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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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[English] Seung Gi’s New Year Greetings to Japanese Fans

Credit: LeeSeungGiOfficialJP

English translation:

In Korean: Hello! It’s good to see you. I’m Lee Seung Gi. To my Airen fans in Japan, throughout 2013 I had a happy year due to your support. In 2014, with your energy, I will also work more diligently. Throughout 2014, I always hope for only good things and for you to be happy.

In Japanese: To my fans in Japan, Happy New Year!

In Korean: See you again!

Korean and Japanese to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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First Celebrity Couple of the Year is Revealed! Seung Gi is Dating SNSD’s Yoona

On New Year’s Day, Korea’s Dispatch news caught a really big fish and let out breaking news about Lee Seung Gi dating SNSD’s Yoona.  All Airens know that Seung Gi liked Yoona very much from his days hosting Strong Heart 3 years ago.  According to Dispatch, paparazzi had been following them around for the past 3 months and snapped several photos of them.  Yoona’s agency, SM Entertainment, has confirmed that they are dating, “Lee Seung Gi and Yoona are currently getting to know each other.” Likewise, Seung Gi’s agency was quick to confirm their relationship as well. Hook Entertainment, stated “Since it’s a personal issue, we don’t know the specific details, but it’s true that they are dating. Since both are young and are only in the beginning stages, please look upon them fondly.”  Congratulations Seung Gi and Yoona! Although many Airens’ hearts are broken, we wish the both of you the very best.

dating 8Top photo shows Seung Gi dropping Yoona off at her home. The bottom photo shows Yoona heading home after a date with Seung Gi.

dating 6dating 7Caption states “Cinderella Date” because their curfew time is 1AM. Yoona is seen approaching Seung Gi’s car for her date.  Seung Gi and Yoona’s favorite dating places are small  streets. They live only 500 meters away from each other in Samseong-dong, Gangnam. The first photo of their “car dates” is by a side street. The second photo is by the Han River, and the final one is by Namsan Tower. The last photo is of Seung Gi on the phone with Yoona on his way home after a date.

dating 9Credit: Dispatch

Clockwise starting from 12 o’clock: car date by the street, Yoona A Apt, Namsan date, Han River date, Lee Seung Gi B Apt.

Here’s what goes on in their car dates: When dating they’re just inside the car drinking coffee and talking. They mainly drive around Namsan or Han River which are near Yoona’s apartment, but never leave the car. The date lasts for about 1-2 hours but no matter how late, Yoona will always go home before 1AM.

Credit: risse9

dating 3Credit: SBS Strong Heart

Here’s a clip from Strong Heart with Yoona doing Aegyo with Lee Seung Gi. He is asked to caress Yoona’s hair and at first, he says,”How could I dare do such a thing?”…The caption says that he does it so naturally before they do their Aegyo pose.  

Credit: 1380myths

Credit: haryouth

This second video is English subbed and Seung Gi says he”likes Yoona to death”. LOL.

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Happy New Year! Seung Gi in Hanbok for Cuckoo and WeMAP CF

Happy New Year! In Korean tradition, New Year’s Day is celebrated by eating a bowl of rice cake soup.  Many times, it also contains meat and or vegetable dumplings as well.  It’s Korean superstition that eating a bowl of it will ward off evil spirits.  It is called “Dduk Guk” or “떡국” in Hangul.  Another tradition is for younger people to formally bow to elders such as children to parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and receive money in return called “saebae don”. “Saebae” or “세배”  in Hangul, ” 歲拜” in Chinese characters means “New Year’s bow”.  Not only do children bow, but adults also do it to their elders such as their parents, in laws, and elders such as grandparents. They do not receive money when they bow.  Everyone who pays their New Year’s respects to their elders then sit and get advice or well wishes for the coming year.  For children, it is a day to look forward to. 

Family gatherings are festive with the traditional game of “Yutnori”, where wooden sticks are thrown and the pattern in which they fall on top of each other determines how many spaces a team can move on a board.  The object is to reach all four bases first while capturing as many chips of the opposing teams.  Another tradition that many households observe is the wearing of the Korean traditional costume called Hanbok.  This word literally means “Korean clothing”.  Here’s a photo of Seung Gi dressed for New Year’s Day in a Cuckoo CF. Here, he is posed getting ready to bow. 

new years day sg cuckoo Credit: Cuckoo via weibo

Here’s a fancier photoshopped version for 2014:

new years day sg 4 fancy cuckooCredit: Cuckoo via weibo

new years day sg gift cuckooCredit: Cuckoo via weibo

new years day sg 2 cuckooCredit: WeMAP

This is a CF ad for WeMAP, the social commerce group, with Seung Gi wearing a different style Hanbok. The CF is for a gift that comes when a customer reserves a gift.  It is Korean custom to bring gifts such as apples, Asian pears, and various gift sets when visiting someone’s home.

Here is a photo of Rice Cake Soup or “Dduk Guk” (떡국)

rice cake soupCredit: Naver