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[English translation] Another Beijing Fancam! Seung Gi makes Peking Duck rolls and lunchboxes

Credit: ayumi_gscb

English translation:

Chinese: One fan screams “let me lick it” and the MC starts laughing.
MC: Eh, everyone heard it clearly. How can you say that? While he’s making it, we can ask Seung Gi, do you make lunchboxes at home?

Korean: Seung Gi: Actually, I don’t make lunchboxes for anyone. This is my first time making one.
Chinese: Translator: This is his first time making a lunchbox at home.
MC: First time? All of you get so excited when you hear the word ‘first time’. After he is done, I will ask him to name the lunchbox. There is meat here, you can make more and put them inside.

Korean: Seung Gi: What should I do with this? Wrap it? Wrap it and put it in?
Chinese: Translator: Do you want him to wrap it up for you all to eat?
Fans screaming yes.

Korean: Seung Gi: I will try wrapping it in my own style.
Chinese: Translator: He said that he will wrap it in his own style.

Korean: Seung Gi: One piece, I’ll use just one piece.
Chinese: Translator: He said he’ll use one piece to wrap it.

MC: “He looks professional while doing it. One more. He put a lot of ingredients inside. Okay, roll it up! Oh, still adding more?

Korean: Seung Gi: Isn’t the skin of the Beijing Duck supposed to be the most delicious?
Chinese: Translator: Is the skin of the roasted duck (Beijing delicacy) the nicest?
MC: Yes, it is the best. Okay, place this inside. Come, let’s show the audience. Wow, he even placed a blueberry. Come, show everyone. He is so cautious and sweet. Give it a name. What is this called?

Korean: Seung Gi: Uhh…Lee Seung Gi Beijing special lunchbox?
Chinese: Translator: Lee Seung Gi Beijing special lunchbox?
MC: Okay, thank you Lee Seung Gi. the first lunchbox is complete. We still have one more lunchbox to go! You can put all these inside.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Chinese to English translation by HeodangSeungGi, Star Contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever

Please do not repost without permission and a link back to my blog, leeseunggiforever.wordpress.com. This is out of respect for the Airens who worked hard to translate this for everyone. Thank you.