Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi


Valentine’s Request Stage~ Makuhari Messe Event Hall~ Sunday, February 9, 2013

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People waiting in line to exchange Saturday tickets for Sunday ones.

rotated marshmallowCould you eat this? A Seung Gi marshmallow! Credit: reirei0414

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The concert started a little late. The security is very tight, so there might not be very many fanpics/fancams.
First 2 songs were the same as in Hope Concert: Techno version of Because You’re My Woman, Nobody
3rd song: Return
SeungGi is already sweating, probably from the opening dance. 😛
Fans chanted SeungGi’s name after Return. He greeted the fans.
Cry Out
White Lie
SeungGi is sitting down.
Acoustic version of Will You Marry Me
SeungGi said thanks in Japanese, and left the stage.
MC appeared. He announced the ranking of songs requested by fans.
#20 to #12 announced too quickly, didn’t catch the names
#11 Slave
A video showing songs #10 to #3


End of Part 1

  Ranking of the songs requested by fans:

1. Like the First Time

2. Last Word

3. Let’s Break Up

4. Invitation to Me

5. Will You Marry Me?

6. Because You’re My Woman

7. Starting Now, I Love You (I Love Your From Now On)

8. Love Is

9. Return

10. For a Long Time

11. Slave

12. Melody

13. Wedding Veil

14. Let’s Go on Vacation

15. Unfinished Story

16. Losing My Mind

17. You’re in My Heart

18. Delete

19. Tonight

20. I Give You All

Credit: ChristinaWSGL

Part 2 of Concert:

SeungGi is back on the stage.
He sang a verse of Happy Ending (from 3rd album).
Now talking with MC in Japanese.
SeungGi is singing Last Words now. It’s the #2 most requested song.
Just Like First Time, #1 most requested song
After singing, he threw some gifts to the audience. The gifts were wrapped, not clear what they were.
MC talking…
Intro video for Gone Not Around Any Longer!
SeungGi performing with female dancer
Intro video for trot
Tambourine dance coming up 😛
Noonas over Flowers Croatia Video
Like A Flower
Losing My Mind
Smile Boy
Let’s Go on Vacation


Part 3 of the concert:
SeungGi playing piano right now.
Let’s Break Up
Because You’re My Woman * ENCORE SONG
SeungGi’s eyes are tearing up during his last ment…
Fans said gwenchana (It’s Ok in Korean)
SeungGi then continued to sing Because You’re My Woman
The concert ended. But it was still dark, so fans started chanting again.
‘Special Thanks’ video playing
The concert ended.
vr seunggiallinCredit: seunggiallin (Seung Gi while playing Let’s Break Up)
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vr banner 2341vaThe metallic ribbons are so beautiful! Credit: 2341va
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I believe these metallic ribbon confetti came in copper and red.


Credit: LSGKWA site for the concert information, Japanese tweets by kaorufortune, BlueMoon4023