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Behind the Scenes of Seung Gi’s Decision to Sing For Airens in Japan After Cancellation of Valentine’s Request Stage on 2/8/13

After the cancellation was announced, Seung Gi was on his way back and saw people who looked like his Airen walking in the heavy snow.
He felt very sad so he decided to return to the venue. He insisted on singing 2 songs for the Airen who were still there in spite of the disagreement from the Japanese co-organizers.
When they(the fans) were back, Hook’s CEO asked those who wore Firstlook jackets,” Are you an Airen?” If the answer was “Yes,”she asked them to get in the car and gave them a ride (to the venue)

This is just heartwarming and it just shows you what a thoughtful and caring singer Seung Gi is. I just had to share this story with my readers.

japan snow marron2492Credit: marron2492

valentines concert cancellation2Credit: reirei

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Credit: English translation from Chinese by ChristinaWSGL from LSGEuroAiren via weibo

Edited by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Draft of a Photo Collage Celebrating Seung Gi’s 10th Debut Anniversary

10th debut collage


Credit: 이러구논다 from dclsg

(translation of the person’s name means “this is how I spend my time” in Korean)

I found this amusing because it had the name of my blog on it by pure coincidence. I do not know this person nor do they know me. LOL! Obviously, we both feel the same towards Lee Seung Gi though. 🙂 I wish this photo collage could’ve been enlarged while maintaining it’s quality, but I will have to wait for the final product this June.

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[日本語訳]イ・スンギドラマニュース – Lee Seung Gi Drama News

This is the same breaking news about Seung Gi signing the contract for “You Are All Surrounded” for my Japanese Airen readers.

信頼できる情報源によると、2月15日に、 イ・スンギは4月の新ドラマの契約書にサインをしたそうです。 イ・スンギの所属事務所で働いている人の友人からその情報を得ました。フックエンターテイメントの会長はそれを確認した 男性共演者はまだ決まっておらず、 主演女優はまだ確認できていないそうです。このエキサイティングなニュースが報道されるのが待ち遠しいです。☆:・゚.*(*´>∇<)b*.゚・:☆

you're surrounded sg contractCredit: maeil.co.kr

Go Ara Asia TodayCredit: Asia Today

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