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You Are Surrounded Filming Photos ~ Info on Pohang

I know this is already old news, but now that I have some free time, I want to blog it for completeness sake. As you already know, filming for Seung Gi’s new drama started this weekend. However, there were photos floating around dclsg taken this past Friday that you’ve already seen by now. There were rumors on dclsg about a teenage male actor being cast as young Eun Dae Gu. In addition, there were rumors that Kim Hee Jung who played Park Musol’s wife in The Gu Family Book was starring in this movie. These photos were taken during filming in Pohang on Friday. Pohang is a seaport in South Korea and that is why the sea is in most of these photos. For more information about this famous city, please click here: Pohang 

Joining the main cast (Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won, Go Ara) are Ji Woo, Ahn Jae hyun, and Oh Yoon Ah. Child actress Ji Woo will play young Go Ara in her teens. This will be the second drama for Ahn Jae hyun who will be playing one of the four main rookie cops opposite Lee Seung Gi. Oh Yoon Ah will be playing a female detective whose personal goal is for females to have equal privileges working at her precinct. I can’t wait for the drama to air at the end of April!

yas filming1 kaoru yas filming2 kaoru yas filming3 kaoru yas filming4 kaoru yas filming5 kaoru yas filming6 kaoru yas filming7 dclsg yas filming8 yas filming9 yas filming10 yas filming11 yas filming12 yas filming13 yas filming14Credit: dclsg, kaorufortune, hancinema

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[English translation] Lee Seung Gi KBS Entertainment Relay 3/15/14

Credit: Official Fan Cafe

English translation:

Caption #1: Resembling the refreshing spring sunlight

Welcoming the warm spring more than anyone else…

We met Lee Seung Gi on the location of his film shoot.

From the Nation’s charming man to now one woman’s, Lee Seung Gi!  We’re together with you!

A Date with the Nation’s Charming Man, Lee Seung Gi

On a morning with the spring breeze blowing…

We were able to meet Lee Seung Gi riding a bicycle in between automobiles

It looked as if he would pass by looking cool on his bike like the breeze…but he alone seemed to be having difficulty

Q: Riding the bicycle appears difficult?

A: It’s not the bicycle that I normally ride so it’s really awkward.

Seung Gi: There’s nothing that I do particularly well. *laughs*

The CF was filmed early in the morning during rush hour befitting the concept of an office employee going to work.

Seung Gi: It’s so cold here right now.

Male interviewer: What if you were asked to report to work at this time everyday? Do you have the confidence to do it?

Seung Gi: Early in the morning is difficult.  Truthfully, I’ve been to work earlier than this while filming dramas..if I were asked to show up every day like this, I’m not sure I could do it!

Female interviewer: Since you’re playing the role of a real office employee, if you had the chance to establish a company, what kind of company would it be?

Seung Gi: If I established a company, the burden would be too great because there is a huge risk of it failing. *laughter* (Captions in each corner spell out “Safety First” LOL! ) Either it would be to run a company someone else has established or to be a civil servant.  To be on the safe side for a long time.

Female interviewer: Ah…to stay on the safe side.

Lee Seo Jin: My first frustration was when I was drinking with Seung Gi. He likes to drink a lot so I was frustrated.

Female interviewer: Not long ago, Lee Seo Jin revealed a surprising fact about Lee Seung Gi’s alcohol tolerance.

Seung Gi: I was in Japan and after seeing that in the press, I was ambushed. I was so surprised. I believe that I can hold my liquor better.

Female interviewer: Is that right?

Seung Gi: Well, of course. My liver is already…it’s less “bitter” (?) It started 15 years behind (that of Lee Seo Jin’s) but after seeing him enjoy his liquor, I thought,”Hyungnim holds his liquor well.”  He was already really drunk. *laughs*

Female interviewer: You have a strong image of a role model

Seung Gi: Yes

Female interviewer: Does that kind of image burden you?

