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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

[English] translation Japanese Hannamu Love Collection Magazine

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This issue of Hannamu Love Collection Magazine was released on December 20th.  Although it’s late, I am glad that it’s finally being blogged today. Seung Gi looks so handsome as always.Hannamu 3 momobearhannamu 3 translationHannamu 4 momobearHannamu 5 momobearHannamu 6 momobearHannamu 7 momobearHannamu 8 momobearhannamu 2 translation 1221Credit: momobear_1026

English translation of boldface quote:

[saikou ni zeitaku na heibon deeto ga dekiru hito to meguri ai tai]
I want to meet someone who I can have the most luxurious “just an ordinary date” with.

最高に= most, best
贅沢な= luxurious (here it’s like “rich and superior in quality, in a mental sense rather than in a material sense”)
平凡 = common(place), ordinary, undistinguished, mediocre
めぐりあう= meet (fortuitously)

Mini paragraph underneath:

[bassari kitta tanpatsu hea ni, yakuzukiri no tame ni kitaeta to iu atsuku natta munaita]
(He’s got) Short cropped hair and a thick chest built up for a role he is performing.

短髪= short hair
ヘア= hair, hair style
役作り = preparing for a role
鍛えた= trained
厚く < 厚い = thick, deep, (muscular)
胸板= chest

[omotta yorimo surari to yakai se]
(His height is) Taller than I/we thought.

思ったよりも= than thought
スラリと = slender, slim
高い= high, tall
背= height

[shuzai beya ni arawareta i seungi san kara wa,
seikan na otona no otoko no nioi ga]
When he came into the interview room, we got the impression that he was a manly mature man.
[(Literally) From Seung Gi, who appeared in the interview room, we could smell the scent of a manly adult male.] 

精悍な = manly, virile
大人の = adult, mature
匂い = smell, odor, scent >> atmosphere, impression

[tegami o kii waado ni sutaato shita, honne ga tsumatta ren’an tooku]
(Here’s) A love talk filled with his “true tone” that has started with the keyword “Letter”.

手紙 = letter
キーワード = keyword
本音 = true tone
詰まった = filled with
恋愛トーク = love talk

hannamu translation 1221Credit: hanrize

B. Lee Seung Gi (イ・スンギ)

Underneath his name:

A polaroid picture with his autograph for one person.

We got his interview during his stay in Japan.

It was the first time meeting him in person, and unknowingly I was saying “he’s cool” seeing his good figure and his aura.

The interview and the shooting went on smoothly, and I realized that “好青年 = a fine young man” could be also read as “イ・スンギ”.

There should be so many girls who want to be his date and go see a movie with him. (laughter)

Japanese to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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