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[English translation] White Day Date with Seung Gi

white day date sgCredit: WeMAP

For White Day on the 14th, Social commerce WeMAP is opening a fan meeting named ‘White Day, A Sweet Event with Seung Gi’.

WeMAP’s representative model,Lee Seung Gi, will invite guests to its office building in Gangnam, Samseong-dong, and open an autograph event.

This autograph event commemorates WeMAP’s facebook page reaching over 400,000 likes. The 150 participating fans were selected by entering beforehand.

Particularly in this event, not only will fans from within the nation participate, but fans from Japan and other overseas countries are planning to attend.

The fan sign event is arranged to last from 5pm KST to 6:40pmKST. Before the fan sign event starts, there will also be an event where Lee Seung Gi will choose 3 people through a drawing and call them directly. Lee Seung Gi will take a photo on the spot with the people who pick up their phones and he plans to give away autographed ‘Lee Seung Gi The Best’ album CDs.

During the autograph event, 5 people out of those that upload a photo of the event onto their personal facebook page and tag WeMAP will be chosen through a lottery to receive an autographed CD by Lee Seung Gi.

All participants will be offered WeMAP hotdogs and coffee.  As a souvenir, they will also receive a WeMAP mug and chocolates.

Source: metroseoul

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English translation] Another Interview with Lee Seung Gi in Beijing

Credit: AirenNews01

English translation:

Chinese: Korea’s younger brother,Lee Seung Gi, recently came to Beijing for a concert (they said concert instead of fanmeet). The happiest people were his fans. From our reporters, the number of his fans shocked them too. Our reporters have seen many artists before, but they haven’t seen a Korean artist who has so many fans. We have received the exclusive interview with Lee Seung Gi, let’s take a look at it. Fan: I am from QingDao (a part of china). Yeah, I came here specifically for the concert. Another fan: she is my roommate. She loves Lee Seung Gi. She keeps “harassing” us with her spazzing in the room and she sings his songs every night. Another fan: I didnt! Another fan: I really like him. The reporter asked why. “He has a good character; everything about him is good”

Narrator: all of you are so high! But I believe you can understand why they are so crazy over him after watching the concert. Handsome Lee Seung Gi with an attractive voice, how can the fans not love him?  After seeing many Korean artists coming to China for a concert, this has been the closest interaction between fans and idols in history. Always watching male leads hugging and kissing female leads in dramas, but now you are the female lead. This certainly isn’t a dream! Ladies, at this moment, does your heart feel like it’s going to jump out? [Countdown starts] Let me help your voice out. I wish time would stop at this instant.

Seung Gi: Hello everyone. I am Lee Seung Gi.

Korean: I’m very, very happy to meet you in Beijing. I used to think that my chubby cheeks were a complex…even now. I wish it would appear well onscreen, well that’s my trademark so now I don’t worry about it too much.

Chinese: I am really happy to meet all of you in Beijing. I don’t think I am perfect. When I first debuted, I found that I have baby fat on my face. During filming, whenever the filming angle isn’t right, I am scared that it will leave a bad image. But now, I think my baby fat is my biggest characteristic.

Chinese to English translation by HeodangSeungGi, Star Contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Japanese Magazine RIVERIVER Vol.02 ~ Win Seung Gi’s Autograph!

This magazine is scheduled to sell on March 25th, 2014. Here are 2 sneak peek photos of Seung Gi. They are giving away 2 of his autographs in a campaign promoting the sale of The Gu Family Book Blue Ray DVD Sets in Japan. Detailed information to come…stay tuned!

river river Vol.02 river river Vol 02 autographsCredit: RIVERIVER, Japanese tweet by kaorufortune