Seung Gi: I don’t feel that it’s necessarily a burden but if I had to choose a difficult point, it would be that on the whole, people have high expectations of me…no matter what I do.  I do have some burdensome feelings regarding that.

Female interviewer: Constantly receiving love, Lee Seung Gi. During that time, he consistently focused on one person as his ideal type.

Caption: 10 years since his debut, steadfast popularity

Yoo Hee Yeol: A certain sunbae oppa half jokingly-half seriously is consistently choosing me as his ideal type.

Female interviewer: Lee Seung Gi comes to mind

Yoo Hee Yeol: When he does this, is he interested in you or not?

Caption in front of Yoona: Honest

Female interviewer: Mmmm…because Yoona knows how it feels more than anyone else.  Lee Seung Gi, who is like a vitamin to you?

Seung Gi: Someone who’s like a vitamin? These days, my family comes to mind.

Female interviewer: If that’s the case, who is the person that gives strength to Yoona?

Yoona: I have my family..and also my friends.

Female interviewer: Their replies are perfectly synchronized. When I date, I have a strong heart towards the woman.

Seung Gi: I don’t think I have a weak one. *laughs* (cut to a different scene) …I’m a detective.

Female interviewer: A detective?!!

Seung Gi: Yes, yes, yes.

Female interviewer: Then doesn’t a detective have many action scenes?

Seung Gi: A detective would have many action scenes with a lot of running.

Female interviewer: But when I did online research, suddenly Lee Seung Gi clumsy appeared.

Seung Gi: Clumsy is correct but clumsy people are rather better at action scenes.

Female interviewer: Why is that?

Seung Gi: When you’re stiff, you appear like you’re moving faster.

Female interviewer: *laughs*

Seung Gi: Really, you appear faster. Your speed appears faster. My body is like that.

Female interviewer: Then that’s perfect.

Seung Gi: So if you look at only my speed, I look really fast. I just need to stay away from scenes requiring flexibility.

Female interviewer: The short interview was over so I asked an urgent question. Lee Seung Gi’s Entertainment news?

Seung Gi: News?

Female interviewer: He was really flustered.

Seung Gi: Next time.

Female interviewer: A charming man who knows how to keep a female’s interest, it has been Lee Seung Gi!

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English translation] STAR! YinYueTai Exclusive Interview with Lee Seung Gi in Beijing

Credit: YinYueTai.com uploaded by AirenVideo

English translation:

Korean: YinYueTai viewers, it’s nice to meet you, I’m Lee Seung Gi. I’m happy to be meeting you in China for the third time.

Chinese: Hello, audiences from 音悦tai(pronounced as yinyuetai). I am Lee Seung Gi. This is my 3rd time coming to China, I am very happy to be able to meet with all of you.

Question: Are there any special sections in this Beijing fanmeet?

Korean: To begin with, since it’s the third fanmeeting, there will be some changes in the game and overall composition. I heard that tomorrow is Women’s Day in China. So, for the ladies who come tomorrow, there will be some heated skinship *laughs* during our interactions.

Chinese: SG: firstly, this is my 3rd fanmeet already. There will be some changes to the games etc. I heard that tomorrow is the International Women’s Day. (March 8), there will be many interaction sections with the female fans. Please look forward to it.

Question: This is the 3rd time you came to China. Are there any places that you want to visit other than the cities that you went to before?

Korean: Tsingtao..uh…biru (means beer in Japanese)…beer, beer. Also heard that Nanjing was also very famous. Personally, there are many places that I want to visit. However, it’s a relief that I got the chance to visit the 3 largest cities in China: Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai.

Chinese: SG: (the black words beside him says “thinking”) 成都(pronounced as chengdu, which means city).  But he said it incorrectly. The place he wants to go is青岛(qing dao). The caption says qingdao = beer. (from my research, Tsingtao beer is the name of the beer, which is very famous. It is the number 1 chinese beer.) The caption on the right says, “smiles so brightly at the mention of “beer”. At the bottom of the caption: 酒鬼 oppa (which is a term to name someone who likes to drink or drink a lot). I heard that南京(nan jing) is also very famous. Personally, there are a lot of places I want to visit. But luckily, I went to the 3 biggest cities – Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. I am very honored.

