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[English translation] Beijing’s QIY Interview with Seung Gi

Credit: QIY TV uploaded by LSG TH

English translation:

Chinese: QIY Netizens

Korean: It’s nice to meet you, I’m Lee Seung Gi. I’m very happy that I have the opportunity to meet you in Beijing this time.

Chinese: Following the kdrama craze, lots of “oppas” (Korean artists) are coming to China. Lee Seung Gi, with the title of “Nation’s little brother, had an interview with QIY on March 7th. He had received lots of love from Chinese fans.

Korean: Also, what remains in my memory is…the warm reception I received at the airport, it left a lasting impression.

Chinese: Not too long ago, many topics about Seung Gi going for military service surfaced. Even though he didn’t comment about it during the interview, he will most likely give a satisfactory answer to his fans.

Korean: I’ve wanted to perform in China for many years. However, due to the numerous programs I have in Korea and the lack of time to go overseas, I couldn’t fulfill my desire to expand my performances. I’d like to continue to visit in my spare time and share Korean dramas, variety shows, and albums with my fans.

Chinese: As everyone knows, being a Korean artist means facing lots of stress. But Seung Gi who likes acting had a special way to relieve stress, and that is to film with someone he loves in the drama.

Korean: To begin with, to live as everyday Lee Seung Gi can be boring, so through acting as another person, I get to live a different life once a year.  After working with many actresses, in a way, I think I was able to release the energy and stress that had built up inside me.

Chinese: Over the years, there have been many collaborations between Chinese and Korean artists.

Korean: I have yet to watch Chinese actresses’ works. Honestly, famous actresses in Korea include Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bingbing. China in particular has many famous directors such as Zhang Yimou, Ang Li, and Wong Kar-Wei. There are so many directors that are famous just by mentioning their name in Korea. I would like to work with such people.

Chinese: Reported by Beijing QIY Entertainment news

qiy interviewSet for QIY Interview. 

Credit: Airen Seung Gi Taiwan

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Chinese to English translation by HeodangSeungGi, Special Guest Contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Seung Gi at Beijing Airport~ Headed back to Korea

leave beijing4leave beijing6 leave beijing7 leave beijing12leave beijing3 leave beijing2leave beijing11 leave beijing8leave beijing13 leave beijing10 leave beijing5leave beijing9A lucky Airen got Seung Gi’s autograph! There are way too many Beijing airport photos out there to humanly post. I have selected the ones I felt were most relevant.

na pd sign beijingNa Young Seok PD also left Beijing today and signed this for a fan but he made a mistake with the date–> March 8th?!!! Who is calling Seung Gi a heodang now? LOL.

English translation:

I am Na Young Seok PD. Thank you. 2004.3.8.


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Credit: weibo, dclsg


[English translation] Beijing FM~ fancams

I can provide Korean translations of what Seung Gi said since that is my native language besides English. However, I do not speak Chinese so that part is out of my realm. A huge thanks to an Airen reader who provided Chinese translations for this post.

Chinese: Okay, Thank you ____! Okay, let me hang up the call.

Seung Gi: Thank you.

MC: Don’t be anxious. This is the first interaction we are having with Seung Gi. We have many more activities today which include a lot of participation. Up next, let’s invite Lee Seung Gi to sit down on the chair and have a chat with us. Wow! We are sitting so near to each other!

Korean: Seung Gi, “It’s been 10 years and in the past I felt that I would possess a lot of knowledge and accomplish as much.  I feel that I’m still lacking and have much to show you. As a result, I plan to work hard this year.

Chinese: Translator: I didn’t realize time passes so fast; it’s been 10 years, so I hope to produce a better production this year too. Thank you for all your care and concerns for me.

MC: This year should be a special year for Lee Seung Gi, because it is his 10th debut anniversary. Do you have any special thoughts and feeling about this?

MC: Okay, he said time had passed so quickly, but I would like to ask all of you (audience), do you understand Seung Gi better as time passes? *audience cheers* So later on, I will be playing a game with him. It’s called “quick question quick answer”. If he can’t answer some questions, will you help him? *Audience: YES!* But if he can’t answer, there will be lots of cute forfeits. Do you want to watch it? Haha so what should you all do?

