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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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[English] MBC’s Morning Briefing with Lee Seung Gi

Credit: seunggiairen

Caption: This morning’s briefing

Male voiceover: Lee Seung and Yoon Do Yun, have met in one place. What is the reason?

Seung Gi: Because she is my sunbaenim and teacher. (Seuseung-nim is the most honorific term you can call your teacher. It doubles in meaning as a mentor and shows the deepest respect possible in Korean culture.)

Male voiceover: It’s precisely because of Korea’s representative diva, Lee Sun Hee. We reveal the thrilling encounter with her now.

Background commentary: Yes, she’s his teacher…and the singer that comes to mind when we mention Lee Sun Hee? Lee Seung Gi.

Lee Sun Hee: Lee Seung Gi went to Duble Sidekick’s office and said,”I think this would suite our sunbaenim well” and had sent me a song.

Male voiceover: Could this be true? We met Lee Seung Gi.

Seung Gi: Since I’m personally close with the Duble Sidekick writing team, I received a song called <동네 한바퀴> (A Walk Around the Neighborhood).

Male voiceover: Did you receive it? Or steal it?

Seung Gi: Well, both of them…it’s in between. *laughs*. Rather than them sincerely giving it to me, I suddenly went to them…

Cut to the scene with Lee Sun Hee singing…

Malevoiceover: We will cheer you on as always. At this showcase that ran late into the night, everyone’s passion heated up the room. We look forward to hearing more great songs as you show us your sophisticated image.

sg and mbc reporter lsunheeCredit: dclsg

Seung Gi with the reporter backstage

“A Walk Around the Neighborhood” from Lee Sun Hee’s new album, ‘Serendipity’

Credit: BubbleFeetMusic Blast Channel 3

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Lee Sun Hee’s New Song ‘Meet Him Among Them’ MV from Her 15th Album, ‘Serendipity’

Credit: 1theK

(English captions are available. Go to settings and choose English)

Note: “Serendipity” celebrates both the singer’s growth and style of the past 30 years. She has composed nine out of the 11 tracks, and has written the lyrics for seven. The album title track is the pop ballad  ”Meet Him Among Them.

Title song “Meet Him Among Them” is about the joy and miracle of meeting that special someone among all the people in the world. The music video relays this message in visual form, whether it be a guide dog or a  lover, whether you break up, live a long life together as husband and wife, or face a life-threatening illness.”

Credit: soompi