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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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WeMAP White Day with Seung Gi ~ Fancams and Seung Gi’s Selcar (Self Photo) w/English translation


Credit: sgsunylove

Seung Gi taking a selcar in the final clip. Here’s his photo:

selcarCredit: WeMAP

English translation:

 Today at WeMAP, I’m leaving after having a date with my fans^^
For everyone who couldn’t attend, even though it’s late, here’s one selcar!♥️

Credit: yamaho09290328

WeMAP Sign Meet (Japanese) –> I wish the audio were better, stay tuned for rough translations…this clip is about Seung Gi directly calling 3 lucky fans

Credit: yamaho09290328

Here, Seung Gi is signing posters for fans.

Credit: smasaekip

WeMAP sign event and fanmeet. Seung Gi arrives for the event.

Credit: AirenVideo

Seung Gi arrives for the event amidst cheers of 150 delighted fans.

Credit: AirenVideo

The MC is trying to decide how to pick the lucky fans to receive autographed albums and Seung Gi doesn’t like it. So, he just brushes him aside and says, “Let’s not do it that way, #102”. That fan is a guy and his name is Choi Min Gu and everyone around him is freaking out and the guy fan tells him that he’s really good looking.

Credit: AirenVideo

Seung Gi calling a lucky fan in this clip.

Credit: AirenVideo

Seung Gi signing an initial autograph for fans to take photos of. The MC asks the fans at the end whether they’ve all taken pictures of it.

Credit: AirenVideo

There is no sound in this clip. Seung Gi is seen signing an autograph.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever