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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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Highlights from the Daegu Hope Concert 12/24/13

Seung Gi’s show in Daegu was slated to begin at 7:30PM KST.  According to tweets, it was delayed.  Here are some highlights from his show.  The first photo is of Seung Gi at Gimpo Airport in Seoul departing for Daegu which is about 3 1/2 hours south by car if there’s no traffic.  On holidays like Christmas Eve, this can double into 7-8 hours. 

daegu gimpodaegu flowers lsgkoreaCredit: LSG Korea wishing him well daegu souvenirsCredit:leeseunggi.com

daegu outside venue AIREN_AIRENCredit: AIREN_AIRENdaegue venue lsg_cuteCredit: lsg_cute

daegu banner1 dclsg Credit:dclsgdaegu waiting outside doors 70_vnCredit: 70_nv

daegu venu crowd sitting 70_nvCredit: 70_nvdaegu venu sittingCredit: lsg_cutedaegu concert starting screen daegu return3 daegu return2 daegu returndaegu carol6 KimG Daegu carol5 KimG daegu carol4 KimG daegu carol3 KimG daegu carol2 kimG daegu carol sue020507 daegu carol dclsg2 daegu carol dclsg1daegu carol wa 0923daegu santa sg 70_nv daegu nose daegu concert winged shirt rock Daegu winged shirt mike rock Daegu winged shirtdaegu someone2daegu suit daegu confetti serious daegu last word2Credit: dclsg, as labeled

The order of songs for the Daegu Hope Concert was as follows:

1.  Techno version of Because You’re My Woman followed by 2. Nobody

3. Cry Out

4. Delete

5. White Lie

6. Shadow of Separation

7. Please

8. Will You Marry Me?

9. Because We’re Friends

10. Love Taught Me to Drink

11. Gone Not Around Any Longer – this was NOT with Bora, oh my heart. Some backup female dancer I believe.

12. Several Christmas Carols

13. Arirang (Traditional Korean Folk Song in Gangwondo style)

14. Like a Flower

15. Crazy for You

16. Slave

17. Losing My Mind

18. Smile Boy

19. Let’s Go On Vacation

20. Last Word

Credit: LSGKWA, dclsg, my twitter contacts who went to the Daegu concert, Eun Ah and Ji Hae, thank you!