MC: Okay,next, we will be playing a game called “quick question, quick answer”. We have prepared 10 questions. When the translator has translated the questions for Seung Gi, I need all of you to count to 3 together. When it reaches 3 and if Seung Gi hasn’t answered yet, he will need to forfeit. Is this alright? Can you cooperate?

MC: Are you ready?

Seung Gi: Ready.

MC: Okay, let’s start. You all have to count to 3! What is your greatest wish for the new year?

*Audience starts counting*

Translator:  I’m sorry, I have not translated yet!

MC: No, no! Not like this! Wait for our translator to translate the question first! Let’s start again! Ready!

Korean: Seung Gi,”Ah…my wish..to start off with..drama, album, and variety..showing you all three is my wish.  I have been consistently preparing for my album since the beginning of this year. Since I’ve been directly participating in it, I’m not quite sure of its exact release date. My objective is within this year.

Chinese: Translator: Excel more in singing, acting and hosting variety shows. I have been preparing for my new album since the start of the year. Even though I am not too sure of the exact day of its release, it will definitely be this year. 

MC: Okay! First question is considered as pass! Second question.

Seung Gi: *sighs* *laughs*

MC: *laughs* hey, we have 10 questions!

Korean: Seung Gi,”It’s so fast…the time to think is…”

Chinese: Translator: The counting is seriously too fast!

MC: Second question: What city would you like to visit the most?

Korean: Seung Gi: Beijing (X3). Ah everyone is so fast!

MC: Okay, wants to go to Beijing the most. He is here already. Next question:  What would you like to do privately?

Korean: Seung Gi: What do I want to do during my personal time?

MC: Yay! Let us give him one more chance. Okay? No?

Korean: Seung Gi,”Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen fans so accurate. You are very accurate”

Chinese: Translator: This is the first time I’m seeing fans like this. First time. 

MC: Eh, let him answer the question first alright? What would you like to do privately?

Korean: Seung Gi,”A response? If I had more time, I would like to learn some more cooking.”

Fans speak.

MC: braised pork ribs, cooking spicy rice cake (dukkbokki)

Chinese: Translator: He said he enjoyed cooking, I had learned cooking for a period of time.

Fans speak. MC: He is very formidable.

Fans speak. MC: I can’t hear you all very well too.  *fans repeat* Beer can chicken (pi jiu ji)?

Seung Gi repeats: bi jiu ji (he misread the pi jiu which means beer as bi jiu)?

MC: How about this. This question is not considered. If he can’t answer the next question in 3 seconds, we will go ahead with a forfeit. Okay? *seemed like fans said no* No?

MC: No choice then, they are your family. They said this question is considered as a forfeit.

Credit: AirenVideo

Credit: Airen SeungGi Taiwan

Seung Gi doing Gwiyomi. He says at the end “now that I’m a year older, my reaction time has slowed down”


Before he sings Slave..Seung Gi says… I believe it’s my responsibility…when you return home, I will do my best (he literally says crazily) so that you can talk excitedly and nonstop about tonight’s performance. He says that he personally likes this song very much but feels that his fans like it even  more. He received it when he was finishing up his 5th album.

Credit: AirenVideo

A Song That Will Make You Smile (excerpt–> Seung Gi stops after a few lines and says he will sing up till that point.)

Credit: AirenVideo

MC asks him a question about his future career, and he says “Most probably, I will be singing, acting, and doing variety shows.”

Chinese: Translator: He said he would continue singing, acting, and doing variety shows.

MC: Did he think of what kind of relationship he would have between him and his fans at that time?

 Korean: Seung Gi turns to the female MC and wonders aloud, “Is there any other type of relationship between a fan and a celebrity?” Then he turns back to the audience and says, “I’d probably continue to visit persistently…how should I say this…Just like now, I think I will continue meeting my fans.”

Chinese: Translator: He said he will stay by his fans’ sides.

MC: Okay, I believe in 10 years time, there will be many good productions by Lee Seung Gi. I believe all of you have watched the dramas that Lee Seung Gi acted in? Which ones are there? Briliant Legacy, *fans mentioned My Girlfriend is a Gumiho* Okay, I know, there are lots of dramas. So next, let us recall his role in the dramas. We will choose 4 lucky fans to come up to the stage to reenact some scenes together with Lee Seung Gi. In my memory, those scenes were very sweet. There are hugging and holding hands scenes.

Seung Gi: OH.

