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[English] Seung Gi Cooks Traditional Korean Rice Cake Soup with Kids for Lunar New Year

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Credit: chosunmedia

Lunar New Year falls on Janauary 31st this year and is considered one of the 2 biggest holidays in Korea besides Chuseok, which is Korean Thanksgiving, and equivalent to the mid autumn harvest festival in Chinese culture..  The first meal that a  Korean eats on New Years day is Rice Cake Soup.  It is believed to ward off evil spirits for the rest of the year. Here is Seung Gi assisting children in making their own rice cake soup.

English translation:

Chef: At home you use white moon (shaped) rice cake?

Kids: Yes

Chef: Since I heard you were coming, I had some prepared.  Now what could this be?

Kids: Danmooji (pickled yellow radish)

Chef: Danmooji? Does it look like a danmooji? We’ll taste it later to see if it’s danmooji.  This is made from the “cheesa” fruit. It gives off a natural yellow food coloring. 

Chef: Wow, we finished at the same time.

Lady: Remember we had our friend, Juwon.

Lee Seung Gi: Ah! You mean slicing?

Lady: Yes

Lee Seung Gi: I don’t usually watch carefully (his heodangness coming out here). Make sure not to hurt your hands Jiwon.  If you try to slice too fast, you can cut your hand.

Lee Seung Gi with little girl: If you do that, you’ll get hurt. Like this. (he shows her how to hold the knife at an angle).

Here’s a photo of traditional Korean Rice Cake soup:

rice cake soupCredit: Naver

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

One thought on “[English] Seung Gi Cooks Traditional Korean Rice Cake Soup with Kids for Lunar New Year

  1. haha Seunggi at the beginning looks like one of the kids. He is so good with children and i think will make a wonderful father:))

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