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You Are All Surrounded to Start Filming in Gyeongju this Weekend!

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According to a dclsg member, You Are All Surrounded is scheduled to start filming at Mo High School in Gyeongju, South Korea, this weekend. Her comments state that she expected young Eun Dae Gu to be in the US 9th or 10th grade. However, after seeing the broadcasting booth, science lab, and other areas of the school, she said it was certain that he would be a high school student.  In Korea, the school system isn’t set up like the USA in simple grade levels. Up till 6th grade, it’s the same. However, starting from 7th grade to 9th grade, you are considered a middle schooler.  This member expected young Eun Dae Gu to be a 9th grader. From 10th to 12th grade, you are considered a high school student. Here are the 2 photos she uploaded:

yas school2 picture dclsgyas school1 picture dclsgCredit: picture via dclsg

For more information on where this school is located, please click here: Gyeongju

For information about the city, please click here, it is preset to English but you can change it to Japanese or Chinese at the upper right hand corner of your screen: Gyeonju city

It is very far from Seoul!

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