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Full English translation of DCLSG’s Birthday Gifts for Seung Gi

Dclsg presented Seung Gi with so many gifts for his birthday yesterday.  Using his 5.5 Forest photo essay mini album, they did a parody. They presented Seung Gi with a book looking similar to his album, except the title read “Cow Seung Gi nim”. Cow is spelled 소 in Hangul while forest, the title of his album, is spelled 숲.

dclsg sg bday giftCredit: 수秀 from dclsg

As you can see from the top, a cow is holding a sign that says “Event” in Korean. Underneath, it says DC Lee Seung Gi Gallery assists in a cool and very forward fashion. The Korean word in red “Dol Jik Gi” with dots on top of each hangul world translates to slang meaning fastball. When this is used in terms of daily conversation, it means that someone says or does something without thinking about the consequences of their actions or how their counterpart might feel.  Here, it’s being used to express Dclsg’s efficiency at surprising Lee Seung Gi with gifts like a “fastball” or on the other hand, expressing the fact that dclsg is a straightforward organization.  Sigh. Korean nuances are difficult to translate and explain in English. >< 
First come pictures of the cake. You will notice salted pickled shrimp decorating the cake and wonder why they’re there.  Honestly, I’m a bit puzzled too since it’s not too appetizing looking on a cake. LOL. However, in Korean culture, salted pickled shrimp is used as a dipping sauce and ingredient in seasoning different types of meat, including beef.
Move onto the parody of Seung Gi’s 5.5 Forest Album. After the turqoise heart, it says, Cow Seung Gi (A collection of the pickled shrimps’ tears)
Next to the cake is a sentence that says “Cow Seung Gi-nim completely throws away his scarf (maybe the one we saw at Incheon on the way to the MAMA Awards in Hong Kong?) and focuses on behalf of the pickled shrimp from the salty pickled shrimp farm.  “One day in January of 2014, Seung Gal became Soh (Cow) Gal” “The book containing poems from the tearful pickled shrimps’ hopes” Cow could mean many things, first of all, it fits him because he was appointed Korea’s Hanwoo Keeper last year (Korean beef), secondly, it is a hard working animal in Korean culture.  The most recent sentence about Seung Gi “completely throwing his scarf away and focusing on behalf of the pickled shrimp” may symbolize dclsg’s wish for him to work hard this year.
Next is a nice PRADA bag.
Next are 2 pairs of TOM FORD sunglasses
Next is…a cow pajama! LOL. “While you’re awake, it’s a given. You wouldn’t be hoping for the pickled shrimp to make you “Dduk bap” (Cuisine made out of flour, usually used as bait for fishing), would you? ㅎㅎㅎ Of course you must also take care of your health ~~~~Cow Seung Gi nim.
Next “Gift wrapping is done this way~” “2014, January, 13th around 1 pm KST the pickled shrimp delivered the prepared gifts while giving off their salty odor!”
The bag was totally hot to the touch ㅎㅎ  In the photo, the color didn’t come out properly

It’s a slightly dark navy purple…..it can be carried or worn on the shoulders but wearing it on the shoulders looks nice

While trying to avoid picking out sunglasses that he already owns, picking one out was…

I chose glasses that could be used as sunglasses as well. They were sophisticated and good looking

The book containing the collection of teary poems were wrapped with the cow pajama

They were delivered yesterday at 1pm KST.


****The Cake’s Instruction Manual****

I couldn’t produce this. I contacted 3 places in the Seoul area but all 3 refused citing the schedule and the design as the reason.

They refused even though I told them that the cost didn’t matter.

(From Gal, as soon as the writing and design were created, all places must be closed during the weekend these days..)

At one last place, they said they could get it done by 6pm but since that is after the deadline for the cake, it was pointless..
Everyone must be curious about the cost so I have uploaded photos first. The expenses will be uploaded tonight or tomorrow.

 (There is a place where I haven’t received a receipt yet)

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Nunas over Flowers Photo and Caption of Seung Gi

<꽃페북의 은밀한 시선: 에필로그>

스탭들에게 아이스크림 사주는 10년차 연예인의 여유…

p.s. 먹느라;; 승기가 무려 직접 아이스크림 건네주는 사진은 못 찍었습니다. 죄송염….☞☜

<Flowers Facebook Sneek Peek: Epilogue>

 A celebrity in his 10th year being able to afford the cost of purchasing ice cream for the staff…

p.s. Because I was busy eating;; I couldn’t take a photo of Seung Gi personally handing me the ice cream. Sorry….☞☜

sg new nof 112Credit: Nunas over Flowers official Facebook Page

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever