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Seung Gi to Appear at Cheonggye Plaza for Hanwoo Event at 12pm KST on January 27th

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With the Lunar New Year approaching at the end of this month, Korean beef or Hanwoo is a staple ingredient in celebrations, memorial food offerings to ancestors, and as popular gift sets to loved ones.  Lee Seung Gi was appointed Hanwoo Keeper late last fall and he will be making a personal appearance on January 27th at 12pmKST at Cheonggye Plaza according to a dclsg fan. This is a three day event similar to a direct open market that will last from January 27th to January 29th, 11am KST to 6pm KST at Cheonggye Plaza in Seoul.

lunar new year sg beefCredit: Hanwoo Board

Lee Seung Gi will not only make an appearance this day, but he will directly be involved in selling Hanwoo. His responsibilities as Hanwoo Keeper that day will be to reveal the merits of Hanwoo~ the unrivaled taste and quality as well as to represent Korean beef.  Several different cuts of beef will be sold for up to a 50% discount. These include tenderloin, ribeye, soup base beef, and bulgogi among many others. Soup base beef and bulgogi will be sold for 2,300 Won per 100g (approximately $2 US dollars/100g). Ribeye will be sold at 5,600 Won per 100g (approximately $5 US dollars/100g). 

There are various events scheduled throughout the 3 day event with Lee Seung Gi’s appearance being a highlight. Other events include taste testing booths.   It will have a farmer’s market atmosphere and is expected to draw much attention.  Seo Jung Hoon of the Hanwoo marketing team stated that the reason for opening such an event was to “add a deeper meaning to the coming Lunar New Year by having everyone in the nation eat nutritious Hanwoo. Instead of purchasing imported beef, the Hanwoo board wanted people to have the opportunity to purchase Hanwoo, which is unparalleled in taste and nutrition, at an affordable price as they celebrate the Lunar New Year.”

Here’s a link to: Cheonggye Plaza

Source for Seung Gi’s appearance: ㅇㅇ from dclsg

Source: Naver

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