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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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[English] Nunas over Flowers Latest FB Photo and Captions

<Flowers Facebook’s Unfinished Stories>

1.  The omnivorous girl who deliciously ate the sandwich meant to be used as a prop during the poster shoot

2. Nunas were laughing nonstop throughout the poster photo shoot

3. That map with Seung Gi’s fingerprints…If there’s anyone who is going to Dubrovnic, please let us know. Since it’s the only one, we will give it to only 1 person!

4.  Nunas and Seung Gi who seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves…don’t they seem like family?

new nof picCredit: Nunas over Flowers Official FB page

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Nunas over Flowers Hee Ae Nuna before and after the trip

Do you remember? The actress we didn’t know well, Kim Hee Ae. In addition, we’ve gotten so close to her now, Hee Ae Nuna.

Tonight <Nunas over Flowers> Epilogue will tell you the untold stories.

p.s. Hee Ae Nuna is curious about the shooting equipment^^

Hee Ae before and afterOn the left: “Kim Hee Ae-shi before the trip”

On the right: “Hee Ae Nuna after the trip   ♥  “



Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever



A Closer Look at Birthday Gifts for Seung Gi from LSGKWA

Wow! I’m overwhelmed by the amount of time and hard work that went into preparing all these gifts for our beloved star, Lee Seung Gi.  Here’s a closer look of the gifts he received from LSGKWA:

<Happy Birthday Message Book>
Earlier, local and overseas Worldren wrote more than 400 pages during Seoul concert…
Hand-written well wishes were filled up page by page..
A book was completed.
With many supportive and loving fans around the world, Worldren’s love for Seung Gi in 2014 has been conveyed well, right? hehe

lsgkorea bd1

<Birthday Cake>
Cake has always been a way to express our unchanging love and support for Seung Gi.
Like the heart of gold. We would like to express our love and trust does not change just like the pure gold.
Seung Gi and Worldren are moving step by step together in the name of Seung Gi on a heart-shaped cake.
Sometimes when you feel that the weight is on your feet, you can always relax awhile and lean on World, Worldren has created a relaxing place filled with love. 
The cake has speak the mind of Worldren, you are able to feel our love, right? haha
lsgkorea bd2
<Birthday Wine>
To celebrate the event, It is a wine of the same age as Seung Gi, 1987. Seung Gi’s name and Swarovski crystals were engraved onto the bottle. 
LSGJapan has helped to prepare it~ It has arrived safely in Korea. haha 
lsgkorea bd3
<Freeze Dried Flowers>
Our heart do not wither easily just like the flowers~!
Message was printed on the flower, ‘Cherish the world of Twenty-eight‘.
With the love from more and more people around the world, beyond Asia and Korea, we hope Seung Gi will shine even brighter for tomorrow than today.
<Golf Wear> 
You probably have heard about the news that Seung Gi is enjoying golf lately. We have prepared golf wear for him.
How nice if we can get to play golf with Seung Gi~?
We have got him a checked pants, knit suit and a hat and have told the staff to put it together on a mannequin in the store.
If you have notice, you would probably realised it is the same golf wear that the cake model is wearing~
Do you think it will look good on Seung Gi? ^^;
lsgkorea bd5
<Golf Balls> 
We have prepared the event by printing each country logo onto the golf balls.
We have also readily-prepared and printed golf balls with the King’s name so that he can used them during his game.
We hope the set will be put into good use haha
lsgkorea bd6
“You are gonna love wool fashionista Seung Gi~~” we said that while pulling our hairs choosing the shoe~! haha
Check the cake to see the complete golf wear~~ hahaha
lsgkorea bd7
Damyang Strawberries>
The abalones were wild-caught the day before his birthday.
Our Seung Gi was lucky~ In fact, we have received calls that the weather on his birthday may be difficult to pick wild abalones.
Yeah and we were caught in dilemna because we will get bigger one the day before.
Looks like the sky would probably wants to celebrate Seung Gi birthday as well ^^
Filled with sweet and sour scent~~~!
Every nice and fresh strawberries were picked directly from the farm by ourselves ^^
Out of the 5 boxes, we have prepared 3 boxes for Seung Gi’s agency to share. hehe
*NOTE: Damyang is a province in Jeollanam-do, South Korea which is famous for its bamboo products and strawberries. Abalone is a very expensive seafood in Korea and is usually reserved for very special occasions or important guests.
lsgkorea bd8
Woldren Gifts>
Gifts were sent to Worldstaff from Japan and Indonesia.
L’Occitane presents from Japan and hand-made diary from Indonesia.
Thank you for the lovely gifts for Seung Gi~
lsgkorea bd9lsgkorea bd occitane
<28th Birthday Commemorative File Holders>
Beside eating rice cakes separately on this happy day, we would like to share the joy by commemorating the worldren’s event with a souvenir. 
Of course, messages from each countries to Seung Gi were placed in the holders, together with the gifts
lsgkorea bd10
From birthday book to file holder and also the birthday sticker design, USAiren, are the one who created the designs
They have rushed it out before coming over to Seoul for concert…
Thank you for the incredible cute work ^^
Finally, the pictures of all the gifts~!
lsgkorea bd11
Credit: Reposted from LSGKWA

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[English] script for Episode 8 Nunas over Flowers

Flower Nunas Epilogue Preview

<Nunas over Flowers Episode 8: ‘I’m not going to miss the epilogue’>

‘Backpacking Project’s Wrap Up’, ‘Nunas and Seung Gi’s latest news’, and even including ‘Unaired clips’!! An epilogue that is more entertaining than the original broadcast, is it a bit unfamiliar?

Starting from ‘Backpacking Project’s lingering memories’ including  ‘the stories afterwards’ Join us for the Flower Nunas’ Epilogue and enjoy it to the fullest~Welcome! (I’m overdoing it;;)

English translation:

Caption #1: The burden of going on a trip with unfamiliar people

Caption #2: However, they’ve become close like family through the 10 day backpacking trip

Caption #3: The best part of a trip is afterwards (trip is in white)

Caption #4: (small yellow square caption: Trip sequela) (In white~ Seung Gi is saying this: I appeared in a running program) and through habit I’m saying “Please wait here for a moment” as I run back and forth.

Caption #5: After seeing Porter #2, Porter #1 takes the lead in criticizing his performance…

Caption #6: I’m personally thankful to Nunas over Flowers because it became a turning point in my life

Caption #7: (Small yellow square caption: Unaired clip) It’s better to use it up, what’s the use in saving it~

Caption #8: Nunas over Flowers (underneath) I’m not going to miss the epilogue

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Subbed Episode 7 Nunas over Flowers Preview

I know this is a week late, but it’s better late than never. Today was Episode 8, the final one for Nunas over Flowers.  English translations for the preview clip coming soon.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Subbing and Encoding by sgsairl, Special Guest Contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever