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[English] Nunas over Flowers Ep. 8 video clip and caption of Lee Seung Gi & Na PD

승기의 나PD 입수계획
PD와 출연자 사이인지, 장난기 많은 형동생 사이인지?

Seung Gi’s plans to make Na PD enter the water

Is this a relationship between a PD and an actor, or one between an extremely mischievous Hyung and younger brother?

Brief translation of clip:

Opening caption states” Seung Gi’s ambitious plan of getting Na PD into the Adriatic Sea”.  Then Seung Gi gets excited as he spots him and the caption says “Extremely excited”.  The next caption by Na PD says “Found his prey”. LOL!! Seung Gi hands him the beachwear and accessories that he purchased and the caption states “For now, passing it off to him pretending as if it were a gift”. He  asks him to go to the beach together and Na PD refuses.  Seung Gi tells him “Are you really not going to go? I even kindly bought swim wear for you.” Captions mention how things are not going according to plan. Seung Gi gets disappointed and says to him, “Yah, I went this far for you and you still refuse to go?” Na PD looks at him and the bubble caption says “Why should I?” as he tells Seung Gi, “please don’t be this way”.  Seung Gi gets pouty and walks off saying that he’s not going either. Na PD has an evil smile on his face as he suddenly has a change of heart and tells Seung Gi, “Let’s go for now”.  Seung Gi smells something fishy and says “I don’t want to” accompanied by nervous laughter. He continues by saying, “Why go, let’s just forget about it.” Captions read “5 minutes later”. Poor Seung Gi is protected only by a towel that Na PD is holding up. He somehow got coerced into going swimming.  Na PD (accidentally? I think not! LOL) drops the towel. The first time he does this, caption says “First attack, rated G”.  Both are struggling with the towel for different reasons and Na PD seems to want to drag it down as Seung tells him “Ay! Don’t do that!”. Na PD insists that it’s because he thought he saw something by Seung Gi’s leg (sure, right.) as Seung Gi says “I’m not joking”.  The last caption says “That’s how he transformed into Papillon”

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Nunas over Flowers Episode 8 caption with clip

꽃누나 에필로그 예고
<꽃보다 누나 8회: ‘에필로그 놓치지 않을거에요’>

‘배낭여행 뒷풀이’에, ‘누나들과 승기 근황’에, ‘서지니형’에, ‘미방송분’까지!! 본방보다 재밌는 에필로그, 너 좀 낯설다?

‘배낭여행의 잔잔한 여운’부터 ‘그 후의 이야기’까지 만끽할 수 있는 꽃누나 에필로그 보러 오세요~ 웰콤!(무리수;;)

Flower Nunas Epilogue Preview

<Nunas over Flowers Episode 8: ‘I wont miss out on the epilogue>

‘Backpacking project’s between the scenes’ with ‘Nunas and Seung Gi’s recent news’, ‘Seojin-i Hyung, plus ‘Unaired segments’!! An epilogue that is more entertaining than the original broadcast,  is this too unfamiliar?’

Starting from ‘Backpacking project’s lingering imagery’ to the story that follows afterwards, join us for the Flower Nuna epilogue filled with these stories~ Welcome! (Overdoing myself;;)

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] subbed Entertainment weekly dating news about Hallyu Stars, Lee Seung Gi and Yoona

This is refreshing. An English subbed version of Entertainment weekly that is about Hallyu Stars and their budding romances.  Lee Seung Gi and Yoona’s clip starts at 3:30 and ends at 6:35.  The entire program gives you up to date information on the latest dating news as well as stars born in 2014 which is the year of the horse, new dramas for 2014, interviews, and highlights from the KBS Daesang Awards Ceremony.  Enjoy!

Credit: KBS World TV