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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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[English] translation of CJ Creative Forum Fancam~Na PD’s thoughts on GoF 3

Credit: YongHee Lee

Here’s a detailed translation of what the PD’s, MC, and Lee Seung Gi are saying in this clip:

Seung Gi asks the director of Superstar K if he still likes dancing these days and he replies that he was discussing this with Na PD a while ago and admits that he can’t sing or dance for his life.  Instead, when he sees people who are able to do both well, he gains immense satisfaction through them. The MC interrupts and jokes: “I’m sorry to say this but just by your appearance, it looks that way.” Everyone laughs as the mood lightens. He moves onto Na PD and says “I heard that you recently traveled somewhere”. Na PD replies,”Yes, that’s right.” At this moment, Seung Gi interrupts and says “I heard you were in a hurry to make an exploratory trip somewhere, can you explain it directly to the audience?” Na PD says “I wrapped up Noonas over Flowers with Lee Seung Gi last week. Now, I plan to escort the grandpas and leave for a trip. A few days ago, I went to explore Spain and returned the day before yesterday.. The MC asks him,”So, you’ll be traveling to Spain?” Na PD confirms this and says,”I wanted to keep this a secret but due to leaks from reporters, people found out.” Lee Seung Gi says jokingly,”It wasn’t the reporters, he rounded up all the tourists and uploaded a message online so we can’t really call it a secret. Lee Seung Gi asks him how much the audience and viewers should anticipate and prepare for Grandpas over Flowers 3 now that he has wrapped up Noonas over Flowers and has come back from exploring Spain. Na PD,” In any case, would it compare to Noonas over Flowers with Lee Seung Gi? However, the grandpas enjoy traveling and Lee Seo Jin is always diligent so I hope that you will enjoy the show.” The MC asks Lee Myung Hwan PD,”Lately, you’ve been busy with the Noonas over Flowers Series and the Reply series. Currently, is your schedule a bit lighter?” Lee Myung Hwan PD replies,”Rather than having more time, last year was like you said, busy due to Noonas over Flowers and Reply series doing well. This year, honestly speaking, the contents have evolved and I have to produce another type of entertainment. Like it was mentioned before, the Grandpas over Flowers series will be launching again and what I have to think of next is  “now how do I incorporate Lee Seung Gi into it (my new project).” (laughter from the audience and Seung Gi). Seung Gi replies,”With me? Where? You saw that I was barely useful.” (The MC cuts in and mimics Seunglish,”Where can I ask you something?” Seung Gi cracks up and says, “I am in charge of making all sorts of  reservations… to that extent.”  The MC concludes by confirming with Lee Myung Hwan,”So, you’re in the middle of planning your next project.”

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever