Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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Letter to my Readers

Dear Readers,

I must admit that my offline life has gotten more hectic with the start of 2014, and I will not be able to blog as often as I have done before. I believe blogging should be a fun part of fangirling, not a chore. I appreciate all of your support for both my FB group and blog. I put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into my posts. Like my group, I believe the quality of a post is more important than the quantity that I publish in a day. It is even more difficult since my blog focuses on translations which is time consuming. I don’t understand the point of uploading a video clip in Korean, Japanese, or Chinese without translations.  Although I have seen many good ones, these take several hours to translate. Although I do work on the side as a freelance translator besides my full time job as a physician, I value my personal and professional life more than Seung Gi’s.

I am glad that there are many other blogs out there for SG, and although I am an Airen, I place a limit on my fangirling. I will not let blogging take over my life or affect my work performance.  All of you are professionals or students who work/study full time and enjoy reading about SG as I do, however from a blogger’s point of view, it can also be a burden. I will post whenever I have time and will do my best to keep you updated. However, I do not view blogging as competition. Once it takes over your life and affects your ability to function offline, it is no longer healthy.  That is the very definition of an addiction. As a mental healthcare professional, I have come to realize this in the mentality of some bloggers, and am disappointed at the “one upmanship” that I noticed in other blogs as mine started to establish its own reader base and identity. I do not blog to compete with others. I blog because it is a hobby and it is part of my fangirling life. I want to sincerely thank my readers for your warm support this past year.  I hope to bring you more news about Seung Gi from his homeland and my native country of birth, Korea, in 2014.  I have many plans in store for this year and am excited about sharing them with you.


Elise Min, MD