Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

[English] Nunas over Flowers Photo Kim Hee Ae for Episode 7

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<나PD가 본 꽃누나 4인방 #3. 김희애>

김희애는 고민많은 타입 같더라. 위염이 계속 있다고 하지 않았냐. 그 분을 보면 굉장히 착하고 남들에게 피해 안 끼치려고 하는 마인드가 강한 분이다. 그런 사람들이 꼭 속병이 나더라”며 “늘 중간에서 이승기와 이미연을 배려하고 윤여정 선생님과 김자옥 선생님을 위했다. 만날 왔다갔다 하며 설거지하고 밥차리고 그랬다. 그것에 대해 (김희애 본인이)한 마디도 안 했는데 스스로는 알게모르게 스트레스가 생겼다가 풀어졌다가 하는 부분들도 있더라. 김희애는 굉장히 착하고 소녀같은 분인데, 그런 부분들에 자기도 모르게 스트레스를 받는 것 같더라”

– 나영석PD 뉴스엔 인터뷰 중 원문: http://bit.ly/1evCekM

<The Gang of 4 Flower Sisters that Na PD has seen #3 Kim Hee Ae>

“Kim Hee Ae seems to be the type to worry a lot. She constantly warns others of danger. When I observe her, she is extremely kind and has a strong mindset not to cause harm to others.  Those types of people always end up with heartache.” “She’s always in the middle being concerned for Lee Seung Gi and Lee Mi Yeon while being there for Yoon Yeo Jung and Kim Ja Ok Teacher. Everyday, she was busy running back and forth doing the dishes and preparing food. Regarding this (Kim Hee Ae, herself), she never mentioned a word but without her knowing, would find herself feeling the stress pile up and dissolve. Kim Hee Ae is an extremely kind and girl-like person, I felt that those qualities contributed to her stress without her knowing”

– Na Young Seok PD Newsen Interview (middle) Original article: http://bit.ly/1evCekM

hee ae na pdCredit: Nunas over Flowers official FB page

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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