MC: Okay, you’re ready? Next, we will choose the 4 lucky winners. Let’s see who can come onto the stage to reenact the scenes with Lee Seung Gi. Lucky winners: 2nd row seat 17, 2nd row seat 35, 3rd row seat 23 and 3rd row seat 27. Congratulations to these 4 winners! Next, we are going to show Lee Seung Gi a video clip. This clip is from your friends to you and your fans. Is it okay? At this period of time, please prepare yourself well (to the 4 lucky winners). Lee Seung Gi will be changing his outfit, then the reenactment will occur. Are you ready?

Credit: AirenVideo


MC: Hello everyone, I am the emcee for MTV china. This is? *fans: Lee Seung Gi!* First, let’s invite Lee Seung Gi to greet everyone.

Chinese: Seung Gi,”Hello everyone, I’m Lee Seung Gi.

Korean: I’m very glad that I am able to meet you here in Beijing…..Thank you.

Chinese: Translator:  Hello everyone, I’m Lee Seung Gi. I’m very glad that I am able to meet you here in Beijing.

MC: Are you happy? *fans cheer “happy!”* Okay, today is a very special day. It’s the day for all females. I had a dream before, and that is to be surrounded by so many females on a special day. And my dream came true. I have to thank Lee Seung Gi for that.

Seung Gi: Thank you.

MC: Let’s ask this first. How loud are the cheers from the female fans in this fan meet? *female cheers* What about the males? *fans cheer* Where are the males? The only males here are me and you (Seung Gi).

Korean: Seung Gi,”You two men have a tremendous amount of courage. I am moved.”

Chinese: Translator: He said he saw 2 men.

MC: He saw 2? Okay, today Lee Seung Gi will share with us many nice songs. Before the opening ceremony, we were tidying up the songs. Wow, looking at my script, I think most of the songs you all want to listen to can be fulfilled today. Okay, there are many chances for you to have a close interaction with Lee Seung Gi. Do you want to? *fans say yes!* Okay, let me ask you. This is the first time you came to Beijing to have this fan meet, am I right?

Korean: Seung Gi,”Yes, I had visited Guangzhou and Shanghai. Honestly, I wanted to try the capital city food of Beijing. I’m really happy that I had this opportunity to come.

Chinese: Translator: He said he came to Guangzhou and Shanghai. He is very happy that he is able to come to China’s capital, Beijing this time.

MC: Wow, I welcome you to Beijing. I believe all of you are envious of me being able to stand so close to Lee Seung Gi. I am getting closer to him! Okay, today in this place, I would like to create a special day for the female fans from other countries as well. But, we still want to teach you the Beijing way of greeting people. What you have learned is, “Hello everyone, I am Lee Seung Gi (in Chinese)”, but in Beijing, you have to say “Have you eaten? (in Chinese)”.

Seunggi repeats: “Have you eaten?” (in Chinese) (x2)

MC: When you see Beijing people next time, you can just say this. “Have you eaten?”

Seung Gi repeats it once more.

MC: Okay, today we will share many, many stories, as well as many close interactions with Seung Gi. So, let Seung Gi see the passion of Beijing! (this means time to cheer). Let’s start from here! Okay, so you have to maintain this till the end of this fan meet, okay? Is it possible? Today is a very special day, to allow you all to share your stories with Lee Seung Gi. Why don’t we do this? Let’s give each fan a chance. Each fan wrote a greeting on a piece of paper earlier on, is that right? We will bring up all these greetings to the stage, and Lee Seung Gi will choose some and we will read it out for you, is it okay? Let’s invite the staff to bring up the greetings board to the stage.


Credit: AirenVideo

Will You Marry Me?

Credit: AirenVideo


Credit: AirenVideo

Smile Boy

Credit: AirenVideo

You will passionately cheer me on, right? To have a concert in Beijing, I will do my best.


Credit: AirenVideo

From now on..now..the song that I will sing for you is in my 5th album called Tonight.

Love Taught Me To Drink

Credit: AirenVideo

Credit: AirenVideo


Credit: AirenVideo


Credit: AirenVideo

Ahh…today, in Beijing, it was the first fan meeting. Also, because we don’t know when the next opportunity will come, I wanted to show you more things and do more activities together. For various circumstances, not being able to makes me feel very, very…(probably he says sad because the clip gets cut off here).

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Chinese to English translation by HeodangSeungGi, Special Guest Contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever

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