Question: In your dramas, you have acted as a rich kid or a cheerful boy. Have you thought of acting like someone who is opposite of this? (I think it refers to  a bad boy character)

Korean: When I’m in my mid-30’s, I’d like to play the role of a villian.

Chinese: SG: I would like to try it probably after 35 years old. Caption: before 35 years old is sunshine oppa.

Question: Last year, when you went to Croatia for the filming of “Noonas over Flowers” for 10 days and 9 nights, did you get tormented by the Noonas?

Korean: It’s not that the Noonas tormented me… because it’s also my first time visiting those places, just looking after myself is overwhelming, but having to escort 4 other people made me feel pressured. That was difficult.

Chinese: SG: the Noonas didn’t bully me. Because it was my first time going there (Croatia), plus i have to take care of 4 Noonas, I felt pressured. This was the most difficult part.

Question: In Croatia, you got lost and even made the Noonas to look for you. Use this interview to convey your message to the Noonas who took care of you.

Korean: There are so many things I want to say but if I say them all, it will take 1 night and 2 days. To start off, after watching the show, it was a really good experience.  I realized that the Noonas must’ve been very frustrated because of me after watching the program.  Before then, I didn’t realize it.

Chinese: SG: There are many things I want to say to them. It will not be enough even if I was given 1 night and 2 days. This was a very good experience for me. Because of me, the Noonas also felt gloomy. I noticed this after watching the program. I didn’t realize it at that time.

Question: from your titles, “Nation’s younger brother”, “King of Ballads”, “Variety King”, and “Umchinah”, which one do you like the most?

Korean: Out of all titles, I think heodang fits me the best. It’s not included (in the list), but also originally in variety, I’m called heodangSeungGi…where it seems like I’ll do something well when I actually don’t. That’s most similar to my true personality and also I think many people see that as my charm.

Chinese: SG: there is this title that everyone gave me, called “不靠谱“. I think it suits me the most. Interviewer: “heodang?” SG: yes, the title given earlier doesn’t include this. I am a heodang in variety shows. It seems like I am very smart, but actually I can’t do anything. Caption: a heodang is here. SG: because this (referring to heodangness) is very similar to my character and many people like me because of this.

Question: In July this year, it will be your 10th debut anniversary. What are you going to do on this special day? And what did you gain the most after your debut?

Korean: Uhh…for now, when it comes time for my anniversary, I think I will diligently be shooting (a film/CF?). I think you will be meeting me on the set. One of the rewards of becoming a celebrity is hearing many people tell me that they’ve seen me on TV, receiving their love, receiving recognition and kindness wherever I go, whether it be a restaurant, etc.  I think those factors are the biggest rewards.

Chinese: I am known by everyone via TV programs and I gain more fans. No matter where I go, I feel warmth and love from everyone. This is my biggest acquisition. Caption: To be able to receive so much love by people is my greatest achievement.

Interviewer : Let us play a game next. From now on, you don’t have to talk. Just use your hand to make an O or X. You have to answer immediately without thinking. Do you understand? Then let’s start!

Question: do you have any strange habits that are unacceptable to people? (In Korean, the interviewer asks,”Do you have any particular habits that people can’t understand?”)

Korean: Seung Gi: O, I am seriously forgetful. From other people’s viewpoints, they may wonder why I’m ignoring what they’re saying. I have moments where I will completely forget things. In addition, I think there are times when they feel hurt because they think I’m not interested in them.

Chinese: O, I am forgetful, which is very serious. It is so serious to the extent of making people think I am defiant. Sometimes, I will forget things completely, which causes many misunderstandings.

