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BREAKING NEWS~ Lee Seung Gi Signed Contract for ‘You Are All Surrounded’

According to a dclsg member in the know, Lee Seung Gi has signed the contract to appear in SBS’s April drama, ‘You Are All Surrounded’.  Hook Entertainment’s CEO has confirmed this. They have already written the script for the second episode. From what I heard, the scriptwriter, director, and production crew are all relying on Seung Gi to pull this off. As for Cha Seung Won, he is still considering the role, but has not made a decision or signed a contract yet.  Go Ara still remains a strong contender for the female lead, but the latest online news still has her as remaining undecided. I can’t wait for the Korean press to publicly confirm this! 🙂

you're surrounded sg contractCredit: maeil.co.kr

Go Ara Asia TodayCredit: Asia Today

Sources: dclsg member, Asia Today