Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

[English] Translation 5.5 Forest Minialbum page 7


mini8 prologueCredit: jejuslov

English translation:

I’m not sensitive to the change in seasons. However, the only thing I felt when I started shooting <The King 2 Hearts> was the cold air  slowly becoming warmer as I realized that spring was coming. The distance between <The King 2 Hearts> shooting locations was a formidable one.  I had to move either by car or while I was waiting on the set,  I always listened to music. That playlist is simpler than you imagine. I listened to a few songs that gave me difficulty in a continuously repetitive fashion. Perhaps the staff members who spent a lot of time with me got sick and tired of it. However, I didn’t know the meaning of getting sick and tired of it. Just without any thought, as if I were breathing, I enjoyed listening to the sound of this music as if it were part of the air. As shooting continued, my body and mind also had its series of difficult days.  If I talk like this, it can appear as if I am exaggerating now. I am really thankful to that repetitive music playlist because it made me comfortable. Would someone feel this kind of comfort as they listen to my songs? Would they not tire of it even after listening to it repeatedly dozens of times? Suddenly, that question entered my mind. Also, that question soon changed into the earnest desire to sing those songs.

Most of the playlist that comforted me throughout last winter and spring was from <Epitone Project>. Without any objective, I wanted to meet him. I was filled with expectations at the thought of earning something big merely by being able to share our thoughts on music. Towards the time the air felt slightly hotter, that’s how I met him near Dosan Park. Although it could’ve been an awkward first meeting between two men, the common interest of music made it comparable to the festive chatter between female high school students.  A joint album project was proposed and he also readily accepted. I was very excited and thrilled. Lee Seung Gi and Epitone Project’s healing music teamwork was taking its first step.  It felt as if a secret that couldn’t be told to anyone had just formed. I had a good premonition that this would be exciting teamwork!!

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

2 thoughts on “[English] Translation 5.5 Forest Minialbum page 7

  1. I very much enjoyed reading Seunggi’s thoughts around the time of TK2H and the making of Return. He puts a lot of thought and feeling it seems in any thing he does. Thanks so much for taking the time to translate this part of the album Elise.

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