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Lee Seung Gi and Na PD to attend tomorrow’s CJ Creative Forum

I’m sure everyone has heard that Lee Seung Gi and Na PD are scheduled to attend the CJ Creative Forum held at Yonsei University’s Auditorium at 2pm on Jan. 21st. It is free to attend if you’re in Korea right now. The title of this event is “The Culture Tour that Will Change the World”. Prominent PDs and directors such as Kim Yong Bum of SuperStar K, Lee Myung Han of Reply 1997, and Shin Hyung Gwan of Mnet MAMA 20’s Choice will be present in addition to Na PD. The goal of this event is to discuss “Creativity” in a forum discussion session format including clips from shows.

creative forum chosunCredit: chosun

Credit: enjoy CJ


Sneak Peek of Seung Gi and the Nunas on February’s Vogue Korea~ the Designer Brands they’ll be wearing

Here’s a sneak peek of the photos that will appear in February’s issue of Vogue Korea.  Unfortunately, Kim Ja Ok was unable to attend the photo shoot due to conflicts with her drama shooting schedule.

vogue firstLee Mi Yeon’s dress and ankle boots are by Gucci. Lee Seung Gi is wearing a dress shirt by Burberry. The rest of his outfit including his jacket, pants, and loafers are by Gucci. Yoon Yeo Jung is wearing a flower print jacket by Vivienne Westwood. Her skirt is by Burberry,lace top by Sandro, and ankle boots by Guiseppe Zanotti,  Kim Hee Ae is wearing a top and skirt by Lanvin, a bangle by Cartier, and booties by Jimmy Choo.

vogue hee aeKim Hee Ae is wearing a flower pattern sleeveless dress by Thom Browne at 10 Corso Como. Flower earrings by
Dolce&Gabbana. Pumps by Helena&Kristie.vogue 3 seunggi floral everywhereSeung Gi is wearing a jacket and pants by Gucci.  His dress shirt is by ANN Demeulemeester. His lace up water boots are by
Marc Jacobs.vogue 4 sg and nunas whiteSeung Gi is wearing a white dress shirt by Dolce&Gabbana and flower print pants from Kimseoryong Homme. Scarf by Lanvin. Bangle by Hermés. Kim Mi Yeon is wearing a blouse by Chloé.  Her H-line skirt is from Miss Gee Collection. PVC Bangle by Vintage Hollywood. Shoes by Miu Miu. Kim Hee Ae’s dress is by Proenza Schouler.vogue 5 hee ae and sg gucciKim Hee Ae’s dress by Prada, Heels by Valentino, diamond ring by Cartier. Seung Gi’s dress shirt is by Raf Simons, pants are by Gucci, and shoes by Cesare Paciotti. vogue 6 miyeon purpleLight pink silk blouse and pants by Emilio Pucci at Mue.

Credit: Vogue Korea

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Secrets of the Nunas and Lee Seung Gi on Kang Yong Suk’s Gosohan 19

I was able to watch Kang Yong Suk’s Gosohan 19 on tvN which was featured on the official NoF page. This show talked about the Nunas’ and SG’s fashion, celebrity lives, and their past. Just a few tidbits I picked up about the Nunas and Seung Gi:

1. Lee Seung Gi placed #1 in his class and #2 in his high school during middle and high school. In Korea, high school starts in the US equivalent of 10th grade. His dream for the first year in high school was politician and businessman. In his second year, it became a businessman. However, it changed to celebrity in his third year.  He decided to drop out of his band in high school when his studies dropped to 8th place in his class until he was scouted by Lee Sun Hee. (Thank God! There would be no Airens today if it wasn’t for that fateful meeting). He garnered a 45.2% viewership rating for Brilliant Legacy and combined with his appearance on 1N2D, he gained a total viewership rating of 70% and was even nicknamed “the 70% man.”

