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[English] Win a date with Lee Seo Jin & The Dimple Brothers wish you a Happy Lunar New Year ~ WeMAP

Credit: WeMakePrice

English translation:

Hello, I’m WeMAP model Lee Seojin. I’m WeMAP Lee Seung Gi. 2014 has arrived.

Lee Seo Jin: I hope that everyone will have a year filled with only happy events.

Lee Seung Gi: I wish for everyone to be healthy and to have a year filled with love.

Lee Seo Jin: Everyone, Happy New Year.

Lee Seung Gi: Everyone, Happy New Year.

There’s an event that WeMAP is having in celebration of reaching 300,000 fans. It appears to be a date on Valentine’s Day with Lee Seo Jin!  You have to go to the WeMAP official homepage on Facebook and press the “Like” button.  Then you will receive a coupon that you can download. You must have an official WeMAP account online first. Participate in a drawing for a date with Lee Seo Jin! Final caption says “2/14, you are the leading lady”.  The event will be held from 1/23, 10am KST to 2/6 10am KST.  100 WeMAP customers will be drawn at random and contacted individually on 2/7 for a date with Lee Seo Jin! Sigh…don’t get your hopes up for an individual date! LOL.

Here’s the link to the WeMAP FB page: WeMAP

p.s. If WeMAP is able to reach 500,000 fans on Facebook, there will be a White Day date event with Lee Seung Gi on March 14! In Korea, Valentine’s Day is for females to give males chocolates. The next month, on March 14, it is called White Day and this is the day males give candy or chocolates to females.  I come from the USA so this doesn’t really make sense to me.  Many netizens say this is a marketing ploy to increase the sales of chocolate in February and candy in March.  >< WHAT!!???  I’ve been living in Korea for several years and still shake my head at this custom.  The American culture in me just won’t accept it.  What ever happened to the saying “Ladies first?”

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Seung Gi to Appear at Cheonggye Plaza for Hanwoo Event at 12pm KST on January 27th

With the Lunar New Year approaching at the end of this month, Korean beef or Hanwoo is a staple ingredient in celebrations, memorial food offerings to ancestors, and as popular gift sets to loved ones.  Lee Seung Gi was appointed Hanwoo Keeper late last fall and he will be making a personal appearance on January 27th at 12pmKST at Cheonggye Plaza according to a dclsg fan. This is a three day event similar to a direct open market that will last from January 27th to January 29th, 11am KST to 6pm KST at Cheonggye Plaza in Seoul.

lunar new year sg beefCredit: Hanwoo Board

Lee Seung Gi will not only make an appearance this day, but he will directly be involved in selling Hanwoo. His responsibilities as Hanwoo Keeper that day will be to reveal the merits of Hanwoo~ the unrivaled taste and quality as well as to represent Korean beef.  Several different cuts of beef will be sold for up to a 50% discount. These include tenderloin, ribeye, soup base beef, and bulgogi among many others. Soup base beef and bulgogi will be sold for 2,300 Won per 100g (approximately $2 US dollars/100g). Ribeye will be sold at 5,600 Won per 100g (approximately $5 US dollars/100g). 

There are various events scheduled throughout the 3 day event with Lee Seung Gi’s appearance being a highlight. Other events include taste testing booths.   It will have a farmer’s market atmosphere and is expected to draw much attention.  Seo Jung Hoon of the Hanwoo marketing team stated that the reason for opening such an event was to “add a deeper meaning to the coming Lunar New Year by having everyone in the nation eat nutritious Hanwoo. Instead of purchasing imported beef, the Hanwoo board wanted people to have the opportunity to purchase Hanwoo, which is unparalleled in taste and nutrition, at an affordable price as they celebrate the Lunar New Year.”

Here’s a link to: Cheonggye Plaza

Source for Seung Gi’s appearance: ㅇㅇ from dclsg

Source: Naver


2013年10月の日本コンサート[English] subbed Lee Seung Gi 2013 Japan Live 2013 Concert Video

Thanks to the hard work of sgsairl who did the softsubs for this hour and a half long performance and Era for combining it with the RAW video and uploading it.

Korean and Japanese to English translations by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Softsubs by sgsairl, Special Guest Contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] translation of CJ Creative Forum Fancam #5

Credit: AirenVideo

English translation:

Director Lee Myung Han: ..how to incorporate him..

Lee Seung Gi: Me? Do what? You saw how I wasn’t very useful. (in Noonas over Flowers)

MC: “Where can I ask you something?”

