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[English translation] Hook Entertainment’s Tweet and Seung Gi Photo

Hook Entertainment tweeted a photo of Seung Gi after he finished filming his first shoot for You Are All Surrounded in Apgujeong, Rodeo drive in the downtown Seoul/Gangnam area this afternoon.

hook yas photo

2014년 3월 22일! 화이팅 넘치게 첫출격을 마친 은대구 이승기씨의 소감은? 무엇을 기대해도 상상이상일것이라며..첫촬영은 완벽한 팀호흡으로 첫촬영의 어색함을 전혀 느낄 수 없었다고 합니다. 아이렌 여러분~ 은대구 이승기 뜨겁게 사랑해주세요~~^^

March 22, 2014! Eun Dae Gu/Lee Seung Gi’s thoughts after completing his first mission that overflowed with “fighting” (energy, high spirits)? He said that whatever you anticipate is within your imagination..The first filming had perfect teamwork which led to him having no feelings of awkwardness whatsoever. Airens~  Please love Eun Dae Gu/Lee Seung Gi deeply~~^^



Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever