Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi scores a triple win at MBC Daesang Awards~ Official MBC HQ Photos

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Lee Seung Gi had a triple victory tonight at MBC’s Daesang Awards Ceremony. He was the MC with Han Ji Hye throughout the evening. In addition, he won in 3 categories: Popularity Award, Best Couple with Suzy Bae, and Male High Excellence Award in a mini-series.  His costar from The Gu Family Book, Suzy Bae, also won the Female High Excellence Award in a mini-series. She introduced The Gu Family Book to the audience.  Kangdam couple fans, tonight was an unforgettable one for you. At one point in the ceremony, Han Ji Hye asked Seung Gi how he felt about the kiss scene with Suzy.  He became obviously uncomfortable and was unable to answer the question so his cohost asked him about playing the role of beastly Kangchi.  In the same light, Seung Gi asked Suzy what her most memorable moment was during filming and she answered “the kiss scene”. I am so proud of Seung Gi and all the hard work he put into The Gu Family Book.  It certainly paid off. Newcomer Suzy Bae was overwhelmed at her win and mentioned Seung Gi in her thank you speech for helping her to receive this award.  The Daesang Award went to Ha Ji Won for Empress Ki, which is currently airing in Korea. She had been Seung Gi’s costar in The King 2 Hearts. 

MBC group photoAll the winners from tonight 

MBC Ha Ji Won DaesangDaesang winner Ha Ji Won

MBC Seunggi red carpet 3MBC Seunggi red carpet MBC Seunggi red carpet 2MBC Seunggi 9 MBC Seunggi 10 MBC Seunggi 13 MBC Seunggi 14 MBC Seunggi 5 MBC Seunggi 6 MBC Seunggi 7 MBC Seunggi 8Credit: imbc

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