2. Yoon Yeo Jung was born in Kyunggi province (where Seoul is located) in 1947 and graduated from Ehwa Women’s National University, one of Korea’s top schools in Sinchon, Seoul.   She appeared on TBC in 1970 and eventually moved to MBC. She was paid 500 won (50 US cents) for her first commercial and was named as a fashionista in her youth for being able to wear short shorts well. Back in those days, 500 won was enough to buy a cup of coffee or matgeoli (fermented rice wine).  She now receives 400 to 600 man won ($4,000 to $6,000 US dollars) per CF. She was approached by Na PD first and he knew that she didn’t travel often because it was physically hard on her. In order to get her to agree, he proposed to her, “Why not do a traveling program with “real actresses” from Korea”? implying that she was one of them. He also felt her experience and character would be a refreshing addition to the cast.  Her older son graduated from Columbia University in NYC, USA and is working as a manager in the entertainment and modeling industry.  Her younger son is working for Universal in the Hip hop industry.

3. Kim Ja Ok was born in Busan in 1951 and debuted with MBC in 1970 until she moved to KBS. She appeared in a ketchup commercial when she was in the prime of her youth. Her secret to keeping youthful looking skin is not washing it too often. She loves rainy days and her father used to compose poems for her which he sang to her as lullabies. She was diagnosed with cancer of the large intestine in 2008 and had surgery a year later. At the encouragement of Yoon Yeo Jung, she appeared on Nunas over Flowers.  Her youngest daughter married in 2010 and Lee Soon Jae from Grandpas over Flowers was an honored guest at the wedding.

4. Kim Hee Ae’s nickname of “omnivorous girl” also came from her daily habit of eating mixed nuts including sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and pistachios.  The sales of these nuts have skyrocketed after this fact leaked out to the public. According to Lee Mi Yeon, 10 peanuts provides a day’s worth of Vitamin E which is good for the skin. (I guess both of them eat nuts!) The TV program mentioned how she and Lee Mi Hyeon are both in their 40’s but are able to maintain such a youthful look.  She was born in 1967, Jeju Island, and started acting in 1982. She moved to KBS in 1986. In 1987, she appeared on KBS singing “Don’t Forget Me”, which was shown in one of the episodes on Nunas over Flowers.  She is considered an A level actress and receives 2,000 to 3,000 man won per CF. ($20,000 to $30,000). She is known for her cosmetics commercials. She worked for KBS in 1986 and moved to MBC in 1990. She also worked as an MC on a talk show for free during a 20 year period to help out with a charitable cause.

5. Lee Mi Yeon: Born in 1971,  Seoul. 1988 debut in a chocolate commercial.  She is also famous for starring in the drama “Empress Myeongsong” which is about Korea’s last queen before Japan invaded Korea and assassinated both Queen Min and her husband, King Gojong on October 8,1895. Lee Mi Yeon graduated from Dongguk University so she is an alumni with Lee Seung Gi. She placed 1st place in her class. She was so popular with the boys that male students used to take her chopsticks from tteokboki (spicy red pepper paste coated white rice cakes) stands after she was finished eating. Lee Mi Yeon receives 500-700 man won ($5,000 to $7,000) per CF appearance. She even created a 1000 man won ($10,000) investment account for her manager out of the goodness of her heart. The manager cried so much when he came home because he was so touched when she handed him that account book.

6. Both Lee Mi Hyeon and Kim Hee Ae’s secret to looking youthful is not wearing too much makeup. Lee Mi Hyeon only wears CC cream while Kim Hee Ae wears only foundation and mascara.

7. Although the blue leather backpack that Lee Mi Hyeon wore looks unassuming, it is valued at 50 man won, which is approximately $500 US dollars. It has been a hot item since it aired on the show and all 300 that were available sold out. Lee Mi Hyeon’s trademark white sleeveless jacket/vest is by PRADA and is worth 50 man won, $500 US dollars.

8. Kim Hee Ae’s denim shirt on episode 7 as she’s in her room applying makeup and at Incheon Airport as she left for Turkey may look unassuming, but it is by Pierre Cardin and 50 man won, which is approximately $500 US dollars.

9. Lee Seung Gi wore Firstlook throughout the trip and sales hit the roof estimated at over 2.1 billion, 2,000 man won. Man won equals $10 US dollars.

10. The cast and crew of Nunas over Flowers noticed Seung Gi frequently checking his cell phone and knew he was dating someone, but they didn’t know who.

p.s. tips from Oh Dong Suk scriptwriter who has traveled all over the world and has been in Croatia about 30 times. He warns of watching where you walk as it is quite common for people to throw dirty laundry water out of the windows into the streets.   The transportation  system in Croatia is not well developed so renting a car is a must, which is what Seung Gi did.

Credit: tvN

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