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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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[English translation] Hanryu Senpuu Vol.53

hanryusenpu cover marchEnglish translation:

Ever wonder what Hanryu Senpuu means? ^^

韓–> Korea(n)

流–> wave

旋風 –> whirlwind/tide

So, it basically means the Hallyu Wave, which is the popularity of Korean pop and culture sweeping the world.

At the upper right hand corner in turqoise, it says:


Lee Seung Gi/and JYJ extra large poster attached/included

At the bottom, above Seung Gi’s name in huge hot pink katakana, it says:


Now is the time when emotions are welling up…..

Underneath his name it says:

新感覚ラブ・ファンタジー「九家〈クガ〉の書~千年に一度の恋~ 」

New Sense Love Fantasy「The Book of Nine Houses~  Love that comes once in a thousand years」

The kanji in the turqoise circle at the bottom of the magazine to the left of Seung Gi’s name in hot pink says: 卷頭特集, which means “Special Cover Feature

hanryusenpu contents

hanryusenpu kangchiHere’s the special pull out poster mentioned on the cover!

hanryusenpu photo needs translationEnglish translation:


The Book of Nine Houses~ love that comes once in a thousand years

In the white circle with hot pink lettering:


Now is the time when emotions well up…

hanryusenpu photo of seung gihanryusenpu photo2 needs translation


「 Born as a human, there are many times when he can’t act like a beast.  Having the will to live as a human is enough.How do you want  to live, what do you want to become?」

「 I want to become human. I don’t want to be this or that, I want to become a real human.」

hanryusenpu photo2 of seung gihanryusenpu photo3 needs translationEnglish translation:

If I had gained confidence from my projects, from now on,  this project is one that gave me the feeling that I could really act.

Underneath is Seung Gi’s profile and it mentions his 2012 debut as a singer in Japan.

hanryusenpu photo4 needs translationEnglish translation:

Special Issue: This year, I want to watch a sageuk! (historical drama)

  The sageuk megatrend has arrived and is popping up all over Japan.

  This project has a deep storyline and has a fantasy like side to it as well as excitement to make hearts beat faster.

  This year I truly want to fall in deep with a sageuk that stirs up my heart.

  A performance with the hottest actors.

   An excellent love fantasy with a new sense.

    Lee Seung Gi X Bae Suzy

 The Book of Nine Houses~ Love that comes once in a thousand years~

On the right hand side by Suzy’s head,  it talks about Lee Seung Gi and Suzy being cast for the first time in a sageuk.

hanryu senpuu1 jejuslovLee Seung Gi X The Book of Nine Houses~ Love that comes once in a thousand years~

hanryu senpuu2 jejuslovCredit: jejuslov

Japanese to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Spring is in the Air~ Lee Seung Gi Fan Art & Cultural Lesson

Airens come from all over the world and there is truly no language or cultural barrier when it comes to loving Lee Seung Gi.  An Airen reader submitted this beautiful artwork explaining the significance of March 1st in her native country of Romania yesterday.  In my native country of birth, Korea, March 1st is Independence Movement Day, a national holiday in honor of those who fought for Korean independence from Japan. What significance does March 1st have in YOUR country? Anda March 1

Mărțișor is an old Romanian celebration at the beginning of spring, on March the 1st. Mărțișor are all names for the red and white string (the red – stands for the winter, the white – for spring ) from which a small decoration is tied (like four leaf clovers, horse shoes, chimney sweepers or hearts), and which is offered by people on the 1st day of March. Most of the women wear nearly every Mărțișor they are offered pinned to their blouse on this day. It is said that the mărţişor brings luck and happiness. In modern times, it is a symbol of friendship or love, appreciation and respect. It is also a symbol of the coming spring.
Let me offer a Mărțișor to all my friends and wish you a beautiful Spring!


For more information: Mărțișor

Photo and Explanation credit: Anda Marin