Gi carried a fan! He said if she is too heavy, he will immediately put her down. At the end, he carried this fan and walked halfway across the stage. 
The MC asked all the fans, are you happy? They replied loudly, NOT HAPPY!
The MC asked why not happy? Fans replied loudly, BECAUSE IT IS NOT ME!* That is an honest answer! (*Again, credit for this account goes to LSGKWA. I have changed the wording and the grammar a bit for reading purposes, but the entire account is due to their hard work)
shanghai carry fan new
shanghai fancarryshanghai fanhugWow..I’m just speechless. It’s one lucky fan for sure!
There was the infamous hula hoop game and Seung Gi had to unbutton his shirt again…I think it’s become standard protocol for this to be his punishment.  The pictures that follow are of fans next to him who are purposely trying to make him lose so that he will receive the punishment…and the rest of us eye candy. LOL
shanghai unbuttoning shirtshanghai unbutton wow!

In the first round: 7 fans were already eliminated and only one was left because fans shouted loudly, CANNOT TOUCH HIM! Wow, they are strict!  No hands on my man kind of deal..
Then the MC said,” we are suppose to have 3 rounds. Now the first round will become the last round.shanghai fm more games shanghai fm collage2
shanghai hula hoop1 shanghai hula hoop2 shanghai hula hoop3 shanghai hula hoop4shanghai hoola hoop butt
According to LSGKWA, he also did the tambourine dance like he did in Guangzhou.  Fancam to be uploaded later. The fan clubs from all over China surprised Seung Gi with a birthday cake after the last film clip ended. 
shanghai birthday cake
shanghai birthday cake closeupSeung Gi used a spiral bound notebook with the actresses he’s worked with and on one page, it said in Chinese “I prepared a confession today”. He flipped to the next page and it said What I love are “Airens in China”. At some point in the show, he said “Shanghai is warm because of you”. Awwww….Here’s the photo of him saying this to his fans:
shanghai is warm because of youshanghai flipboard actressesshanghai fm I prepared a confession today
airen in china new
flying kiss
Mini concert segment of the fm is being updated:
Will You Marry Me?
Credit: AirenVideo
Credit: AirenVideo
Let’s Go on Vacation 
Credit: AirenVideo
Seung Gi leaving the venue: 

Credit: AirenVideo

being updated…please check LSGKWA also

shanghai concert1 shanghai concert2 shanghai concert3 shanghai concert4 shanghai concert5 shanghai concert7 shanghai concert8

FM Ends..

Handshake session:

shanghai handshake shanghai handshake 2 shanghai handshake 3 shanghai handshake 4 shanghai handshak 5 shanghai handshake 6 shanghai handshake 7 shanghai handshake 8Photo Credit: baidu tieba, weibo, LSGKWA

Account of Brilliant show: LSGKWA,

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