Seung Gi: “I’m in charge of all sorts of reservations…to that extent.”

MC: So you’re in the middle of planning your next project?

Lee Myung Han: In any case, Na Young Seok PD is in a position where he has to focus on his next project while I have to slowly think about mine. So, I have to work together with Lee Seung Gi, right?

MC: You’re doing your casting here?

Seung Gi: Next time, I’d like to do something intellectual.

MC: Today, your hairstyle looks very nice.

Lee Myung Han: For the first time since I was born, I had the help of someone called a coordinator (Cody).

Lee Seung Gi: All 4 guests underwent makeup since they were appearing live. To begin with, Na Young Seok PD’s makeup is really obvious. His face must not be the type to absorb makeup well. Also, for Director Lee Myung Han, I wondered why his face was suddenly so pale, it’s because he had a lot of BB cream applied.

MC: You should have had some shading done before coming out on stage.

Lee Seung Gi: They should have toned down the sides for you.

MC: Na Young Seok PD nim’s face gets really red whenever this kind of topic is brought up. You must have a lot of shyness.

Na PD: I tend to have inhibitions.

Lee Seung Gi: That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard.

MC: Now, Lee Seung Gi has ties with all four of our guests.

Lee Seung Gi: That’s correct. In 2004, as I appeared on Mnet during my debut period with Shin Hyung Gwan PD, he was doing a music program at that time. In addition, Kim Young Ho PD was also doing a music program so that’s how I met them during my youth. Also, Lee Myung Han…(audience laughter as screen shows Seung Gi in bell bottoms during his debut period)

MC: That’s 2004. Oh, how young!

Shin Hyung Gwan PD: It’s 2004. That’s when we first created Mnet Countdown in 2004.

MC: Wow, he was already a prized man back then.

Shin Hyung Gwan PD: He was working with me and Kim Yong Beom PD. I think he was still in his teens.

Na PD: Yes, he was in his 3rd year. (of high school)

MC: I see, his 3rd year. Wow, his pants are extremely wide! Enough for the wind to enter.

Lee Seung Gi: My fashion role model was Kim Jang Hoon sunbaenim so I wore wide jeans. Also, I try not to work with Mnet if possible because they have so many scenes of me. So, I don’t know when or how they’ll be used, but in any case, I’m a bit nervous today. Also, as for Lee Myung Han PD and Na Young Seok PD, as many of you already know, I did an outdoors variety show (refers to 1N2D) with them for many years and we shared many good times back then.  Even now, things are going well, this is not to say that we don’t share good times now. I feel very happy because I shared my growth period with all 4 PD’s.

MC: Wow, it’s not an easy feat to have connections with all four PDs. All four of them will also know many of your secrets so as we continue, please reveal them one by one.

Lee Seung Gi: Yes, since it’s only the opening, let’s wait until everyone’s nerves settle down.

MC: Yes, slowly. I don’t have any ties with any of the PDs. Today is the first time I’ve met them. I’ve made a PD-guest connection with them.  Ok, we will go into a deeper discussion as the program continues.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] translation of CJ Creative Forum Fancam #4

Credit: AirenVideo

English translation:

MC: Why don’t you introduce yourself first?

Seung Gi: It’s nice to meet you. I’m Lee Seung Gi.

MC: I enjoyed watching your trip with the Noonas.

Seung Gi: Mentally, I haven’t fully recovered yet, so personally I came out today for a healing session with our PD’s and hyungnims.

MC: Today, we will be spending time with Lee Seung Gi. You are aware of what kind of program this is?

Seung Gi: Of course.

MC: CJ Creative Forum. Today is already the second session.

Seung Gi: You are right. Sunbaenim, by any chance, did you get to watch the first CJ Creative Forum?

MC: Of course. Director Bong Joon Ho and Dreamworks CEO.

Seung Gi: That’s correct.

MC: Who was he? Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Seung Gi: I didn’t memorize his name.

MC: It was  legendary meeting.

Seung Gi: Today, there are guests who are making your hearts beat in anticipation. Then, shall we begin?

MC: We have to meet them first.

Seung Gi: Alright, let’s watch together.

MC: They’re not such easy people to meet. If you wait just a moment, you’ll be able to meet them through video for starters. (To Seung Gi: You have connections with all 4 sunbaenims)

Seung Gi: They’ve started to appear on-screen.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever