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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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Roy Kim replaces Lee Seung Gi as the New Face of Heritory

Lee Seung Gi is probably stepping down from his modeling contract with Heritory in preparation for possible military service this year. We will miss him!

[Top Star News = Reporter Kim Myung Soo] Roy Kim has been selected as the new 2014 model for contemporary British traditional casual clothing line, Heritory.

Roy Kim has taken his first steps as the representative of Heritory with the 2014 Spring/Summer season photo shoot.  Not only is it his first shoot, but his sense rivals that of a pro model and he has the unique ability to model a variety of Heritory outfits.  In addition, he creates a warm atmosphere in which he is able to show leadership.

roy kim1Heritory captures a British traditional sentiment in which all casual products are composed of the PEN line as well as the more trendy character INK line. Especially this coming summer, sophisticated products with an urban theme will give off a city casual look. Heritory’s inherent symbol applies to the park, taking a rest in nature, and as a brand in which one can easily enjoy a walk. Comfort and practicality combined with a travel look are the various aspects showcased this season.heritory2Currently, Roy Kim and CJ E&M with whom he has signed an exclusive music contract said, “Thank you for giving much attention to Roy Kim. In the future, we will support him so that he may grow into an artist who will be a good influence to the public”.

Last 2012, young people in their 20~30s were the target of the launching of Heritory which was a merging of Heritage and story. With this merge, British casual’s traditional ink bottle symbol combined its signature pattern with Heritory’s traditional British casual style. Heritory fashion company’s lifestyle clothing is well made and can be found at major department stores, shopping malls, and exclusive stores.heritory roy

Roy Kim made hits last year with ‘Spring, Spring, Spring’ and ‘Love Love Love’. On January 16th’s “28th Golden Disk Awards’, he was awarded the newcomer’s award along with the popularity award. Currently, Roy Kim is studying abroad at Georgetown University in the USA .This coming fall, plans are in the works for him to work on songs for his soon to be released album.

Source: Top Star News

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English]Eun Dae Gu’s Caricature (Lee Seung Gi’s Character for his new drama)

geniusSYYS Eun Dae GuCredit: geniusSYYS via dclsg

English translation:

26 year old chick

Painful family history

IQ 150 & passed the bar exam on the first try

A “flower boy” with a foul mouth

Possesses an abundant amount of unique abilities

Once in a blue moon, shows his million dollar smile

Tall height

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Photos of Seung Gi during Scriptreading ~ Prepare For Pics of him in You Are All Surrounded!

These photos were uploaded by a dclsg member late last night of Seung Gi during various script readings. One of them appears to be for Noonas over Flowers. Comments on her post in dclsg from members ranged from “He looks great!” to “Soon we can anticipate photos of him reading for his new drama”.

reading2 reading1Credit: picture via dclsg