Question:  Compared to singing, do you prefer acting?

Korean: Triangle.

Chinese: Question: Do you have any regrets when you did not take up some roles that were offered to you in dramas?

Korean: X

Question: Do you admit that you are an”Umchinah”? (In Korean, the interviewer asks him, “Do you think of yourself as an “Umchinah”?)

Korean: X. No. Uhhh…I think there are many sons of my mother’s friends who are better than me. In my case, I just feel that many people have called me that as a compliment.  I think the real “Umchinah” is someone else.

Chinese: SG:X Interviewer: Why? SG: The son of my mom’s friends are much more outstanding than me. For me, “Umchinah” is a compliment that everyone gives me. The real “umchinah” should be someone else.

Question: Do you not consider yourself as someone who gives people warmth?(In Korean, the interviewer asks him,”Do you not consider yourself a hoonnam? (a gentleman who is warm, kind, and good looking)

Korean: Not a hoonnam? X Aren’t I at least a hoonnam?

SG: I think I am qualified as an artist who gives people warmth, so X. 

Question: While learning Chinese, have you ever felt that you had difficulties with pronunciation (because of a stiff tongue)?

Korean: Me? Uhh…No. X.  I think I did very well while learning Chinese. “

Chinese: SG: me? Uh.. X. When I learned Chinese, I found it manageable. Interviewer (In Korean she asks him,” Please show us some Chinese.”)

Korean: I forgot everything…for now..the first, second, third, and fourth sounds….he goes on in Chinese…sorry…older brother…bye. The first words that Koreans learn when learning Chinese is “你吃饭了吗?” (Have you eaten?) I started learning Chinese with these words.  I don’t remember the rest. …Ah! I know the antonym..ugly. Nan kan? Because my Chinese teacher told me that was her nickname since she was ugly, I still remember it.

Chinese: SG: I forgot most of it already. Uh. I learned about first, second, third and fourth sound (these are the 4 types of sounds when learning Chinese – han yu pin yin 汉语拼音). He said 你好(hello), 辛苦了(it’s been tough/hard on you),对不起 (sorry), 大哥 (big brother/hyung), 再见 (goodbye). The first word that Koreans learn when learning Chinese is “你吃饭了吗?” (Have you eaten?). I learned Chinese starting from these. As for the rest, I can’t remember. Interviewer (caption): you must also know how to pronounce 美女 (mei nü, which means pretty women). SG tries to pronounce it but he pronounces it as mei niu. Then he tries again.I know the word opposite of pretty is 难看 (ugly). How do I know that? That is because my Chinese teacher says she is ugly. So she named herself as “难看” and taught me that word. I can still remember this.

Question: do you still think that you are a bad dancer?
SG: O. Of course.

Question: Do you have a hairstyle that you never want to try? (Interviewer asks in Korean)

Korean: O, Yes, side parting. (Hair is parted into 2/8 sections, I’m not familiar with this hairstyle but it sounds hideous LOL.) Then he continues by saying, “That style doesn’t fit someone well unless they’re pretty handsome.”

Question: Do you feel that you are very handsome when you face the mirror?

Korean: Ah..X..that kind of thought..no..

Chinese: SG: X. I didn’t think about this before.

Question: There will be a new production soon?

Korean: Yes. O. To begin with, it’s a Korean drama called “You Are All Surrounded”. I think it will broadcast in mid April or the beginning of May. Youth, romance, police drama.

Question: Do you like this segment?

Seung Gi: O.  Hao (Good in Chinese)

Chinese: Lastly, please leave a message for  Chinese fans.

Korean: To my Chinese fans, I’m very thankful that I was able to come because of you. In the future, it would be nice to see you often. (Thank you in Chinese)

Chinese: Because of Chinese fans, I got the chance to meet all of you. I hope I will have more opportunities to come to China again. Thank you.

Chinese to English translation by HeodangSeungGi, Star Contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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