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[English translation] Seung Gi tries Espresso for the First Time on 1N2D

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Credit: lia nurmalasari

Seung Gi went to Gangneung,  a city on the east coast of Korea in Gangwondo province during 1N2D in 2011. There, he tried different types of coffees including Americano, drip coffee, caramel latte, cappuccino, espresso, and finally Affogato. His reaction to espresso is classic.

Here are 2 links to the places he visited in Korean blogs: Rubygarden

Link 2: halo3377

English translation of clip:

Seung Gi: Hello! I’m from 1N2D. I want to drink some coffee but what was it….ah! the one where you can add an extra shot..Espresso! Please give me a cup of espresso.

Barista: Would you like an additional shot to your espresso?

Seung Gi: Yes. ah..uh..an additional shot of espresso? What happens if I get an additional shot?

Female voice: If you get an additional shot, it gets stronger

Seung Gi: Ah, then no. Please leave out the extra shot.

Barista: Will this be take out?

Seung Gi: Yes. Take out.

Cut to the actual scene…

Seung Gi: Espresso….what is this? It’s not in here. It’s empty.

Female voice: It’s there. It’s because it’s a small amount.

Seung Gi: Ah, is that so? This is it? I thought it was leftover after someone drank it.  I thought you had drunk some and brought it to me.

Caption: This must be your first time drinking espresso (LOL!)

Seung Gi: Why is it so light? Ah! This is the aroma of espresso!

Caption: Espresso’s deep and strong aroma

Caption: Indeed, its taste?

Seung Gi: It tastes like the herbal medicine that I’m currently drinking (it’s very bitter LOL!) Am I going to get healthier? It’s extremely bitter but it has a peculiar aftertaste. There’s something that comes to mind. It’s something I watched a while ago…Love melts, my heart melts, sorrow melts, if the whole world melts…it becomes a cup of espresso.

Caption in white: Narcissism/Self Intoxication 

Caption: Moved by his own emotions

Seung Gi: It was a very suitable description! Life’s bitterness, love, sorrow, happiness..all of them melted together become a cup of espresso. Wow, I would’ve been in deep trouble if I had ordered an extra shot! I have to position my tongue like this. Now that I’ve tried espresso, I don’t have time…Affogato.  Is this the correct way to eat it? Is it correct to immerse it and eat it?

Caption: Indeed, its taste?

Seung Gi: Mmmm! This is very delicious! This is also espresso, correct? It’s “All kill, All kill” ( The taste is awesome). Affogato is to my taste, the best. Something came to mind.  If this one is just espresso, this one’s Affogato.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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  1. This was a favorite of mine.

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